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One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…

One moment. One second. One tiny little word that leads to someone  finding the love of their life.

And so many women miss that chance every single day.

If you do nothing else this Sunday, make sure you watch this powerful message…

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180 Replies to “One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…”

  • By daring greatly. Being vulnerable. Smiling at a stranger. Holding eye contact for a second longer than usual. Complimenting, asking for help, and turning towards an attractive man.

  • Bam! Nailed the quintessential moment of opportunity as an gift to us to help us never miss it. The video is potent and so tenderly, fiercely brings home the impact of recognising that to be aware, in every moment, of every opportunity which may be knocking at the door is stunning. Thanks Matt. Blessings, I love the simplicity of this and its brill.

  • Time A poem, the moments past, now one can only reminisce, of things that might have been, if the spoken word was said.But I let it pass, like grains of sand through an hourglass, not able to recall it back. Karen Starr, written 1971. I did get another chance two months later and had a 10 year affair with this handsome man.

  • according to this video i think i’m holding back ,but i think myself sociable and i just wait for the opposite sex to make the first move. so if he does,he finds me a very good speaker.

  • A smile at a bar, a smile in a coffee shop, one opening sentence – a lighting-up connection and maybe a spark. Yes it cant be the begining of a possibility.

  • I find this video much more effective than a dramatic sales pitch chat that leads to advice at the very end. Those put me in my head; this one I can feel.

  • This video is so powerful and so true Matthew to the point has made me cry. This is where I am at right now at the age of 48 trying to find love. I listen and action your advice. Embarrassingly I have left a note on a guys car, sent an email to their work in hope to find out his name, placed myself in convenient spots so if the guy at the gym is interested it is easier for him to talk to me, make plenty of eye contact, go out socially, spend plenty of time in coffee shops/pubs in the hope to find the right person. Chatted to many wrong guys on online dating. I can’t try any harder Matthew to put myself out there and still no luck!! I feel time is passing me by and even though I am a very confident and positive person this week I have not felt this way. I didn’t think getting back to dating would be so difficult. I never give up and I always think of your advice and would not be so brave without it. Thank you for this video.

  • I never hold back. Been pushing towards him for years. But I can’t push further if someone resist. Can I? ^_^

    Yet my “Special Someone” Hold back so hard several times.

    But I can wait. I only have “Heart& Soul” for him. No one else.

    But the more second we wait, the more happiness time together we lost.

    And I amost not make it make to see him.

    Hope wish and Pray that He doesn’t want to wait any second longer.

    Thank god he found me and I found him :)

  • It makes you think. I mean, I’m quite impulsive and will talk to people but I also fear rejection and that can hold me back

  • Matthew,.. I need some very serious help with my marriage befor it goes nonexistant,… We have been together just over 20yrs and married for 14,…i truely love my husband, my tolerance or progressivly lack there of, has been reitarated from his absolute refuse to give me any kinda of compliment in any way, even if all he has to do is agree, if he has to say something he will give a backhanded compliment or point out the obvious problem areas, sex is already nonexistant, because again he refuses to anitiate, he refuses to say anything we he does get turned on, i can honestly say i never know when my hubs is horney,.. And now im to the pointi just can not anitiate or try and im a shock and awe person i will do some of the craziest things uust to get a reaction, and being with him for 20yrs, i have done some very unpredictable surprising things and just a smirck,… He has finally succeeded in pulling every absolute bit of drive that i have in me,….. 8 could go on for hours because i do not understand he is the complete opposite in e eryway than ur normal everyday high sex drive typical male, and i dont understand, i have completepy verbalized to what i need from him and he will not take any step u can pull him 2 steps forward and he will be digging his boot heals in the dirt and befor u turn aroumd hes 5 steps back and its all my fault,… Theres so much more,… Fan u help plz.

  • Rejection. A simple word but one that has the capacity to terrify even the most confident amongst us. Instead of just ‘going for it’ sometimes it’s just easier to hesitate or decide not to and think what if because the thought of being knocked back is that bit more an unbearable prospect. I can hear people saying but ‘wouldn’t you rather know@? No, not really, the though of what may have been can be a better thing to live with than knowing for sure the person you really, really like doesn’t like you. Or worse still, throw it in your face down the line when you’re having problems ‘ well, if you hadn’t approached me this wouldn’t be happening’!

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