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One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…

One moment. One second. One tiny little word that leads to someone  finding the love of their life.

And so many women miss that chance every single day.

If you do nothing else this Sunday, make sure you watch this powerful message…

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180 Replies to “One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…”

  • I am so moved …this is truly beautiful and so true in my life I have had my life change in a moment maybe too many times ~I needed this reminder concerning love thank you

  • This made me really emotional and I understand now, I haven’t been courageous enough in the past…because of fear of rejection mostly. But also because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invest my time in this person, not knowing him well enough. I have a need to know quite a lot about someone before I want to commit time in getting to know them. So how can I combine the two: take spontaneous action and give a chance and still not waste time and choose wisely?

  • Be smiling and welcoming every day, every second, every part of your way. A brilliant video!! Loved it!!

  • What if his with someone and you felt that spark since the day you saw and introduced his self to you ?

  • There is a method to do something that we are afraid to do.
    Whenever such moment occurs, start counting from 5 till 1 with a knowledge, that after 1, you just do what is it you are afraid of. Talk to a guy, speak up on a conference, do that exercises that you think your trainer is crazy for asking.. whatever actually…

  • A very encapsulating and stimulating video with a remarkable ability to impact on my ability to waste precious seconds of a day, a week, a month and a year not doing what is most important to me but what I have formed habits doing instead!!

    Thank you for your amazing videos, they are truly memory retaining ways to learn about positive and effective dating habits.

  • Yep. Men should watch this video, with a dose of optimism. I was going to say it skipped all the tough parts, the fights and misunderstandings, but nobody is unaware of that reality. No, if anything that perception has oversaturated a cynical population. This is a nice reminder of what guys are really missing out on.

  • I don’t think I could I’m a very shy person to start of with I need to get over being shy then I could

  • That’s was a powerful video!! Thank you!!
    I can totally see how i’ve lost out on so many opportunities. I will be more mindful now.

  • @Melina

    I TOTALLY agree! STOP looking at your phones and enjoy the beauty of EYE contact. Conversation is a lost art!

    Loved the video Matt- thanks for sharing ☺️

  • Far from reality
    It’s just scary and tiring.
    Starting to date someone, starting to trust a guy and questioning whether his acts are genuine or not and keeping in mind that suddenly he might disappear.

  • I have a lot of friends and most are men. They all say, I can’t believe you are single, you have such a great personality. I want to say to them it is because I am overweight and not very pretty, but know they will argue with me even though I am sure deep inside they would agree with me. So, they way I look holds me back.

  • If a guy I fancied looked at me in a coffee bar like that and asked me out I’d say yes but in the real world most men I meet are married or in a relationship. I’ve had to resort to online dating because it’s the same everywhere I go aswell but it would save me a hell of a lot of bother spending my evenings on dating sites trawling through profiles. If only!!!

  • Holly Banfield, you are so smart to be able to understand how important your health is! There was a time when I was you. I have been in a very compromised health condition. This is very long, but I feel the steps that I took were so powerful in turning my health and life around, that I want to help others so badly, and shout them from the rooftops! Joining a FB support group tailored to my conditions, which gave me support and love from others going through the same type of thing, and also some good ideas and suggestions, was helpful. I feel a smaller group (50-100 people) that just exists for its members, not advertising, is the best choice. It’s extremely important to look for one where the admins keep the focus on positivity and support, and don’t allow those who are attacking, negative, blaming, or bossy to stay on the site. From these sites, I know of many people with ongoing serious health issues who have found love after becoming sick. I don’t know what your issues are, but if they are treatable/solvable, you must be your own best advocate, and research your condition, and seek out the best help you can afford, not just for a love life, but even more for your life. I would pour every moment of time, and $ resource I could spare into this, and not let temptation pull me away. But be careful, and vet your sources. Traditional medicine is good for treating existing disease, but not so good at preventing disease. It’s not just a matter of getting better (although that is very important) but also not getting worse, or adding more disease. There is a lot that will have a real impact that you can do on your own. There are also a lot of charlatans with half-truths, or truths/solutions/supplements for people with different problems than you, who just want to sell you stuff. For me, a LOT of my health conditions improved with an almost completely organic, grass fed, high nutrient, restricted calorie diet, with no sugar, flour, or trans fats (they are hidden, even when not on the label.) I eat tons of veggies, small amounts of fruits, 3 servings of protein, and small amounts of healthy fats. I was a vegetable hater, and a sugar/flour addict, and it was extremely hard at first, and I struggled to find recipes and combinations of dressings and sauces for stir fry that I LIKED that fit the plan I chose. But I eventually found some combos I liked enough to enjoy what I was eating, and over time (many months) cravings diminished and went away, l went from 264 to 120 lbs, and I am HAPPY with my food, so I know I can maintain it, and even happier that I feel so much better, my pain has diminished, and my test numbers are better. I’m in my 60’s. My core plan was Susan Pierce Thompson’s plan (she has a book out, a website, and an online course) and Dr Mark Hyman’s latest book “Food-What the Heck Should I Eat?” If you buy his book through his broken brain website, you may get a lot of excellent bonus resources right now. He is head of Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic. Functional medicine looks at treating existing disease in the conventional sense, but talso emphasizes optimizing the body’s performance to avoid disease. This is something regular medicine doesn’t do. But usually insurance doesn’t cover a lot of the screening tests that Functional med drs want to run, and Functional medicine drs are not in all areas, (check out the Institute of Functional Medicine —IFM—for local referrals) so you may need to do your work online, and work with your current dr when you can. How to do this was one of the bonuses I received when I purchased his book. Idk if it’s still available, but I would write and ask. For example, if you have thyroid disease, and especially if you’re having trouble establishing and maintaining the correct dosage of meds, you need to be screened for Hashimoto’s antibodies, which attack the thyroid and is the root cause of thyroid disease in 90% of cases. Many primary care drs, and even some specialists treat the disease with thyroid meds when it shows up on standard screening tests, but do not look for potential causes. Conventional insurance only pays for disease treatment, not prevention. There is much to be learned online, but you need to be mindful, and choose excellent sources. Dr Dale Bredesen is another excellent source on optimization of body processes (good health.) His focus is Dementia patients by getting every body system functioning optimally, but this is what is needed for the best health, too. Start with the areas in which you think your problems lie. These physicians have online purchases that are very helpful if your budget allows, but much of what you need to know is available for free. They are knowledable, good research-based sources. I have a science degree, and have spent years online reading research. My specialty was research, and I can tell good from bad research (more bad than good out there) so if you cannot, trust these sources. Sign up for their emails. Make time to read their emails or listen to their free stuff at a minimum. Trust sources to whom they may refer you. They are selective, only referring good science-based sources. Go in the directions of your known problems first. But I bet you will uncover things that your conventional dr has not addressed, especially in the food/lifestyle area, but also maybe in the diagnostic/treatment area, too. It is true you are your own best advocate! Many diseases are triggered (turned on) genetically by our unhealthy food choices (especially any kind of manufactured food) the contaminated foods we eat, and by the bad bacteria in our guts, fed by the large amounts of sugar/flour in our current diets. The gut bacteria drive our cravings by sending chemical signals to our brains to feed them sugar/flour. This is why sugar is more addictive than cocaine. If you crave sugar/flour/simple carbs (rice) you must completely break with them to starve the bad bacteria, rebuild the good bacteria which are crucial for our health, and get your cravings under control. I promise you, this will happen if you can stick with it. But if you slip, just get “right back on the horse” and resume your no sugar/flour diet, and you will eventually get where you want to be. Sugar is hidden in almost every manufactured food, under various unrecognizable names, and drives weight gain not just with empty calories, but also through insulin, which is the fat storage hormone. Without sugar and my tastebuds being attuned to super strong sugar substitutes (Splenda, aspartame, and Acesulfame-K being the worst—they actually are harmful, not helpful) things like fruits taste so much sweeter to me. If you must use a sweetener, use Stevia, a Stevia/erythritol blend (like Truvia or a generic) or Swerve. At least these are very low to no harm. I used them to get off of sugar. The “good” bacteria synthesize the vitamins and hormones and lots of other good things our bodies need to maintain health, and the bad bacteria crowd them out and cause holes in the gut lining, allowing bad things that would normally pass through the digestive system to enter the bloodstream, causing all sorts of diseases (this is colloquially referred to as “leaky gut” and, yes, it is a real, scientifically-proved thing.) This is why we have epidemic proportions of disease, and new diseases that weren’t prevalent or didn’t exist 100 years ago. Bad bacteria also drive unhealthy cravings, causing dementias, inflammation, weight gain, heart disease, and many other diseases. Trans fats are terrible, as you’ve probably heard, but do you know they are produced during the production of ALL vegetable oils? And restaurant oils are vegetable oils, and as they are heated (deep frying) the natural chemical reaction produces huge amounts of trans fats. Trans fats inflame arteries, causing buildup, blockages, and strokes. Healthy fats (olive, avocado, coconut, MCT oil, even butter) are more expensive, but nutritionally much much better. Just don’t heat them past their smoke point, or you’re producing harmful chemicals. This is all overwhelming at first. Removing sugar and flour suddenly throws you into ketosis (burning fat instead of carbs) and may make you feel weak. If you can give sugar/flour up completely, like an addict needs to do with drugs, you may feel very weak for days or weeks, but if you can do it, it is worth doing it all at once. Like an addict, there are no small, acceptable amounts. Continuing to eat them off and on just perpetuates the cravings. On everything else, make small changes, “set yourself up for success” (Dr Phil quote) by finding things you can enjoy eating (no, it may not be your very most favorite, but if it is at least good for you, and you can enjoy it, it doesn’t feel so much like dieting, and you can stay on a variation of the diet forever, maintaining your healthy weight.) Get rid of the bad things/temptations from your kitchen, and stock good things. Make batches of good things to make it easier to stay on goal when you’re at you’re weakest, make your own sauces and dressings from scratch (make up your own recipe if necessary, it only matters if it’s healthy and you like it!) Clean, chop, and prepare for the next meal or meals after you eat, before the next mealtime comes along and you’re starving, and weaker in willpower, usually in the evening. ALWAYS have something (like chili, salad, stir fry) ready to go. I eat HUGE salads with spinach, shredded carrots, shredded red cabbage, bean sprouts, shredded broccoli salad, diced celery, fruit (berries are best), walnuts (heart-healthiest nut oil), a serving of protein, and a dressing I make from scratch, all with healthy ingredients. “Eat the rainbow.” Resolve to prepare your own foods, and stay away from fast and prepared or manufactured foods. They are all super contaminated, and designed by the food companies to drive you to crave them. I know, I worked as an engineer for a food company initially, and helped do this. Do not listen to their marketing advice as to what is “healthy.” Do not listen to any research paid for or done by them. It is designed for marketing, not expanding knowledge. It is all carefully crafted to get the outcome they want to drive sales and profit, not your health. They do not care about your health, they care about their profits. Familiarize yourself with the “dirty” vegetables and fruits, so you know where to put your money into organic stuff. If you can’t afford any organic, regular fresh, whole food is still way better than manufactured. Remember, you can put your money into good food and good health now, or pay later for medical treatment and suffer the awful and life-shortening effects of disease. Shop the perimeter of the supermarket. If you do these things, check out these resources, follow your curiosity down the path that describes you, I PROMISE you, whatever your health issues, you will feel better and be healthier. This has changed my life! I am living proof, but there are many others out there! Seek, and you shall find. Remember, small steps at a time. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. If you fall off, get right back on. Experiment with what you like, and alter it in small steps to be in a healthier form. I wish the all the best for you—as there was a time when I, too, felt horrible and lost. I am praying for you

  • The trouble is women are waiting for this guy, the one who wants a relationship, to take that step. It takes both sides putting yourself out there AND being ready, being open to the possibility.

    Lovely film though. I cried when it didn’t happen.

  • I get it, you gotta grab these opportunities, but as a woman, I get concerned the guy might be married and here I am, flirting with him. It’s scary, not by taking a chance, but what you don’t know about that person.

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