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One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…

One moment. One second. One tiny little word that leads to someone  finding the love of their life.

And so many women miss that chance every single day.

If you do nothing else this Sunday, make sure you watch this powerful message…

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180 Replies to “One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…”

  • I have chills. I’ve had millions of opportunities just like that where I’ve silently walked away never fully seeing what could be like this short film describes. It’s 630 am here in Florida, today I will say hello and make an impression. Thank you!

  • Powerful! I listen to a lot of Jay Shetty’s pod casts and he also talks a lot about time and so now I focus onnhowvI use my time abc who I spend it with. I make a plan every day and I am often reminded by others who take a deep breath when I tell them how much I fit into my week, and U am always trying to fit more in. My dating is like a tap it’s a bit hot & cold on abc off. I don’t really put myself in many situations to meet men but strangely I often get asked out in the most random settings by strangers I have never met, sometimes I go other times I just say thank you I am not interested because genuinely I am not. I often feel I am way too picky and there is always a BUT so it’s sometimes hard for a guy to stick around for long… but I do enjoy watching your videos and subconsciously I think they help me to find my inner strength and find the fun and easy going Janey who enjoys the simple yet finer things… I know he is out there and I have been blessed to have many boyfriends over the years spoil me but I think deep down I am frightened on commitment so subconsciously seek out men who ultimately are unavailable in the longer term which allows me to not commit but I am working on that and I am a big believer that it doesn’t matter how long the search takes if you find the perfect guy the time spent preparing for him is worth it… J x

  • I am not a very sexual person. I am rather shy
    But I been having sex within the 2week of meeting a new guy. I have just turned 50 and last child 16. Whopppiiieee

  • For being such a short clip……for some reason it touched so deep….even though its usually unlike me to admit ….it made me cry! I dont know why? Thats not true……. i do know why
    Realizing something within isnt always easy to claim……thank you matt!!

  • Wow, that so ture but that once split second can be so hard to do beacuse I been hurt so many time living my standard. I’m fears of just want to settle again because I’m unloveable.

  • Mathew,
    2 years ago I met this man online, we both lived in denver. We talked thru text for 3 or 4 mnths before I agreed to meet him. We hung out at the park a couple times and well then we had sex. He then decided that he wasn’t ready for a relationship.
    On and off we talked as friends and we would lose contact but he always found me and we talk again, then he asked if we could see each other again, and he came over for dinner, then again sex,this time we still continued to talk and see each other, then on my fb page it popped up that he was in a relationship. I cut all ties right then.
    Now I have to say that I really liked him alot, his energy was awesome. I really really liked him!
    So after a couple mnths he hit me up again, said gf was out of the picture and would I like to get a drink! This man is charismatic and I’m drawn to him. So we met had alot to drink and sex again, this time we started hanging out evey night and or day, after a mnth he told me he loved me and I have to admit I was falling as well. We dated for 8mths,spent every moment pretty much together. Then he tells me that the gf was still in the picture and that he believes in non monogamous relationships and pretty much that was how he feels. I was madly in love with him by this time, this hurt so much but I agreed to try. This brings us to 3 days ago, he and I have been fighting over and over about his lies and the other gf. I contacted the gf and we talked and I found out alot of shit! Then she tells him and he flips out, and has gone ghost! He has blocked me from everything! I really want this man idk why, it’s like I’m sick literally, what can I do to make him see that I love him and want him and him to chase me and want me only?

  • I talk to everyone. In elevators at coffee shops in restaurants. But as a woman I see men get weirded out that I started the dialogue first. I ask questions, I compliment, etc etc. nothing.

  • I absolutely loved how the video shows the potential and opportunity to create a wonderful life with someone if they took that chance. It really made me feel great, full of positivity and possibilities that anyone at anytime could be that person for you. Time and chance become choices in moments of everlasting love and commitment or everlasting indecisions and loneliness. Time always tells!

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