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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Instantly – Proven Techniques

In this video, Matt shows you how to tell if a guy likes you instantly without second guessing anything. If you’ve ever wondered why a guy keeps looking at you, moves closer to you or acts a little strange around you, chance are he likes you!

When you know a guy likes you, things can become a little more interesting – the flirting begins and attraction builds, if you like him of course but there are several signs of attraction from men to watch out for, here are the top 4:

1. Proximity

Do you find him moving towards you in social gatherings? If he comes closer every time you look back at him, this is a natural tendency for guys who are attracted to you. This has been proven to be an unconscious movement, so they don’t even know they are doing it!

2. In conversation

When you are talking to a guy does he offer up any kind of information that you didn’t ask for? If he starts talking about his job, or his car or even his hobbies then it’s a sign he’s trying to impress you. Try not to get bored of hearing the same old lines, just feel flattered that they are trying to get you to like them.

3. Re-initiate

If you let the conversation slowly die down, does he re-initiate verbally or physically? If he does then these are signs a guy likes you, so don’t make him sweat – help him out with a little more conversational flow.

4. Touch

Is this guy looking for reasons to touch you? This is the biggest give away that he likes you, so don’t be afraid to touch him back this is a great way to escalate attraction and show him you are interested as well.

So there you have it… simple steps to follow and look for that will let you know if a guy likes you and is in fact interested in you when you are next in conversation.

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56 Replies to “How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Instantly – Proven Techniques”

  • It’s been over 4 months now that I’ve been dating this guy exclusively, he won’t commit though. We do all the same things a great relationship entities. I’ve asked him why he won’t ask me to be officially his girlfriend and he just says he doesn’t know. He’s a very sweet and shy guy, but I’m not sure still why he won’t just ask. Nothing would change, just the title. We even go on family outings with are children (his and mine). What do I do?

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  • Hey, advice please! there is a guy work with that was at first have a crush on him, after he hasn’t seems talkative around me I just let go for a while. maybe he wasn’t interest but a few months down the road he finally approach me and start to chat, jokes, ect. I can’t really tell if he at least like me as friends nor ?? He seems little shy around me, then just met a new co worker guy that came up to me one day and chat. while we were chatting the guy who I did have a crush on have interrupt our conversation! Plus, every time speak to other guys he always comment oh is that your bf? u like him? u should ask him out, ect.. I don’t get him! By the way, he does get close to me most of the time! So what does this means

    1. Hey kat! Thank you for sharing your story! Based on what you shared, I’d recommend you check out Matt’s highly insightful “How To Talk To Men.” You’ll get a LOT out of this guide, but there’s a section on there I think you’ll find particularly illuminating — “How to Flirt with a Work Colleague.” Get How to Talk to Men here: https://matthewhussey.com/thescripts/vsl/index-new.php. – Mars

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