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One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…

One moment. One second. One tiny little word that leads to someone  finding the love of their life.

And so many women miss that chance every single day.

If you do nothing else this Sunday, make sure you watch this powerful message…

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180 Replies to “One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…”

  • It gave me a new way of looking at things. I have not been open to that I could find that someone, anywhere. Being a single mom I do not get very far but now I know keeping my eyes and possibilies open is so important.

  • Getting out of my comfort zone, being more approachable, stop waiting for the perfect man bexuase there isnt one. Just a perfect man for me!

  • I did this the other day with a crash at work he said good morning I said good morning and just walked away. I felt like an idiot because I got to freaked out because I got so happy that he said good morning to me that I lost my shit. I at least can get another chance because like a said we work together so I said I would try practicing talking to other people because I just started the job. So maybe that will hopefully help. So great video you’ve helped motivate me even more thank you Matthew!

  • Probably by getting the courage to start the conversation with someone I find attractive instead of always over thinking the outcome.

  • Wow. Such a powerful series of events. It really is true. For me it would be knowing how bold I could be.

  • why is always for the woman to give her best why not man. for me i’m new to such relationships “love lif”, my lover is so kind but i feel like i care more and i give more while he does even give five minutes to call me or just end our phone conversation when one of his friends arrive… i don’t know i this is better ti keep back…

  • Well, it seems as though nobody likes me no matter what I do. But, maybe I could strike up a conversation with somebody at the coffee shop, grocery store etc.

  • I took a chance and reached out and waited for the reply.i got one although a little co.plicated it has opened a possibility and that in itself is posative.

  • Ok well what do you do when you’ve taken that jump, that risk and it’s great. Then after a few months in they pull back, state ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. They complain of distance and you’re doing all you can to bridge that. Still they say they can’t be with you because of the ‘intangibles’. You ask for specifics, and they can’t provide any. Now what?! And you’re 42! You just wasted another 9 months!

  • A split second decision … impulse reaction to an emotion… this can change our lives… but fear of the unknown and ultimately rejection, this alone…can stop ourselves from changing our destiny. I will endevour to be more spontaneous and open minded and lets see what happens. Thank you very enlightening…

  • Difficult to approach strangers. Not something easily done when not very trusting, and you don’t know a thing about that person.

  • It reminds me of the saying that luck happens to those who are prepared. One must notice the moment, be willing to act, and then take that action. Practice seems to be the best way to develop this “muscle” that applies to life in general!

  • hey matt thank you so much for your chances. i’m about to enter a little rant because ive had a huge realization. to answer your question, i could start taking chances. in fact, i will. i’m sick of thinking that guys are cute and doing nothing about it. i’m sick or waiting for someone to come around who is perfect and do everything perfect so that we can date and i can have a perfect relationship. i’m ready. i’m ready to stand taller. to be braver. i recently moved to arizona where i have gained a new friend group. they all attend my church and are very good, fun kids. i’m a sophomore however and they are seniors. one day i decided to have a party (this was before we all started hanging out). i had a hard time moving and got really depressed for a while. coming out of that, i started taking chances. this was one of those times. i wanted to have an ice skating party. i was terrified of inviting all these people and cute boys and girls that were older and, at least i felt, cooler than me. i did. i invited. over 20 people came. it was amazing. i trusted God that He had healed me and would help me to be brave. and so i was. before i knew it i had spent the whole night hanging out with who i thought was the most attractive guy. he is a senior. i’ve always been scared to take initiative and to reach out and show interest. i always thought time would fix everything and i just needed to wait for everything to happen with a guy. but this shows exactly the opposite. truly a beautiful film and really changed me. i’m taking the initiative. i’m facing my fears and choosing for myself. i have one lifetime. i want to live it well and be courageous in my actions. i want to be proactive not reactive. i want to become not to wait. patience is a virtue but it only works when first put in effort and hard work. i will search for answers to my questions and reach higher than i have been. i want to choose my friends, my career, my education, my life. but those choices are not supposed to be made in the future at some point way out there when it’s time to get married. i’m 15 and i can start now by practicing facing my fears, taking initiative, striking up the first convo, learning all i can, working hard for myself, being proud of myself and having a divine confidence that comes from who i truly am and not entirely on my looks. i want to become me. not anyone else. i don’t want to wait until i’m older to be my best self. i don’t want to wait until i start dating to figure out how to do it right and make people feel comfortable and happy around me. i choose now to brave. nothing can stop me for i have set my mind to it. i want to chose who i like and stop being scared of them not liking me because “ i’m awkward” or “i have braces” or “i’m not pretty enough” or “i’m not talented enough” what the heck qualifies me then??? surely if i am humble and trying to learn all i can, progress everyday, strive for more than i am, work hard and work smart, be faithful and courageous, and LOVE PEOPLE and truly care about them (which is what i am trying to do and making conscience efforts to be better, kinder, and more reliable), then i am good enough. i am goodnight enough because i am trying. i am good enough because i know i’m not good enough and i still choose to try harder. that’s it. i am enough. if i am enough for God, i am enough for anyone. i choose to live through faith. i choose to like the person i like and express my feelings to them when i decide is best and i will care about them instead of caring about the idea of me caring about them. i want to truly love people not love the idea of me loving people. i want to love myself not love the idea of me loving myself. or being in love with myself. and i choose to be the best sister, daughter, roommate, friend, girlfriend, wife, mother, even the best ME that i can. thanks so much for all you do. i never thought i could like someone 3 years older than me who is getting ready to graduate who is a captain of the vball team and very very very attractive, kind, and sweet to me. i feel confident, put together, and i have somuch fun. it’s hard and most of the reason i am writing this is because i saw him today and i regret not talking to him. we haven’t texted as much and i am constantly scared and trying to shake it off like it’s not a big deal. that’s the things. it’s not a big deal. it’s my deal. it’s my choice. i choose him because i have seen how he is, what he stands for. he is not the end all be all, but for now i want him close to me for this time in my life. i don’t let drama get into my life and i choose to put aside whatever anyone else says. i choose my life. this doesn’t mean ignorance. i understand that i need to learn before i make choices. i am learning and growing everyday. i started exercising 10 weeks ago consitently and i do it at least 4 times a week. i feel amazing and love the way i look. i am working hard in voice and i want to step it up and audition for musicals so i can be prepared to audition for college and study musical theater at college. thanks for all your help, inspiration, challenges, and i have had huge realizations lately. i always thought i was awkward and (it is a gradual process) but the more i try to LOVE people and truly care about them, their interests, and love my life and my persuits and feeling accomplished and working harder and working smarter, instead of just look pretty and wishing things happened to me, the happier i am. i don’t have to compare myself to every other girl in the room now! there is so much moreno to me than meets the eye! i have a whole life, a relationship with God, goals im working towards and an education i am gaining each day. i feel so great and i’m so grateful to you for all your time and effort you put into making your content the best and in helping us. i greatly appreciate your belief in me and your passion in what you do.

  • I loved this… But idk i think sometimes i feel scared to start sth. New! But i’ve decided that from here on out i’ll break all the boundaries.
    Am healing am rediscovering myself am starting over. :) thank u matthew

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