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One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…

One moment. One second. One tiny little word that leads to someone  finding the love of their life.

And so many women miss that chance every single day.

If you do nothing else this Sunday, make sure you watch this powerful message…

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180 Replies to “One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…”

  • I feel like the one thing that is holding me back from the love of my life is my health. I have so much I want to give, but my health is so bad, I don’t want to be a burden on someone. I can’t give and be the person I want to be–the person I know I really am inside. So often I look at my situation and say to myself, who would ever want to marry me?

    I don’t want time slip away. What do I do? How do I change my paradigm so that I no longer see myself as a burden to a relationship but that I see myself as an asset?

  • Wow, that was beautifully done. I know I’m holding myself back a little on most days. Most of us do, right? The Why is simple since I’ve loved much but experienced massive amounts of pain & suffering. The fear of that is intertwined with my own self esteem fears. Can I truly be loved and completey love myself again? I think I already do, just not 100% yet.

  • Whoa! That was powerful! I’m in a relationship and this change in perspective is actually going to improve that ☝️ one plus other decisions throughout the day! Best vids ever!

  • Brilliant. If you don’t put yourself out there you will never know the outcome. What do you have to lose… except a chance to possibly find the right one for you.

  • Powerful message! Loved it! Getting out and taking the opportunity to do something small like smile and say hello to someone new can make a difference in meeting and finding someone special. We need to embrace these opportunities and see where they lead us.

  • Seriously, you have blown my mind away. It has been awhile since I have a found an idea that has revoltutionized my way of thinking. You have been the key that I have been missing to ignite my life. We have meet a week ago and I can’t get enough. You’ve seduced me to spend the free time with you and to learn your ways. Gosh, I am having so much fun already! That clip is so powerful and thought
    Provoking! I am so incredibly grateful that a man like you exists. You are helping to bridge the divide between people and helping people build better connections. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in my life but I feel like it is going to be major. I’m alittle scared of how well it’s going to go seeing that making social connections has been something I have severely struggled with my whole life. You are the best! So much gratitude!!!!

  • True but more difficult when you are over 60 Matt.. you need to give advice to those of us in that age group.


  • After being married, divorced and once again a single mom, dating is very challenging! I witnessed my ex husband easily exit our marriage right into another relationship that has already resulted in his 5th marriage. While I’m not envious of that, he seemingly found love quickly. I on the other hand struggle. I watched this film and reflected I’ve missed so many opportunities. Probably still do. I have several men who are in my life, I’m on a dating site, still not much is happening. However, I’m learning. It’s as though I’ve started a new job and the learning curve is high.. I appreciate what the film’s message is and I’m going to try first applying it to my daily life.

  • This very thing happened to me yesterday. He looked at me, we had eye contact. He looked at me again, we had eye contact. I thought he knew me. He didn’t smile so I didn’t smile back. He looked one more time at me and then walked out the door. Hmm.

  • So powerful! Well done! Straight to the point. I’m holding back by being focused on the ones who aren’t quite right for me because I’m still healing from divorce. I’ve chosen guys who aren’t too available… on purpose. But, I AM ready to find the one who will really love me. I will let go and be open to new possibilities…every second…

  • such a powerful video!!! and so true if we are just brave and take that chance to create an opportunity for a different scenario.

  • Hi Matthew,
    I think this video will get the message across. I already know from experience that life is complicated and timing is everything. Take the chance or lose it. If it was me standing next to this man in the video, it would play out like this:
    I walk into the shop, check out the menu and ask him, ” What looks good here?” or something similar.
    PS Thank you for bringing awareness to many and helping us in relationships.

  • Hi Matthew, I know for me I get busy .I am a single mom , In school, Internship, and work. Bedfore my internship started I had a little free time to go to the gym , get a maaage relax etc. I feel like I felt better and I was more open. Now I tell myself your house is a mess at times,you aren’t as In Shape as you were, you are older. Everyone around me is married. Due to lack of time I tried some online dating apps. I smy major is Human Behavior and I feel like what the heck do all the weird guys go online? Fake profiles, people trying to hook up. Online is not for me. I feel like I am friendly and smile often and talk to people. As an Esthetician I work with women all day. I feel like all the single women / clients all feel the Same as I do and they are fed up. One of my clients who is also single and near my age and busy like news are going to try to do something fun. I have followed your advice on doing fun things . Went to Hollywood, a concert , a play , overnight trip. It’s just hard to live in a time where I feel like guys have endless options plus go online and never have no desire to commit. I also tell myself that I’m not sure any guy could handle my busy life. I know I am a great person and I do believe In love ❤️ Maybe it’s timing? Also I talk talk to a guy or 2 you call a MPII when I get bored and I know that doesn’t help. I am listening to you and it does help me and the way I look things .

  • Yes I think you’re right. I should not have to missed that chance which that is already in front of me so just away. Because I will not easy to get the second chance again. If I only stop holding myself like this second I will regret it.

  • It’s Jen again… sorry I was in church on my phone when I left a comment . ha ha …So excuse the typos and grammar. I wish you had an edit button.

  • This is so true, many times looking back in hindsight, I realised that I had often missed the opportunity to act on a feeling of attraction, to make new friends or possibilities of a new budding love relationship.
    Why, fear, fear of rejection, fear of the humiliation of even trying to connect, fear of not being good enough, pretty, sexy enough. Its silly to being confined in this shy shell, but this is my reality and when I have had that spark of confidence to try and say hello, or any initial oh that’s a nice shirt, etc much like in the video, it is just that, a moment with a potential smile back or an awkward cheers and well shot down again. If out with friends or at an event of some kind, potential matches… they like my friend or once getting to know me, I am always seen like a sister! nothing more and I am still the friend who is always without the plus one!

    I’ve been single for 7 years now, but I still believe in love and that it will come one day.

    Forever hopeful x

  • By being courageous enough to see smile and say hi . One step closer and just few random question about anything according to situation and nearby places you don’t know and wanna know ;) in few minutes we can get signal Green or Red depend if other person is free from any commitment.

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