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In each episode of the LOVE Life podcast, you’ll get practical tips you can use right away to improve all of your relationships – romantic, family, friends, career and, most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. See why this 5-star, top podcast gets over 500,000 downloads a month.

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(Matt Monday): How To AVOID Dating “Players”

Most people want to avoid players in dating . . . yet why do so many end up in relationships (or situationships) with them? Sadly, it’s all too common to get seduced into a roller coaster romance where we feel amazing chemistry but never know where we stand with someone. Today I’m giving you the best advice I’ve given on this topic through 7 clips that will help you avoid players and find the right person. If you’re ready to rewire your brain and start attracting someone who says “yes” to a relationship, this is for you. ►► Order My

(Rewind:) If You’ve Ever Been Ghosted or Lied to, Watch THIS

It would be nice if we had a crystal ball telling us which romantic flings would work out at the very beginning so we didn’t invest precious time in the wrong people.   It can be hard to read someone’s intentions in the early stages. I can’t make you a foolproof lie detector, and I can’t guarantee you’ll never be ghosted again, but I can make you a competent “detector of intentions” so you have the best possible chance of investing your time into people who are serious about a relationship with you. --- ►► Get Vulnerable Stories, Real Insights

244: Stop These Insecure Dating Behaviors! – w/ Sabrina Zohar

Matthew sits down to talk with Sabrina Zohar (sabrina.zohar) on unrealistic expectations in dating, healing old wounds, setting boundaries, choosing a happy relationship, and how insecurities affect who we date. ►► Order My New Book, "Love Life" at → ►►Sign up Now For My Free Weekly Newsletter, The 3 Relationships at . . . →

(Matt Monday): THIS Is The Most Dangerous Moment In Dating

So you just realized you actually like someone?  Hold up a second . . .   When we fall for someone in the early stages of dating, it’s very easy to drop our standards and lose sight of our boundaries. We check our texts constantly. We cancel other plans for them. We agree to live on their schedule.    This situation is especially dangerous for people who have a more anxious attachment style and tend to respond to relationship uncertainty by bending over backwards to keep someone happy.   In today’s new episode, I explore how different attachment styles respond in this situation,

(Rewind): 5 Dating Hacks That Raise Their Attraction

There’s a line from the movie Vanilla Sky that I’ve always loved. It’s when Tom Cruise’s character realizes: “The little things... There’s nothing bigger, is there?”  That’s often true in attraction too.    So many people are looking for the huge epiphany, instead of the subtle-yet-powerful changes to their behavior that can skyrocket their results.  As you’ll hear in this episode, turning someone’s head doesn’t have to be complicated. --- ►► Get Your FREE Ticket to Find Your Person LIVE on May 4 PLUS a Chance to Win a 1:1 with Matthew & SO Much More! Order Your Copy of

(Matt Monday): Afraid You’ll Never Find Love? You NEED to Hear THIS

Over the past week, so many of you have expressed how much Angela’s story in my new book, Love Life, touched you deeply (in the chapter titled “Have Hard Conversations”). So this week I thought I’d share the actual interview with her from my Live Retreat. I’ve found that one of the biggest confidence-killers in dating happens when we dwell on the reasons why someone may not be attracted to us. Our looks, our age, our past, even the fact that we have kids—the fear of rejection for who we are can stop us before we get started. Angela’s story

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By Prismatic Butterfly

Matt and Stephen: how can I capture your awesomeness in words?! Impossible. The Brothers Hussey are a potent combination of heartfelt advice, creative communication strategies, and raw, personal humanity. I have found that a diet of this podcast and Matt’s videos has truly sustained my mental and emotional health. I find you guys super smart, but moreover, your compassion for all people is such an obvious motivation for what you do. Your ideas and perspectives have literally changed my life. Merci Beaucoup and keep up the sensational work!


By TaraTamarisk

These podcasts are really accessible, but packed with Matt’s life-altering advice which really WORKS. I’ve spent my life reading self-help books with little or no success. Matt’s advice is brilliantly practical and not at all overwhelming. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or just want to improve yourself and your life, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Love Life. If you follow his tips, you will wake up one day amazed at how much your life has changed without you even realising it.


By Amy WF Texas

I’m feeling so thankful for every single podcast. I’m divorced after 15 years and it is so difficult to date and understand men. I have realized that I myself need work. I am striving to accomplish just that! One way is being devoted to your podcasts. Morning, lunch, evenings, before sleep. I have become confident and have been able to let go of the “situationships” that come passing by. The icing on the cake is both of your accents. Thank you for the brilliant advice!