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One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…

One moment. One second. One tiny little word that leads to someone  finding the love of their life.

And so many women miss that chance every single day.

If you do nothing else this Sunday, make sure you watch this powerful message…

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180 Replies to “One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…”

  • It looks so easy but is so hard to do. There are too many underlying emotional issues that impact how I connect to people, my introverted nature, my shyness. My anxiety. If one second was all it took, I may have done it a long time ago but still could be where I am today…alone again.

  • Wow! Thanks Matthew for another great video! I really needed this reminder. I was literally just having a conversation with my friend that turned into a pity party because so many of my friends have been married for years and now their having kids and I’m 6 days away from being 27 and I’m still single and alone. What a great way to show that things can change in an instant!

  • Totally agree. Every second counts. I can attest that many trajectories in my life have been the result of acting on that one moment of opportunity. My philosophy is when you have a seemingly inexplicable hunch or a gut feeling to do something, do it right then and there. That feeling is your inner voice calling out from the deepest seat of your heart, directing you towards something that will lead you closer to your truest desires.

  • Meaningful! Also makes me think. .. If I’m the one watching/getting these advices but my partner is not..! How can I make things change alone?! If he’s not at all thinking of giving a moment to think !! :-/

  • I have to say that living in Japan right now, flirting with guys is soooooo difficult ! Boys in Japan are too shy to make the first move, though they can make eye contact sometimes… but that’s it ! So frustrating. But I guess it’s a totally different topic: Japanese guys and the fear of Western girls… haha

  • Totally agree with the video… you should be taking the chances when you get them and being more aware .. I haven’t and will try and be braver in future but it is harder as you get older to have to confidence to think that it is possible to meet that person! Being open to it I think is the key and believing in myself is also needed.. maybe I’ll get there eventually. Thanks for planting the seed x

  • This is a beautifully put together piece.
    And so true, just one moment, one second can change your direction of life…
    I have the confidence (or it may just be, I can talk to anyone, even with a mouthful of marbles underwater!!!)
    But it doesn’t ever seem to pay dividends though.
    Friends say I’m too confident!!!! Really????
    And I must admit, that even though I may come across as cool and confident, I’m like a duck, paddling hard to keep afloat, if I am attracted to a guy…
    I get tongue tied, I blush, or become giggly girty….
    And I’m sure, sometimes, they walk away, thinking
    “That girl is CRAZY “
    Anyway…. I will continue to embrace the moments…
    That little video is a beautiful reminder, to just continue to take that leap of faith!!!!

  • The ? Is whether I think I am holding myself back or not?
    No I don’t believe I’m holding myself back because I have loved and given 100% of myself to someone that I would have never dreamed would have to betrayed but he did and now I don’t believe in love in fact I hope no one hates me enough to ever love me again because it is not a fairytale it’s a Horror Story me

  • Thank you Matthew…It costs me nothing to take a chance and leap into the unknown of that very one second…

  • I talk to people all the time. All the time, wherever I go. In line getting coffee, at the grocery store, when I run or at the gym, at work. I smile and try to project the way I feel, which is pretty happy. And yet, nothing really ever comes of it.

  • Reminded me of last scenes in LaLa Land…
    We need to be more aware of our human interactions and be ‘in the moment’

  • Succinct and to the point thanks Matt. Have you noticed that your photos or videos only feature the young, beautiful people? Lots and lots of people over 50/60 years old wanting to date could well get the subliminal message that they are too old and wrinkly or damaged by life to find anyone.

  • You‘re right. So many times it‘s worth to take the risk and do a move better than just go the easy way. I‘ve just made this and am so happy I took the risk.

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