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Don’t Waste Another Second in Pain (You Need to Hear This)

This might be the most important video I’ve released this year.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve coached who can’t let go of the past. 

If you want to know how to break free, let go of your baggage, and feel 100% more empowered, please, please make sure you watch this week’s video.

I’m going to share a mind-blowing story that will show how you can turn even the worst tragedies into a beautiful future…

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30 Replies to “Don’t Waste Another Second in Pain (You Need to Hear This)”

  • Totally agree, the bad things that have happened in my life give me so much more insight to do the job I do and have turned me into a stronger more humble individual than I would have ever been without that experience. It’s all made me appreciate the great parts of my life too Love the process ❤️X

  • Tremendous. One year of therapy (or 2 years of drinking rose talking with girlfriends) condensed into a succinct, powerful 4 min video. Just tremendous.

  • That was excellent Matt!! Love it. You’re wonderful. I love how your offering are expanding to full life growth. Thank you xo

  • Another great video! Thanks Matthew! There is always new insight I get from your videos! Awesome! …Hugs! ;) <3

  • Wow Mathew! What a way to bring it!!! I can’t remember how I stumbled upon even knowing who you were and what you were about, but at first it was the dating advice on Youtube that got my attention. However, I always sensed that you were more than that limited niche. Now I can truly see that you are about self actualization and self love which is much more long lasting than knowing how to text some guy that has ghosted on you. Whatevers to that!!! That is nothing compared to to you saying how a past “trauma is really a future treasure” I REALLY needed to hear this.

  • How timely — just what I needed to hear.
    That girl was me yesterday. Another beautiful Saturday day and night alone, beating myself up.
    I’ll have to save this one.

  • This video is so good!!! Thank you! Loved the 3 tips! It’s so true “if you take away the trauma you take away the treasure” that’s brilliant and I’m now going to start referring to it as treasures

  • This video brought me to tears. It’s exactly what I needed to hear. You really have a special way of helping people.

  • This is a fantastic and much needed video Matthew. Sometimes the hardest thing in life is simply getting out of our own way, fully accepting ourselves and the decisions we have made in life. I appreciate the work you put into the world and thank you for your continued service to helping relationships thrive. Both with ourselves and others. Best Wishes always.

  • Omg! You hit the nail on the head with this video. I am trying so hard to love myself, ands I do, I am finding out hard to find the courage and how to begin that first step of moving on from all that weighs me down.
    I want so much to be the person I want to be, I just don’t know how to take that first step.
    Thank you for your inspiring words Matt.x

  • It’s a good attempt. A nice way of looking at things. But being humans, we can’t just switch our feelings like an on/off button. I also don’t believe that time heals all wounds.
    But I do believe that this hard time will pass too. Just like all the other good and bad times.
    It’s important to acknowledge one’s feelings. After a serious relationship ends, it will take time. One will go through phases of denial, anger, acceptance.
    But in the end, things will get better. And that’s a fact.
    I have learned in my 38 years of living that one should never hold back on their feelings. Feel it and get it out of ur system. Or else it bottles up and comes out at the wrong time in a wrong way.
    Nothing is too final to come back from. There is no such thing as ‘Point of no return’. Things will eventually get better.
    So if u feel like crying, cry. Being sad, be sad. Allow urself to mourn the end of something u put in time an effort for.
    But know that IT WILL PASS.

  • This video is exactly what I needed to hear today. I started watching for simple dating advice but have learned so much about myself in the meantime. I have recently came across a struggle that was a product from a past mistake and have had a very hard time dealing with it. Thanks to the confidence I have gained I am getting through this much easier than I ever thought possible. I truly thank you for all the advice I have been given and can say I am such a strong person because of my past.

  • This was such an inspiring message. Thank you Matthew for sharing this with us. It’s funny, yesterday I was just saying I wouldn’t have married my ex if I could do it all again. The thing is, I don’t know how my life would be now. I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

    Thanks again,
    Michele Allen

  • Matthew, this is a great post! When my marriage fell to pieces (long story) my neighbor said, “I have always believed you have to build the life you love to live.” That moment had a great impact on me. I am now in process of building that life, and enjoying the process of building it. If a man comes along, and they do, that man has to bring positive value to my life, or no real relationship forms. My life is sweet now. Anything and anyone I add to my life has to make it sweeter and more (positively) exciting. I go to great places by myself and enjoy every minute. Sure, I would love to have a fellow adventurer, but I don’t NEED one. I learn from my past, enjoy the now and build for the future. Thank you for always helping me open my eyes fearlessly.

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