What A Difference A Year Makes

It’s been an amazing year for my team and I. With this video I want to stop by to say hello, to say thank you for making happen all that you have, and to reflect on the year and tell you some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

Leave a comment below and tell me one thing you’ve done this year that you appreciate, as well as one thing you’ve learned.

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294 Replies to “What A Difference A Year Makes”

  • What do you think about staying virgin till mariage ? And what about dating ? Is sex important in a relationship ?

  • I need to learn to consistently say yes to opportunities…the right one is unlikely to arrive at my door & even if he did, I usually don’t answer it if I’m not expecting a caller! Thanks again x

  • This year has definitely been interesting sometimes very exciting and sometimes very confusing. The highlight has been getting to meet this lovely man. I realized I too have a gift for lifting others up as well as matching people up. I am still trying to get Matt to add me to his team considering I live in LA and he wants to have a base here. Maybe one day it will pay off.

  • Hey Matt! I am so glad that I found your blog this year!! every time I go on a date or im too scared to go talk to a guy I remember things you wrote or one of your videos.. It’s crazy! ;) love you!!

  • Hi Matt!

    Well, I like watching your videos and everything that I manage to read here and your advices about guys they have helped me lots :-). I have never had what you will call a good love life in my own perspective I had made some mistakes myself and also I kept choosing the players most know by **k but thanks to your advices I realized it was cause of my lack of security in myself and how guys have broke my trust every single time so to win it back I start looking things more positive and thinking I am the best girl in this world(none offence to the rest of the girls in the world they are too :-) ) and started to go to Pilates that has helped me lots too and yes I am in a long distance relationship since 2 years and 5 months and 11 eleven days to be exact, I think he truly loves me and yes nobody is perfect he shows his love to me in different ways :-) so has been a good year for me and I hope I manage to win my whole security back and be more confident with myself and with my man as well.

    I will like to ask you in specific about certain things that I am clueless about what to do(in matter of love of course) so if there was any chance to ask you those things but not publicly I will be happy to hear your opinion.

    Thank you and yes keep going and never forget where you come from as a part of being a successful business man.

    Thanks Matt!


    1. Congratulations on the success of your relationship, Aurora. Becoming more confident tends to help in area of life. I’m glad that it has been helping you.


  • Hi Matthew! I have just recently found your video’s and website and am very thankful that I did. This year I got my A liscense in skydiving and am having an amazing time while learning more about it. After that, I decided to go to school for aviation. That has helped me gain confidence in myself a lot, but not so much with dating and meeting people. That is why I appreciate your messages so much, they help me have a confident outlook and make me look forward to an exciting future. Thank you again for everything and can’t wait to see what next year brings!
    Hope to meet you one day! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

  • Hi Matt,
    I’ve learned a lot about relationships with men through your work. I started the year as clueless and doubtful that I’ve ever have a meaningful, intimate relationship with a man. Now, I’m dating two amazing, successful and wonderful men. Now my problem, is who do I choose? Thanks for your lessons that have helped me understand better and discover what keeps a man attracted to me and want a relationship with me

  • Hi Mathew! I have followed ur blogs for long time and I love your positive outlook on life! I am 21 and i live on my own. I’m confident and have a positive outlook on life too. This year I’ve accomplished to begin to understand my needs, my self and create a goal. I have always dreamed of becoming a soccer player so I have set myself to investigate and learn on how to achieve this. I have begun training at the gym with a coach and running to gain endurance. Keeping healthy and eating the right foods. I also read books to keep me motivated such as “The Alchemist” by PAULO COHELO. That is a great book!
    In terms of relationships I have a lot of male friends but none that I’m interested in so far, in a way is good that I have no-one that may interrupt me from working hard on a goal and achieving it.
    I want to say your an idol to me in a way that you achieved something your passionate about and you took risks. So Good Luck but I’m sure opportunity will keep dropping as long as you persue it.
    Great Quote “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” -Milton Berle

    I can’t wait to see what you got in store for 2013.
    So exited! :)

  • Hi Matt,

    I’m sooooo happy for you, this is amazing and very energizing to hear all about your success!!!!!!!!

    I’ve done also very well this year, I have a great creative job, I’m travelling a lot as I wanted and I have many great people around me.
    My life is exciting and interesting, but I still haven’t met a guy, or all of them that I’d like have girlfriends already.
    I think I started loosing my hope and don’t know what to do…and I feel very scared flirting with any guy now, as I automatically think that he might have a GF…

  • Hi matthew !
    i’m following your blogs for like a month now and saw all the videos on youtube.
    I went on a date with a guy. He was at my home, we watched a movie, had fun, get to know eachother and we kissed. The day after i was supposed to go to the club with him, but i got a car accident. The first thing he asked me was.. are you okay ????
    after that suddenly he stopted talking to me (mainly texting messages)
    he told his friends he didn’t regret, him coming here, but he thought i was expecting more from him. but i never did, and i never was pushy towards him. we texted for like 2 days, so i do not understand.
    with all our friends we went to the club and he told my friend he wanted to apologize to me about his behaviour. but he never did.
    suddenly he sended me a text message and apologized, that he gave me the impression that he was ignoring me. i told him i don’t want to talk trough the phone because i don’t want any more misunderstandings. he understand what i ment, but now i still don’t hear from him???
    with new years eve we will celebrate all together with my friends and he is also there. i don’t know what to do.
    i never gave him the impression that i like him more.. but i think i am hoping that one day it will be more!
    greetings from holland !

  • Hi There,
    First, I just wanted to say how grateful I am that I stumbled across your you tube videos. That and the other materials that you produce about confidence have been really great tools for me to move forward after a difficult but important year.

    One thing that I’ve done this year that I appreciate is that I followed my heart to try a job that wasn’t a good fit but I appreciated the elf-awareness and growth that came from that experience.

    What I’ve also learned is that to get anything truly worthwhile in your life it involves some degree of risk.

    Thanks for all the great content this year! Congrats!


  • Your dedication is just remarkable !
    One thing im glad about this year was :
    The confidence that it brought into my life after putting in lots of hard work in one direction .
    I wish next year becomes all the more happening trying to achieve several milestones .

    And i cherish every moment of your work !!
    @@@@@@wishing a happy christmas and a great new year ahead !

  • I learned not to judge and blame others and simply focus on myself and the way I can change/improve/keep being positive. I totally reconstructed my mindsets during nearly last 2 years. Now I act like I’m the only one responsible for what is happening in my life.
    And a big move just happened a week ago – I moved out to my new flat. I’m living on my own (alone – no flat mates) first time in my life, gonna take a good care of myself and create my own space, where I can invite sb else ;)

  • Well, what I have done this year: I graduated from High School (with exellent grades, I worked my butt off for it) and I moved to Granada, Nicaragua to work at a circus school… :D

    And Matt, I am thinking about writing a huge mail to you because of my current situation… The men here are diffrent (a lot) and in one of your viseos you talk about how you have to learn to profit from your passions… I have no Idea how to do that… If that´s not too much trouble…

  • 2012 turned out to be a great year for me! My relationships with my friends and family just seem to be getting stronger and I have a strong appreciation for how beautiful that aspect of my life is. I got a new job by working hard and smart, being a team-player but also planning for and pursuing my goals.

    I did this with a relationship too – but as it turned out working for something doesn’t always get you what you want. So I had one hiccup on the relationship front… Someone I thought could have been a love interest turned out to be a player. As much as I blame him for misleading behaviour, I was silly for letting him treat me poorly longer than I should have i.e. at all! For me the signs were subtle, but in retrospect, they probably weren’t. I just didn’t want to see them and the false hope was better than no hope at the time. I didn’t have the self-awareness to recognise when my boundaries were being crossed by this guy and I know his boundaries were clearly up – everything was on his terms! And because I was more worried about impressing him than whether he respected me (and showing I respected myself) I took longer to move on than I should have and my self-esteem took a bit of a beating in the process.

    I was super disappointed that just because you choose to treat others well doesn’t mean they operate by the same moral compass and will treat you well too. This doesn’t have to be a heavy lesson to learn though, I learned that I was forgetting my responsibility to treat myself well regardless of anyone else. I’ve smartened up now and hope to put what I’ve learned into practise with the next relationship. I hate the idea of ‘the games’ people play in relationships and if I see any signs, instead of playing along next time, I hope I’ll realise that’s just not the relationship for me and happily let that fishy go.

    My lesson for 2013: if it’s not good for you, let it go. You have to in order to be open and available for something awesome!

    1. Hi Danni,

      Thanks for sharing with everyone. I agree that you have to open and available for something awesome to happen and I think its a great slogan for 2013!


  • This year has been one of trying new things and yes it hasn’t always been easy but I have tried stepping out of the little parochial bubble in which I sometimes live!! I have definitely started to care less what people think of me- which is really liberating and yes have made alot of mistakes but this is where you often learn most.Perhaps the biggest lessons from the year has been to expect the unexpected and NOT to judge other people. This is something we can all learn from but I have made some friends in very unexpected places and who in the past I would have overlooked. Have a fab Christmas,
    Princess x

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for sharing your lessons from the past year! Trying new things isn’t easy for any of us but I’m very happy that you’ve reaped great rewards from it.


  • This year has been a special one in the terms of relationships. my parents are divorced (my dad have had three wifes)and my mom is in a sort of relationship with a horrendous guy because of his money. watching them both wither because of bad relationships(especially this year has been bad for them) I still find myself believing in happily ever after. I`d like to think that I will not make the same mistakes in marriage as my parents did, but history tends to repeat itself…
    watching your videos and hearing about your achievments gives me hope! I am certain I will meet great guys in the future and one day I will meet my future husband too(hopefully only husband)

    1. Hi Tiril,

      Being able to recognize the pitfalls of bad relationships is the first defense against having one yourself. Your knowledge and insight is bound to steer you clear of any guy that’s not worthy of you.


  • This year I finally got myself back into the dating world and since I am disabled and not working and home so much, I decided to try online dating. I realized that no matter how smart you are, there are many men out there who are just out to take your money and that’s all they are in it for. Unless of course its one night of sex. So I am quickly learning what not to do. Question is, what to do. Still very lonely and want a relationship with a man. Maybe next year. Am confident you will help me. I am far too trusting. M

    1. There are many men out there who aren’t in it for the right reasons just as there are many women who aren’t but the fact that your brave enough to be here in the first place and learning this material means that the results will come. Lets make it happen together! x

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