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One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…

One moment. One second. One tiny little word that leads to someone  finding the love of their life.

And so many women miss that chance every single day.

If you do nothing else this Sunday, make sure you watch this powerful message…

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180 Replies to “One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…”

  • I think the bliss of life are those few seconds between “hi” and “pretend I don’t see you”

    Sometimes I wanna say hi it’s me blanla but the guy even look at me – just on the phone !

  • It is so true! I sat back and watched people on the bus today without looking at my phone, and it is amazing to me that to think how many seconds we miss while we are looking at our phones

  • I turned around in the grocery store line the other evening and got a jolt … right there, right very next to me in line was a gorgeous man — my kind of gorgeous — the most ‘normal’ looking man I had seen since moving to this city several months ago. I was speechless; he was speechless, even though he had come to stand by me, and so closely to me. We both left, speechless, unhappy, alone. My son, upon hearing this story, said, “Mom! This is what you say: ‘Hi. You’re the best looking man’ … or ‘Can I tell you something? You are …’ And he would laugh and I would smile my gorgeous smile, and a connection would be made. The second we had would have been put to wonderful use. Matthew, you know I’ll be using my next ‘second’chance without fail, don’t you! (Ironically,I later watched an episode of House Hunters Intl and that is EXACTLY how the couple had met. Imagine!)

  • Love the simple concept. I’m sure I can apply it in a similar setting however, on the subway would be much more difficult in my opinion just because of the sheer number of strangers around and likely listening in to those awkward first moments.

  • Once my girlfriend is on the train on her way back home after ten days’ visit, I will send HIM a text to tell him I’m back in circulation and “I’d love the chance to catch up”. It’s decided!

  • It starts with the decision and action to say YES. The relationship that I have been in for two years started because a series of YES decisions on my part. Those yes choices were not the initial decisions in my mind (no, I don’t want to do online dating again. Then yes, I created a profile. No, I don’t want to meet him for the first time because I’m too exhausted and need to pack for a trip. Then yes, I could meet at a local park for a quick stroll…) Making those choices to say YES have made all the difference in where I am today. Five years after I went to see MH by myself at an event in Philadelphia and said YES to attending his Retreat. What a tremendous decision to say YES!

  • I can completely relate to this.

    I lost my dad five years ago to Motor Neurone Disease. I cared for him for 2 and a half years. During this time on a rare evening out I bumped into a guy (who lives quite a distance from me) with whom I share mutual friends. During that evening we really clicked, I really wanted to get to know him better but as I was caring for my father I knew that it wouldn’t have been honest of me or fair on him to go down that road.

    I met up with him a couple of years ago through mutual friends again and he told me that he had travelled hours to see me. I was totally taken aback as in the few years since I had last seen him, due to caring for my ill father and now caring for my elderly mother as a way to cope I had switched off from things for myself. He didn’t get the response he was hoping for as I was on my guard.

    I saw him again a few months ago and we clicked all over again. At the time he told me that his brother was seriously ill. (Very sadly his brother recently died). After this last meeting we messaged each other he said it was great to see me again but that understandably due to his brother being ill he wasn’t in a good place.

    Due to the distance we won’t be seeing each other until the end of the year..

    Life goes by so quickly. I know all too well about not leaping.. and that life can get in the way but If you are able to give yourself the chance to say yes to opportunities life can change in a heart beat.

  • Hey,

    This is true at some point! As a very talkative person (With the help of being a lexturer), I can communicate easily and be the one who says the first “hi” unless this guy is a rock star. ;) Let’s say this is the line where the game begins. I think how communication goes on and what kind of decisions we should make are also very important. Besides, at the age of internet, I observe some people who are shy or avoid to talk in public they track the others on social media to communicate. This can be about sometimes privacy because of any reason.

    In addition, I like tick voices of the clock. Everybody is busy and time is very important in the modern age. We even sometimes forget to see what is really going on in front of us. This always reminds me “the rabbit” in Alice in Wonderland. Time is also very complicated and relative. Hours are not the hours as we know!..

    As the one of the coolest rockers says,
    “Well, the clock says it’s time to close now
    I guess I’d better go now
    I’d really like to stay here all night…”

    Si belle

  • This was very powerful.
    Two weeks ago I made what I feel might be the biggest mistake of my life. I panicked massively and cancelled a date (well in advance…) with someone who is exactly what I have been looking for. (I’m out of a bad relationship recently and just…freaked out).
    Thankfully, he was a gentleman about it and very understanding and we are still in touch daily…but I guess it’s on me to make it go somewhere.
    So, I think I’ll propose another date. I have to do this.

  • Brilliant and even spiritually very profound. It’s getting harder for people as they sink into screens and avoid real contact. We need to say yes to the real and to real people.

    Trust is an important thing, though, and I do wonder how a woman is supposed to trust a man, given that men can literally rape or kill a woman. You may not realize how hard that is to know and live with in a dating situation with strangers.

  • What a powerful video. I’ve allowed fear to strangle not only my love life but my professional life as well. Time is not on my side, as I am in the last half of my life (58) and still have not found “the one”.

    There are many women my age who are still looking for their last first kiss.

    Matthew I see all your videos and workshops for the 25 to 45 age group, what about my generation of 50+ who are looking too?

    I’m still looking and have hope that he is out there somewhere looking for me.

  • I came out of a toxic relationship (even emotionally abusive) 3 years ago. I am a strong person but it still managed to destroy my confidence. It made me miss out on so many opportunities in work and self-development. When i watched this video, i pictured what my life would have been if i actually let that second pass by and never got together with him. I feel like i lost 5 years of my life because of him. I got a greate job now and all other things i ever wanted which i could never do with him. BUT i am still single as i am scared of some idiot coming to my life and screwing it all up what I’ve built. Matthew’s videos are very positive and i am watching them hoping they would change my mindset. I am on a dating site but i am running away from meeting anyone in person. I don’t know if i ever can love anyone again, and with the time i feel less and less need in a partner – all i do i do in the way i want without the need of a man’s approval. I am trying to convince myself that maybe i need a man, but then i see I’ve achieved so much only because i do NOT have a man – and this argument bits all the other…And what a man can give me what i can’t get elsewhere? My family loves me so i feel loved already. So, keeping to work on conveincing myself in a need of a man at the mo…

  • Really great article about One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever..There is a lot of sense in it. I know that not only women but also mens lose their chance to meet the only person in the world they really want to be with. Once I met my wife a lot of years ago and we love each other till now.

  • I came to this site as a skeptic, but I have to admit that this video conveys a very powerful and accurate message. As someone who routinely ignores these moments of opportunity out of fear of rejection, I’ve decided to start embracing them and let the chips fall as they may -rejection be dammed!

  • Olga: You will never need a man, you can accomplish anything and everything you want by your own, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be in a relationship, because relationships are not about depending on each other, they’re about sharing moments together and helping each other to grow. I’m really sorry that you were in a toxic relationship for so long, I know what that feels and how difficult it is to step away, but that doesn’t mean you should’ve never taken that risk with him because every experience makes us more mature and teaches us to be stronger, the only thing you did wrong was to put up with him for such a long time.
    Don’t give up, just be smarter and stronger. Keep loving and respecting yourself.

  • Matthew where can I send a private message? I can’t find an e-mail and the private messages are not available on your fb profile

    1. Hi Lorena! Due to his insanely busy schedule, Matt can’t respond to individual messages anymore. He does take questions once a month in a live coaching session for Fast Track to Mr. Right members only. – Mars

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