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What A Difference A Year Makes

It’s been an amazing year for my team and I. With this video I want to stop by to say hello, to say thank you for making happen all that you have, and to reflect on the year and tell you some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

Leave a comment below and tell me one thing you’ve done this year that you appreciate, as well as one thing you’ve learned.

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294 Replies to “What A Difference A Year Makes”

  • Matthew,

    Watching your videos make me smile. YOU make me smile because of the way you’re just so REAL and Wonderful. You’re always so positive and have so much energy, it makes me feel that positivity and I can’t help but smile. :)

    I have Fast track (which is super by the way). This blog, and your videos are always so enlightening and put in an applicable way that I don’t feel overwhelmed by it =] I think you are just darling. Have a great 2013! LOVE YOU AND LOVE GET THE GUY!

    xoxo Phoebe :)

  • Hi Matty!

    I simply adore your videos, I Love your advice, and smile haha :D this year, I got rid of one toxic relationship and made 5 healthy ones, and i got a job that i love so much. ^.^ this year was abit rough, but i have a feeling 2013 will the be year of dreams come true. :] take care, much love

    xx love from the states!

  • Hey Matthew,
    I just wanted to say thank you for your time. These video’s are amazing and i think they’ll help. i am an incredibly shy person and with your help i am trying to work thru that. i seen guys and some are nice but they never connect like i want them to, and there are others that i know i should stay away from but i can’t. with your advice i am trying to do better. THANK YOU LOTS! muah! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! i hope yours goes fantastically. :)

  • Hi Matthew,

    I’m relatively new to this site but I went through a horrendous time earlier this year with a breakup and I pretty much hit rock bottom, I think you mentioned in one of your videos about confidence being in 3 layers and I think I pretty much lost myself during this time….I never left the house, ate or spoke to friends hardly and when I did talk to people, I’d always end up in tears….but suddenly something snapped and I just decided he wasn’t worth it if he could just get up and leave and then be with someone else a month later… its been just over months now and although I class this year as an absolute disaster one fantastic thing came out of it! I managed to land my dream job in the game development industry, I’m not sure how I managed it because when I went for the interview I was so depressed and when I had my internship there for the first few weeks I was really closed off from the rest of the group – though, they might have put this down to shyness, since I’m 1 of 3 women who work there!
    So, I’m proud of myself for getting out of a depression that was taking hold of me… And proud that I found the courage to get on the train to go out of town to the job interview, even though I was at a really low point!

    I also came across your blog after spending hours and hours reading through loads and loads of different articles about dating and relationships and thinking that most of them seem like ways for someone to make money…so I decided to do my own research!
    Then I came across your blog/website and things made sense! :D
    I only recently started watching your videos, in the last couple of days but already I’m feeling inspired! It’s great having someone who’s so down to earth, friendly, funny and genuine giving us all advice, not just in relationships but for life in general! :D

    So, thank you Matt for the inspiration and for kind of being like a best friend or a brother who’s always there to cheer us up and offer great advice…even if its 3am XD

    All the best for the New Year to you and your team!


  • I’ve had a hard few years – really very hard. There was so much crying but the best revelation was finally getting over the guys who treated me really badly in the past. I was so upset about this guy who hurt me a few years ago, physically and emotionally. But this year I finally got to thinking “I’m done now” and I have a feeling of freedom. I’ve also had problems with illness for the past 5 years but recently saw the light. I feel a bit hopeful about 2013.

    I really like your blog. You come across as a genuinely kind guy who speaks from the heart. People like you inspire me. Thanks and Happy 2013 :)

  • Hey
    I think I had a good year I kind of got the guy I want and it was by your help
    I swear I got that confident to talk to him and to make him love me from first
    Minutes we talked i know that sounds strange but it’s the truth im saying kind
    Because theres things that im worried about and i just dont know what they are anyways I really want to thank you for what your doing thank you very much and sorry for the bad English I’m from Iraq so I may have mistakes :)

  • Hello, Matt !
    I discovered Get The Guy only a few days ago and this is my first comment.
    The year 2012 wasn’t great. I failed my exam and got kicked out from the faculty of medicine, wich got me depressed for several months. I didn’t know what to do next and I had to questioned myself. Not only for my studies, but for all other things like what kind of woman I wanted to be, my relationships (or lack of), the way I wanted to be treated by the others, etc.
    There also the fact that my nephew was buried at may. He was only 6 months old.
    I think it made me realise that life is short. By the end of the year, I surprised myself because I reacted differently than before about certain situations, like when I don’t get the guy I want.
    It’s like I’m slowly becoming what I really am. I’m AUTORIZING myself to be who I really am.
    All I want, all I need now is some changes and the only way to have them is to act and be “proactive”.
    2013 is MY year; I will be myself (whether the others like it or not) and have what I didn’t in 2012 (success in my studies, a boyfriend,…)

    I love your videos ! You have so much enthousiasm and energy that I can feel it even here in Switzerland ! ^^ I think your advices will help me a lot and I can’t wait to apply them !

    XOXO Didi

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