What A Difference A Year Makes

It’s been an amazing year for my team and I. With this video I want to stop by to say hello, to say thank you for making happen all that you have, and to reflect on the year and tell you some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

Leave a comment below and tell me one thing you’ve done this year that you appreciate, as well as one thing you’ve learned.

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294 Replies to “What A Difference A Year Makes”

  • Hi GTG team and Matt,

    Really pleased to watch how genuine you are about your reflections in the past year.

    I hope to be able to pre-order your book Matt. I am happy to have discovered you this year and am proud of myself for being more outgoing and learning to say yes to more things with the aid of the WW programme. I hope to work on my communication skills and confidence in the next year. Love your Confidence Secrets e-book – that really inspires me every time I read back.

    Keep empowering, inspiring and growing,


  • I have only been on here a few months and one of the biggest things I have figured out is to just breathe. Learning how to relax and be myself around men. Losing 45 pds has helped with the confidence. Thanks for being here for us and Merry Christmas. Karen

  • Hey Matthew,

    Just wanted to say that I think it shows true character that you are not only helping to guide others in THEIR growth but that you are also comfortable enough to share YOUR OWN growth. I think that’s really nice. I only just discovered your vlogs and blogs yesterday but I have a feeling that your insight will be a good thing to have. Happiest of New Years for you- Cheers from NYC!

    1. Hi Amina,

      So glad to meet you and welcome! I truly think that we are all in this together and hearing from everyone on the blog is what keeps me going.



  • I moved to London to start my degree which was a dream of my entire life as I remember myself. The thing I have learned is that life has two ways of getting you down: either by depriving you of what you want or giving it to you.

  • Dear Matt,

    Thank you for doing what you are doing.

    During the past year I’ve done many things I have been very scared to do but despite my fear and all the struggle things have worked out in a good way.

    I decited to “jump into nothing” last summer and it’s been very stressful for I’m such a control freak. Have been learning how to see myself in a new light, how to be more gentle and more strong at the same time.
    I have found new friends, started a new work project that has been very inspiring and fruitful, and I ended one relationship that was going on for years and years and was actually making me very sad.
    I’ve realized I needed to torture myself to realize I am worth much more. And I need to see and believe it really myself. I’ve learned to open up more, bit by bit, and I feel like there is so much in life I have never really understood before.. I made up my mind to put some very dark things behind, and that old version of myself, and I’ve been learning to get to know me better. And I have also been again learning how to have more fun!
    Every day is a miracle. And a challenge – not to go back to my old habbits of not respecting / taking care of myself. And I have maybe found the man of my dreams, but there’s still a long way to go. For I need to learn to trust myself more.

    Thank you for your work! And keep on rocking in the free world.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Althea,

      Thanks so much for sharing! Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to start posting about some of the very issues you have talked about.



  • ah relationships–now that you have one with nbc please develop your own insightful show that won’t be hokey–as a professional psychic (43 yrs worth of hard work) I feel compelled to tell you this. thank you

  • Hello Matthew,

    I only discovered you and gettheguy.com recently, but I am so glad I did! I love your videos, and especially how detailed they are – you actually give us examples of what to say and how to act around guys, and that, I believe, is hard to find elsewhere. So great work!
    The reason I felt like leaving a comment here is because yesterday, I “broke up” with a guy that I’ve been dating for the last month. It has made me realise how difficult love can be, and what an effort it must take to work with it every day, and to motivate people in their love lives. So creds to you, I really admire what you do!
    I also have one question (and you are not at all obliged to respond, of course). You see, the reason that I ended things with that guy, was because I had a doubt. I was not sure if I’d ever have mutual feelings for him, although I did feel something. So my gut feeling told me that in these cases, when it’s about love – well, there’s one rule: if you have a doubt about going into a relationship with a person, then don’t do it. Then it is not going to work. And if you do try, you’ll just end up hurting the other person even more.
    Today, I am so sad and so incertain about whether I made the right decision or not (because he is a really great guy!). So, I just wondered whether you think that it is true, the “rule” I followed? I am not going to base my future actions only on your answer, of course, but I would be so, so pleased to hear what your experienced mind thinks of this – if you find the time of course.

    Thanks so much for guiding women (even 20-year-old ones like me).

    Greetings from Norway!

    1. Hi Victoria,

      That’s a great question. I think that if you are generally a confident, secure person your ability to see people who are harmful in your life is going to be high and you gut feelings are probably pretty accurate. On the other hand if you find that you tend to doubt yourself you will for sure doubt other people.


  • Hi Matthew!!

    You are the cutest thing! So adorable… I love how you are so open, honest, and vulnerable with us. It’s like listening to an old friend. Thank you!

    I’m learning many things as well… though I haven’t had the successes you have had, I’m learning to let go of attachment to people and things. Just to be myself, and let others be who they are… without trying to change them. Those relationships are so crucial…like you said… but we can’t make people be in our lives… only those who want to be will be. And there is a reason for each one who enters into our life..no matter how brief… each one has a gift to bring… as we have a gift for each one we meet. Maybe love, acceptance, a listening ear, an embrace… whatever… but we need to appreciate each one who crosses our path.

    Much love to you! <3

  • Hello Mathew,
    I have followed you and your blogs for ages now.
    I am 22yr. Learning as im progressing in life about love and reltionships.
    Your blogs are benefial, from you i have learned to say “yes’ to things, through saying yes i can have oppotunities to build friendships and relstionships.
    I have been single now for 4 years, just cant seem to attract or get a guy.
    But i shall keep with you.
    I have learned that not all men are the same, as some of us say!

    Thankyou for your useful advice.
    Sophia x

  • I’ve learned to let go of the things you can’t control in life or love this year. The thing is when I did let go and didn’t try to hard as I have done in my past with guys I discovered that when I was in California for 5 weeks this fall, i felt like myself and that’s when people loved me the most. That’s what I have leearned…But I have a hard time beeing myself in my homecountry, coz I don’t feel like this is my home…But I know where I wanna go in life and what I want. And I have a question for you: Why do YOU think I do this: I love talking and beeing myself around guys i’m not attracted to, coz I se them as my friends, but that’s when they fall in love with me…But When I am attracted to a guy, I don’t even have the courage to say hello..I freeze and regret everything after that I didn’t do something..I do this all the time..Why? I’m like stuck on that level, over and over again..:S Any thoughts..Please? :) Hugs/Michelle in Finland

    1. Hi, Michelle We all tend to get nervous around someone that we are interested in so don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep in mind, he’s probably nervous too. x

      1. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I just wanna ask something: Do you think this guy thinks I’m stalking him or is and weird if I sent a letter to try find this guy. I met him in Grand Canyon, at the worst awful timing ever where this only happend over 5 minutes. Then we had to leave back with the helicopter. So this is my story: I was on a 4 day trip to Vegas with a bus group alone and just wanted to explore America while I was there. And I took this helicopter trip down Grand canyon and a boat tour, this guy was working down by the river there. And heading back and waiting for our flight back. He started to look at me and not in a creepy way and he really smiled at me with soft eyes, And I looked him in the eyes but I got so shy I smiled a bit but as I was turning my head away. And he did that several times, and I did smile but maybe not so that he noticed it enough. So I started to look at him, look away- thing. he did the same. And we both knew it by this point. There was just something in his eyes that was so real, like “You are so beautiful”-look towards me. I can’t forget his moment. And then he started to joke around and then se if I was looking at him a bit. I was to frozen to get it at that moment I think. But as I left he didn’t say anything, and I wish I would have just said hey and that he has gorgeous eyes. And now I think about it all the time and wish I didn’t had to leave. Coz he is there And I’m in Finland. I don’t know his name, but I wrote a letter to the company that he worked for.I wanna send it but don’t know I f it’s any point. But I don’t have anything to loose, I mean what if it could have been something if I just would have done something. Don’t wanna regret doing nothing. It’s the worst feeling ever.. What should I do?Should I send it and what should I say? Please help :) Hugs/Michelle In Finland

        1. another thing. He said to this a bit older women from China that she was beautiful but more like a non serious level, she might have ben like 40, but with me he just froze with words atleast and just couldn’t stop looking at me. And he held his eyes and didn’t look away at one point when I was looking at him. he just smiled..allooot! Could he be interested?

          1. Thanks, I’ve made my decision to create. Coz I always go for what my heart tells me to do. Thanks for your answers. Hope you will have a great new year ahead for you! x

          2. And thanks for your videos on youtube btw! I started to follow them about a year ago. They make so much sense in life an I think that I have learned some things, but need to work on myself still :)But I am starting to just be able to be myself more around people. Sometimes it feels like it depends on if I feel I can trust that person. But sometimes I just forget to think about anything and just be myself. And that Feels like such an amazing big step for me this year! so Thanks again for you support to all of us out there! x

  • Hi, I feel like I have been following ur blog for a very very long time. I wish to attend one of your talks in the UK one day . I’m from Singapore and its 2.30am here!
    I’m so happy for you hearing about your growth and success!
    And about me, I’m 20 and have never been in a relationship. Although this 3 months I’ve had confessions every week, literally. But I never seem to feel any sense of chemistry with any of them. I’m still confused . I hope to learn more from you and grow together while watching your videos, really enjoy them alot!

    With love. Xx

  • I appreciate having faced a part of the past long forgotten, which has, over time, made me stronger. I’ve learned that I have unfairly judged significant others based on my past and the importance of giving each relationship a fresh start.

  • Hey Matt, thanks for your year end message. I so appreciate how boldly and courageously you put yourself out there. I value your vulnerability, your authenticity, and most important your desire to connect with others. Been following your work for a bout a year now, and though I’m not a chick looking for a guy – I am a guy looking for a special guy, not settling for less than a heart to heart connection – your advice has always resonated with me. I’m also a coach, and very much look at you as a role model of what it’s like to build a powerful community around a topic that you’re most passionate about. Funny you know, you’re moving to LA, and I moved from LA to Cape Town about 5 years ago. It’s amazing how people just move in and out of LA.

    For me this past year has been about finding my own voice. I realized I had been copying other coaches and what worked for them, and though I learned a lot, what I learned most was that I needed to just be me, and do more of what works for me. This year I launched my a new coaching consulting business ‘Heart’n Mind Consulting’ around my passion for Heart Intelligence. I’ve proven myself that I can do it, that I can create the things I want. This year I also left behind old ways of relating, and relationships that were no longer working for me. Also, after 18 months of no sex (with another) I’ve grown in my own ability to connect more with others at the heart level, and to connect with others from a more authentic space. It’s almost as if this year I’ve set a new foundation for what is to come, to making a greater impact in the world, and to letting more fun and more love, and more abundance in.

    Anyway bro, just wanted to connect, let you know how much I appreciate your work, and the love that goes behind it. I can feel what a big heart you have.

    Keep on shining bro. LA is a place for stars!

    Love. Gabs

  • Hi Matt,

    What have I been up to this year – after some dates with a man I liked didn’t work out this spring, I realised I was getting too hung up on dating, so I decided to take some time out over summer and just have fun.

    I did some amazing stuff! Camping at Port Isaac to see the last Fishermen’s Friends open air gig of the year, rib ride and jet-skiing with a friend, camping in the New Forest with another friend… along the way I met another man. Didn’t work out – ‘I fancy you but I don’t want a relationship’ (just split with his ex of 8 yrs – and yes, I followed GTG’s advice and pulled back a bit whilst still having fun myself!) but it’s shown me that just doing what I enjoy doing results in mixing with men who like the same things.

    I’ve also done a *very* full-on self-development course and wish I’d done it years ago. I’ve learnt a huge amount from that, and finally realised what ‘You’ve got to love yourself before you can love someone else’ really means. Dating advice was useless for me until I’d understood that.

    I’ve realised just how much fear has stopped me from being ME and living my life. I’ve started talks with work to take a 1yr career break to travel… eeeeeek!

  • Matt, I am so happy for you. Just within the past month or so I purchased the get the guy program and within the last month I have made many changes personal and love and I am looking forward next year. I learned to appreciate people more and even people I would not even get close too and like you said before say yes more often. Thank You again for all you do !!!

  • First out thank you so much! I have not been following you for very long but I have gotten some of the best advice ever and that without even taking part of one of your programs yet. I hope to sometime because I think I would truly benefit from it. There are so many things that needs to change in my life and one of the things I have learned is that I need to really make things happen now! The realization that I need to work on my confidence in all areas of my life has been painful. However I can now see that its not too late for change.
    Thanks again and I wish you all the best for 2013!

  • Hi Matthew, I would really like to purchase the Secrets of Attraction video but you only have it available to buy using paypal. I wish you would change that to accept credit cards. Please let me know when and if you will be doing that. I really love all the insight you provide, it has made me become more aware of myself.

  • Hi Matthew and The Team!
    This year I discovered Get The Guy and this blog.
    The positive and charisma of Matt recharge me with good feelings every time I come here.
    Thank you for your job, guys, and Merry Christmas!

  • This year I finally approached a guy that I was interested in after being super single for a couple of years. I am proud of myself for that as I am awkwardly shy. We went out a few times, it did not work out, but I am happy to have had the experience again. I need to work on reacting. Often, and in this case, I don’t react to what happens or is said to me. It’s like I have to take time to take it in. It can make things even more awkward and leave the person/guy assuming something because I did not react to it or share what is really on my mind. Your blogs and videos have really helped me along the way, through my journey of coming out of my shell. Thank you.

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