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One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…

One moment. One second. One tiny little word that leads to someone  finding the love of their life.

And so many women miss that chance every single day.

If you do nothing else this Sunday, make sure you watch this powerful message…

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180 Replies to “One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…”

  • Wow! This puts things truly into perspective all the choices that we could make and do make on a daily and momentary basis. You can apply it to so many areas of your life, not just your love life.

    One of the best things I did was go to a live event of yours that lead me to a retreat. Those momentary choices are so important and can always change your life for the better!

  • Just ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen?? He/she just doesn’t answer? or doesn’t smile with a kind response? SO WHAT?? I bet you get a smile and a kind response. Try it.

  • This video brings time and chance to the present moment. If you do not take a chance, You could miss out on moments that could bring joy to your life, for a lifetime. That leap of faith.

  • I loved it! It all starts with a simple smile or hello. What’s the worse thing that could happen? If they don’t say anything… move on with your day. Some of my daily pleasures come from random interactions with complete strangers and I’m an introvert.

  • Living in fear can be intimidating. Sometimes we focus too much on being self confidence and miss these little opportunities. Carpe diem. I need to work on my confidence and most importantly. Enjoying life! I’m also deaf I’m always conscious of what if I misunderstand the guy. It leads to so many lost opportunities.

  • I did exactly that. I tried to seize the opportunities with one man. He seemed interested and engaged. Fun and attracted to me. Planning dates and events. And then…..after 6 dates, “went chilly”
    We have not been intimate.
    We’ve now had 8 dates. Date 7 and 8 not even a “real” kiss goodnight.
    I’m 56 and in great shape. I’m told I look no more than 40. I’m playful and educated.
    I’m stumped.

  • It is what it is… a movie. Highly unrealistic. I’m out and about all the time and has not happened once that there is this totally attractive guy paying not only attention, but approaching….taking the first step. Guys in general I feel are too proud (or full) of themselves to approach. Mostly, it’s the cheap hook up they are interested in. Even once you start talking to someone online, I have often encountered manipulation, them pretending to look for the same as you , but in the end it was only a farce. Highly discouraged in the Derby city….

  • So true! It doesn’t hurt to make eye contact and talk to people. You never know..could turn out to be the love of your life !

  • Loved it and so related to! Sometimes so busy “running” in life, that I could be missing out on what could be something wonderful passing me by ~

  • I like the metaphor of the video. You might even just make a friend, that has a friend, that will introduce you to your significant other.:)

    I downloaded Tinder for the first time last week; posted 3pics and no bio. I deleted the app after an hour… so I thought. I felt uninspired to write about myself and I felt fat…
    On Thursday I visited my bestie, we had a group dinner – she is married with kids, we’re all over 30 – she was curious to see what Tinder looks like. I ‘downloaded’ the app again, and we started swiping.

    2 hours of “trigger happy” swiping and I had 25 matches. It would appear that I only removed the shortcut. 25 possibilities that I didn’t know I had a week before.

    I will admit – I received a message that I didn’t like and I freaked out and I received 2 messages just as I went online and it felt like my online status can be seen. I deleted the app in a panic.

    Then, downloaded it again last night, 10 of the men I actually like has matched again anyway.

    Now, I have to figure out what to do with them!!
    And I had to promise to not delete the app again.:)

    Just sharing an experience. Maybe it inspires someone else to do something outside their comfort zone. x

  • It’s the difference between being open to what’s happening all around you or being closed off. You can’t talk to every person you see. But when you see someone, and your heart skips – go for it!!!

  • If you do nothing you don’t know what beautiful thing could occur…so take the chance ..enjoy life..appreciate every second, minute, hour that equals beautiful moments which could result in the love of your life.

  • Wow… that was very powerful… we are always told to make each second count … one little action can start the dominoes moving… but we never think about what that really means… watching this video really puts the meaning in perspective in our lives … One action which takes seconds can affect your whole life … that is scary at the same time as exciting. Thank you Matt … you’re the best :)

  • What if you have your man, but you know he is making the wrong decision after the loss of a child over a text message telling him yes when he is ready.

  • 86,400 sec WOW. I am holding myself back wasting minutes/hrs or more on people who don’t spend a sec on me. NO MORE. Life is short. And we aren’t promised tomorrow. THANK YOU!

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