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What A Difference A Year Makes

It’s been an amazing year for my team and I. With this video I want to stop by to say hello, to say thank you for making happen all that you have, and to reflect on the year and tell you some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

Leave a comment below and tell me one thing you’ve done this year that you appreciate, as well as one thing you’ve learned.

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294 Replies to “What A Difference A Year Makes”

  • Hello, Matthew, I am from Hong Kong.I just started to follow you yesterday! haha..

    I have learnt how to let go of past and I am not that stubborn anymore. I am happy about it.

    At the beginning of this year, I ended a relationship that I should have done it long time ago. I was very upset and thought of many things,what i have done wrong etc. Then I started to read books about guys, I realized that I don’t know guys at all.

    Books really helped. I am happily in a new relationship now. But still, I have many things to learn from you! haha.. I like your videos because you tell us more specific information. *thumbs up*

    And I am looking forward to your new books!!! Hopefully, I can get that in Hong Kong soon :D x

  • Mathew,
    I’m just an 18 year old who is really really really awkward and who’s always falling in love and getting into serious relationships I can’t handle.
    Since I moved out for university and broke up with my boyfriend because of the distance, I found out so many things about myself. One of them, is that I have NO IDEA of how to flirt, and that meeting new guys scares me.
    So I found you on youtube and watched like 10 of your videos in a row. They really helped.
    With your help, I’ve realised that its not so much about how pretty he might find you, but your entire package, and most importantly your personality. Now when I meet guys I look at them in the eyes and I just try to be my best self with a smile because that’s what I’m comfortable with and that’s why a guy should appreciate.
    Thanks to you I’ve also realised how important it is to show your passion for life. People tend to hide their “sparklyness” and pretend to be mysterious and down so they can have your attention. I’ve learnt to stay away from those poeple and I’m not afraid to show my hyèr-happiness anymore. Also, if I get a smile or a look down the street now I won’t hesitate to smile back.
    Today I almost get hit by a car just for smiling back, but it was worth it, the guy waved at me! :)
    You’ve taught a few tips which are very true and helpful.
    There are dicks and there are nice guys and I think all girls should always be receptive to anyone, not just for love, but in general, as it’s always good for your confidence.
    Anyways this is getting kind of long, I also wanted to say that I love the way you’ve done this whole “get the guy” project. However, I think that the way its called “get the guy” gives the wrong impression, it makes it sound like its a channel for desperate women, when its actually just a magical place for anyone who needs a little advice on finding their love life (but that’s just my opinon).
    Aso, Mathew, you’re a beautiful man (you probably know) and I really like your blonde beard. You have the cutest way of smiling while you speak :) Merry Christmas and hope that your non proffesional love life is good!

  • I really appreciate stumbling across Matthew and Get the Guy, and all the information and advice that comes with it.

    I have learned to take opportunities when they arise even if they dont have the ultimate outcome that I would like.

  • Thanks a lot for your videos and e-mails! I write down new expressions and words that you use and learn them. I also enjoy your accent a lot! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Matt, you’re doing sooo well!
    It’s amazing, watching you evolve into this amazing Role Model to so many people!
    I can see you staying in LA but don’t forget us in London! I still have a lot of friends who want to come to the seminars!
    Miss you loads!
    Alida xx

  • Hey Matthew,
    I just wanted to say congratulations on the new televion series!
    I’m Canadian but am hopeful that I will be able to watch the series here.
    All the best!

  • Hey Matthew,

    Great to see that you’re well, and I hope you’re factoring in plenty of time to nurture your relationship with yourself, as well as with everyone else!

    While I keep as positive as possible, your enthusiasm and energy for the work you clearly love is deeply sustaining when the fear gremlins (who say things like “I’m not going to find anyone”, etc!) snap at my heels; thank you.

    This year, I’ve put myself out there more, and opened myself to opportunities – this has lead to being invited to attend events and training courses at cost/free and out of the blue! I am now making headway towards my calling to coach others to be more compassionate towards themselves :)

    I put myself out there emotionally, too; it didn’t work out, but I can look back and say, ‘at least I dared greatly.’

    I really believe you’d love Brene Brown’s work, if you haven’t come across it already? Your sense that vulnerability and relationships/connection are the keys to success is echoed and developed further by Brene; her TED talks and her new book Daring Greatly have – along with your blogs posts – helped me to appreciate vulnerability as the foundation of living with more heart.

    For the coming year? I want to get out more, physically, as I know that all the good men are everywhere (and, yes, I talk to people everywhere I go); I sense that by creating more opportunities for connection in person, maybe I’ll find someone who sees beyond my illness!

    Have a splendid festive season, have fun and remember to recharge your batteries; 2013’s going to be HUGE!


  • Hi Matthew!

    I found your program when I was going through a rough time this summer. And even though this year has been pretty awful (multiple deaths in the family, living in a place I don’t want to live, took a risk on a job that turned from a great opportunity into a nightmare…) the best moment of my year was influenced directly by you! I went to a concert out of town and I saw a gorgeous guy that I would normally assume was out of my league, and I somehow managed to pluck up the courage to say something to him and we ended up hanging out the rest of the show and having a great time. And even though nothing really came of it, knowing that it was possible completely changed my mental state.
    So that you so much! You’ve given me back hope.
    Congrats on all your success – funny how the best things in life can be simultaneously amazing and terrifying. :)

  • Hi there Matthew (and the rest),

    Thanks for the great vid’s who where quite inspirational… not only for finding “the guy” but more in respects of changing the way one thinks… add a more positive vibe into life as you will. For me it has been a most interesting year aswell… It had many changes, It began with a promotion early this year and having a boyfriend to loosing it all just a few months ago. The firm I worked for 17 years got bankrupt and the guy I thought who really cared for me.. turned out to be afraid of comittments.. So I had to let him go. Now this all may sound all very sad and such, did feel like that for a little while to (won’t lie about that) But… Luckily there is a ‘but’. I also learned alot about myself at the same time, I learned that I am way stronger as I thought I would be, Learned that I “can” let go, if it doesn’t work out.. and that failing isn’t the end of the world, you just get up and go on…cause there isn’t a way back. Am atm working on starting my own business (using my creativity, which I neglected for years) and have a friend now, which may or may not be something more… but I give it some time and see. The good thing is that I don’t feel any pressure for anything no more and feel quite liberated in a way :-)
    That’s what I learned this year.. that one always can discover new things about one self.

    Have yourself and your coworkers and friends a very merry Xmas. And thank you for the inspiration!

    Hugs Ramona

    1. Hi Ramona,

      You have had quite the year! I’m glad that you were able to come through it all with a positive attitude and with soem valuable lessons learned.


  • Hi Matthew!
    This year has been a rollercoaster for me. I moved three times between cities, (and countries), changed jobs three times and made two very important decisions in mi life:
    The firs one is that I DO wanna be an opera singer no matter how hard it gets or how long it takes and that most of my effort is gonna go towards that direction. That was one.

    The other was to fix my love life and really learn. That’s how I started taking your online course. And I have to be honest, all started because of a particular guy, yes. But as time went on by I realized that guy was not worth it. I am too high value for a man who cannot make up his mind. So right now, the year is ending with the realization that yes, I am a very high value woman and I do not need that kind of men in my life.

    Thank you so much Matthew, you’ve completely changed my life and I am so very grateful for that. I hope 2013 comes with so much more blessings and work also. I hope I get to go to one of your seminars one day. You are a complete inspiration. Thank you!


  • Hello Matthew,
    Congratulations on your success. I have been quietly following you for about 2 years now :) You deserve all these great happenings so much!

    Thank you for the ability to pinpoint how grateful you are for all that has happened in your life during this year, because that is exactly how I feel.

    My most daring event this year was to move from Portugal to England by myself, get a job and be enthusiastic about all the little things that I would normally take for granted. I have learnt that nothing is guaranteed and that there is a reward for nurturing your dreams with the necessary action to make them happen :)

    I can only wish that 2013 will bring you even more light and happiness!

    I hope to be able to meet you soon!

    All the luck,


  • Matt, I love your blogs and video, they are very motivated. It was not great year, ups and downs, but discovered your blog and following your blogs have made me feel better. I am glad you had a great year and hope next year will even better. I’m hoping and sure I will have a better year in 2013 too!!
    Sorry I have been reading and following your blogs but haven’t left message before. I shall try to leave messages more in future! Merry Xmas to you and your team and happy new year!

  • I’m very happy for you :) you help a lot of people and deserve happiness yourself! Thank you for the helpful information have a happy new year!

  • P.s. looking forward to read ur new book in new year and please keep posting videos!!! I’ll follow all the way!

  • Hello, I have learned to try to be myself and while not caring about what others think and say. :) And I’ve noticed that three guys looked at me this week and last week, but a guy in my previous school and the class looked at me and defended me against another guy that was a little mean to me. :) But I do not know if he still likes me because he said hello to me in high school that I go to now. :/: (

  • Hi Matthew,
    I’ve been following you this last year. Last spring my 12 year old daughter told me, “you haven’t been on a date in a while. You should date.” I was like, “Thanks for noticing, kid.” I began on line dating. Met several nice guys within a couple of months, but no one I’d hit it off with. I got discouraged and took a break when it started feeling like work. In October I went to a Halloween party and ran into a guy I’ve worked with for 4 years who admitted to me he had a crush on me for 4 yrs. We are now dating…it’s wonderful and scary. And it was right in front of my face the whole time. I am so grateful I wish everyone can have this feeling.

  • Congrats on all of your succes and I wish you continuted blessings. I am here in the U.S. you said your book comes out here in April? What is it going to cover? I am a single mother of two wonderful boys 12 and14, I have been out here looking for love 10 plus years and can’t seem to find anyone who wants anything other than a hook-up, who are really not avaliable emotionally, or don’t want to date a woman with kids. Starting to think something is wrong with me. Will you be covering or giving any advice for single mothers?

    1. Hi Fatisha,

      The book is available now for preorder on Amazon and it comes out on April 9th. I think the book will have lots of advice that will apply to you.

      Thanks x

  • Hey Matt,
    You are looking tired and definitely need some rest…really :)
    Ok for update, I am still struggling with my relationship because now I am so clueless what are “we” … but since I am a PhD student and this is my dead week….so now is ME ME time… hey…thanks for the advices…
    please take care of yourself. Bye for now Matt!

    1. Thanks so much for your concern. It is definitely a busy, busy time! I think we have something coming out in the very near future that will help you with your problem. Stay tuned! x

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