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In each episode of the LOVE Life podcast, you’ll get practical tips you can use right away to improve all of your relationships – romantic, family, friends, career and, most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. See why this 5-star, top podcast gets over 500,000 downloads a month.

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(Matt Monday): They Say They’re Not Ready for a Relationship…

When we’re stuck in a situationship with someone who doesn’t know what they want, it’s incredibly frustrating. As soon as we like someone and hear the words “I’m not ready for a relationship right now,” it feels like we’re suddenly back to square one!    If you’re tired of not knowing where you stand, you’ve come to the right place. In this episode, I share 5 signs that can reveal if someone is ready for a relationship, plus a key question you can ask yourself and use anytime you feel stuck or confused.   ►► Order My New Book, "Love

(Rewind): They Say “I Just Can’t Let You Go”? Listen To This…

Have you been with someone who wants attention, connection, spends time with you...but they'll never commit? And when you ask them why they keep in touch they say something like "I just can't let you go". If you've been in this situation, listen to this message. It's ESSENTIAL listening to help you take back your life and make the most important decision you could make right now. ►► Order My New Book, "Love Life" at → ►► FREE Video Training: “Dating With Results” → ►► Get Vulnerable Stories, Real Insights, and Practical Tools Delivered Straight to Your Inbox Every Friday.

245: There Is No Such Thing as Right Person Wrong Time!

Have you ever felt like you lost "The One" because of bad timing? They moved country, they weren't ready to commit, or they hadn't matured enough yet?  It's common to tell ourselves this is a case of "right person, wrong time". But that can make the pain of loss even worse. We despair that we've lost a great love and it's down to pure bad luck.  If you're struggling to get over someone like this, make sure to listen to this episode. Matt and Audrey talk about the myth of "right person wrong time" and the essential mindsets that can

(Matt Monday): How To AVOID Dating “Players”

Most people want to avoid players in dating . . . yet why do so many end up in relationships (or situationships) with them? Sadly, it’s all too common to get seduced into a roller coaster romance where we feel amazing chemistry but never know where we stand with someone. Today I’m giving you the best advice I’ve given on this topic through 7 clips that will help you avoid players and find the right person. If you’re ready to rewire your brain and start attracting someone who says “yes” to a relationship, this is for you. ►► Order My

(Rewind:) If You’ve Ever Been Ghosted or Lied to, Watch THIS

It would be nice if we had a crystal ball telling us which romantic flings would work out at the very beginning so we didn’t invest precious time in the wrong people.   It can be hard to read someone’s intentions in the early stages. I can’t make you a foolproof lie detector, and I can’t guarantee you’ll never be ghosted again, but I can make you a competent “detector of intentions” so you have the best possible chance of investing your time into people who are serious about a relationship with you. --- ►► Get Vulnerable Stories, Real Insights

244: Stop These Insecure Dating Behaviors! – w/ Sabrina Zohar

Matthew sits down to talk with Sabrina Zohar (sabrina.zohar) on unrealistic expectations in dating, healing old wounds, setting boundaries, choosing a happy relationship, and how insecurities affect who we date. ►► Order My New Book, "Love Life" at → ►►Sign up Now For My Free Weekly Newsletter, The 3 Relationships at . . . →

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By Prismatic Butterfly

Matt and Stephen: how can I capture your awesomeness in words?! Impossible. The Brothers Hussey are a potent combination of heartfelt advice, creative communication strategies, and raw, personal humanity. I have found that a diet of this podcast and Matt’s videos has truly sustained my mental and emotional health. I find you guys super smart, but moreover, your compassion for all people is such an obvious motivation for what you do. Your ideas and perspectives have literally changed my life. Merci Beaucoup and keep up the sensational work!


By TaraTamarisk

These podcasts are really accessible, but packed with Matt’s life-altering advice which really WORKS. I’ve spent my life reading self-help books with little or no success. Matt’s advice is brilliantly practical and not at all overwhelming. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or just want to improve yourself and your life, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Love Life. If you follow his tips, you will wake up one day amazed at how much your life has changed without you even realising it.


By Amy WF Texas

I’m feeling so thankful for every single podcast. I’m divorced after 15 years and it is so difficult to date and understand men. I have realized that I myself need work. I am striving to accomplish just that! One way is being devoted to your podcasts. Morning, lunch, evenings, before sleep. I have become confident and have been able to let go of the “situationships” that come passing by. The icing on the cake is both of your accents. Thank you for the brilliant advice!