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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Instantly – Proven Techniques

In this video, Matt shows you how to tell if a guy likes you instantly without second guessing anything. If you’ve ever wondered why a guy keeps looking at you, moves closer to you or acts a little strange around you, chance are he likes you!

When you know a guy likes you, things can become a little more interesting – the flirting begins and attraction builds, if you like him of course but there are several signs of attraction from men to watch out for, here are the top 4:

1. Proximity

Do you find him moving towards you in social gatherings? If he comes closer every time you look back at him, this is a natural tendency for guys who are attracted to you. This has been proven to be an unconscious movement, so they don’t even know they are doing it!

2. In conversation

When you are talking to a guy does he offer up any kind of information that you didn’t ask for? If he starts talking about his job, or his car or even his hobbies then it’s a sign he’s trying to impress you. Try not to get bored of hearing the same old lines, just feel flattered that they are trying to get you to like them.

3. Re-initiate

If you let the conversation slowly die down, does he re-initiate verbally or physically? If he does then these are signs a guy likes you, so don’t make him sweat – help him out with a little more conversational flow.

4. Touch

Is this guy looking for reasons to touch you? This is the biggest give away that he likes you, so don’t be afraid to touch him back this is a great way to escalate attraction and show him you are interested as well.

So there you have it… simple steps to follow and look for that will let you know if a guy likes you and is in fact interested in you when you are next in conversation.

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56 Replies to “How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Instantly – Proven Techniques”

  • I need advice there is this guy that I have liked for a year now and he knows and he says I am beautiful and have a good smile and really nice things he even said I had a nice butt, also I have a class with him and he stares at me a lot and I look at him too, he sat across the room in front of me but then he moved by himself right next to me and he jokes around with me a lot and I guess flirts with me. BUT HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND, and I am in love with him what do I do, does he likee back I am really confussed

  • There is this kid who sits next to me on the bus. He is alaways joking and touching me does this mean he likes me??? Also do u know good masterbaiting ways

  • Great website! great speaker! and great tips, but Im still confused. I hope that you could lend me some advice. A year and almost 6 months ago, I noticed a guy who worked in an eatery kept staring me down while I was eating. He attempted getting closer to me with the excuse of cleaning the table next to me, all the while, staring at me (as told to me by my aunt). I frequent the area often, and so decided to go back. As time passed, I visited the eatery/shop every month, and now currently every 2 weeks or so when I do grocery shopping. Every time I go to this place, he watches me a lot, and we’ve caught each others eyes and stared at each other for a moment once. One time I asked him a general question and he literally looked stunned about what to say and it left him just staring at my face for almost a minute (it sure felt long)uttering “uhh….”. I thought this was the cutest thing, and didn’t expect it because he seems like an alpha male type (and I guess I assumed he wouldn’t get nervous).
    He once had the opportunity to say something to me and so rushed towards me, ignoring other customers, while I was being served already, and asked me how I was doing. I find that I become very shy around him, and so its a miracle if I do look back at him. Other times, Ive seen him turn his head and watch me (sometimes hes just metres away) but couldn’t work up the courage to do it back. I decided that in order for me to be more comfortable with it, I need to start conversation with him. And so I did (a couple months ago) where I asked his name and found a commonality to discuss with him. This was a huge step for me, and am proud that I actually did it because it is not something I would normally do.
    Since that time, ive seen him about 4 times. He seems to always have a big smile on his face when he greets me (we always say hello to eachother now). One time he was helping someone and so I walked by him because I didn’t want to interrupt. Not long after, while I was waiting for food, he came behind the counter where I was, and as soon as I turned my head in his direction to say hi, he said hi immediately, and then returned to his usual place at the front (honestly, it didn’t look like he was doing anything specific when he came near me). Another time, he walked by me, staring me down and even bent forward a bit when he passed right beside me, and before I left, had his back faced towards me because he was doing something on the counter, but completely turned his head to the side to watch me (he was literally one metre away!). The last time I went, I made small talk with him. He answered very one-word-answer-like, and always reciprocated the question with a “and you?”. I felt sort of weird, since he kept looking off to the side, and I wasn’t sure if he was just nervous or that I was bothering him or something. And so I didn’t keep the convo going too long and then grabbed something to eat. On the same day, I needed to walk by him as he was getting his own lunch together. The whole time from when I stood up and started walking in his direction and walking passed him, he watched me, and even turned his body to watch me walk by him (he leaned even, as if to get more of a glimpse of me-and it was clear he was looking at me because the wall was right beside me so there was nothing else to look at).

    So I found out he may be in a relationship (possibly has been for a good couple of years) a little while ago. I feel torn because I don’t understand if he’s actually interested or not. If he has a gf, then even if he looks at other women, he shouldn’t make it noticeable to the other woman. He makes it so obvious though. His voice crackles (nerves?) when he would say hello in the past, and I feel an interest from him and cant help but wonder what he wants. I am attracted to him, and see that we share some common ground. I am very interested in getting to know him, and would really like to see if anything could happen with this guy, but alas, he has a gf (again, he never told me this nor did he allude to it at all. our conversations have been minimal; I found out through other means lol). I would even like to make friends with him; bring our acquaintance-like relationship to another level. I feel very stuck. Emotionally, I felt that this was possibly the very early stages of something more, but now that I know about his relationship…everything becomes confusing again, and yet clear. He may not be move forward BECAUSE he is in a relationship, which would clear up the questions as to why he wasn’t moving forward. I feel like he brought this to the current level, and now its remaining here.

    Any advice/insight would be appreciated!

  • Hi Matthew,

    I have recently had to tell a coworker why I reacted strangely when we were speaking and kind of ran away from the conversation – I caught myself checking him out, took a step back, got even more embarrassed and walked away. I apologized for doing this. He said it was ok, that he didn’t really notice what I had done, and said he was very flattered. When guys say “I am flattered”, it means “thank you, but no thank you” right?

    Thanks in advance for the reply.

  • i have a question for you i was in a car with my mom and i saw this guy i kinda used to hangout with and it was a red light and we started staring at each other for a while i think he noticed me ? anyways i didn’t know to say something or just keep quiet i did so keep quiet so i wanna know if thats a sign that he likes or possibly loves me ??? please respond

  • Okay so there’s this guy in one of my classes and lately he’s been a lot more…idk touchy? Not the emotional kind. Physically. Here’s an example: today before the bell rang for class to start, me and my friend were talking. He comes up from behind me ( so my back is to his chest and he’s standing a bit to my left rather then my right.) and he puts his right arm around my right side (over my shoulder) and then just leaves his arm hanging there in between my boobs! About a minute later he still has his arm there but he tries shaking my friends hand with his arm still around me which is pointless because 1. He already knows that person extremely well. And 2. He ended up moving closer to me making his crotch area rub up against my butt. I’m not going to lie I did feel a bit of a poke coming from “done there” but he does this kind if stuff all the time. But the weirdest part, he has a girlfriend who he almost always brags about how pretty she is and stuff like that everyday. I’m so confused on what he’s trying to do or if his little gestures are nothing’s and it doesn’t even mean anything. I’ve thought that maybe he doesn’t realize what he’s doing is a little wrong but there have been worse situations were he “accedently” grabbed my butt before. I really don’t want his girlfriend to find out any of this and then hate me because of what he does. I personally don’t know the girl. I’ve never met her and I’ve only seen a picture if her so I know she wouldn’t take into consideration that I’m not that kind of girl who lets guys touch her whenever they want to or who wants to try and break them up because u really don’t! I’m just really confused. Hopefully you can help me out with this one. I know it said to give your e-mail but I actually can’t go onto my e-mail anymore so if you could instead please respond me text message please? My number is 2629891930. Thanks!

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  • Okay, so I kind of really need advice. There’s this guy and I’ve know him for about 4-5 years. He’s my friends brother. He never seemed to show interest in me but ever since this school year started and he started going to my friend and I’s school, he seems to be more interested in me i don’t know what it is. He really seems to be flirting with me but also my other friends (my friends and my friends friends) but mainly with me. And when I was bringing it up jokingly he seemed to be giving me a lot of signs. I’m now convinced he is flirting with me and ALL my friends are convinced he likes me. But why is he showing interest now?! When we’ve known each other for years. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s at our school now I don’t know. (I’m in grade 11 and he’s in 12x)

  • More Advice than Comment/Reply:
    So I am not gonna lie, I need advice and how to handle a situation .For the past 3 weeks I have been living with a couple guys, there is one in particular he is like the perfect package. But, he is younger than me (4+ years), and I don’t know what this is. We go out flirt, we get in flirt, we talk about everything, He does all the stuff that would suggest he is interested but at the same time I am like is this a friendship thing or what….the “getting closer to you”, the “touch thing”, and the conversation thing. but he isn’t blunt apparently. I am pretty much done, like either A) tell me you want it, or B) tell me not interested this is platonic. I don’t know how to approach this. It’s that moment of truth do I say something and if so how do I say it, or do I not say anything and every time we go out have it frustrate me more, especially when I constantly see him (yes he wakes me up when he gets in to talk (seriously this isn’t a codeword I mean talk)) get more frustrated and just pretend I am oblivious to everything and let it go.

  • Hi~ I need advice on my guy coworker as well. I’ve known him for exactly a month now, and at first I didn’t see him much more than another potential friend. Two weeks ago, we went out for a business dinner with a potential business partner, and he brought me home. I was really caught off guard when he stepped forward, opened the passenger door, and ushered me in. It’s not the first time a guy has done this for me, but I didn’t know him well enough for him. So, I wrote it off to him being raised to respect women.

    On our way back to my house, he paused at the light waiting to turn. Out of nowhere (again), he asked if I was single. Caught off guard, I asked him what he meant by that, and he asked if I had a boyfriend. I said no. And he said how long ago was that, and I answered about three months. He just went “oh”, and continued on the way. This is when I realized that he was more interested that I had expected.

    A week later, we headed out with our coworkers to have dinner. Since we live in the general same direction, we took the train home, and on the way back he asked how I was getting home from the station. I told him that I didn’t want to wait for transit so I would walk home. He paused and said that it was late (12 a.m.?)so he would walk me home. We left and on the way home he took my bad with my laptop and some merchandise, which was crazy heavy and I was so glad he took it for me. Outside my house we stood there as our conversation began to die down; he handed me my bag and I started to walk towards my front door. He called out for me and I turned around and he said good night. It was so cute. I had a feeling he wanted to say more but couldn’t get it out.

    My problem is that, he does nothing that I would associate to previous experience of a guy showing interest. He doesn’t purposely go out of his way to touch me (or at least not that I’m aware of. He’ll eat with my fork and drink from my straws but that’s how all our coworkers act around each other. He’s touched my shoulder a few times but not much more than that). I know he glances at me because I catch him at it, but it’s not blatantly obvious. He’s asked if I would date a guy nine years my senior (I’m turning 23 next month), and I said yes because I believe age is just a number. He smiled and agreed with me. He’s nice to me, but I don’t know if it’s as a friendly coworker, friend, or potential partner. Help!

    1. In my opinion I think he definitely likes you but is probably thinking you don’t feel the same. He wants to ask you out but is worried you will reject him so my advice is if you feel the same you should send him signals or ask him out yourself but if you don’t then just subtly show you only want to be his friend.

  • Okay so there’s this super popular, super nice (i know, rare combo) guy and he thinks that I hate him, which I don’t. He is always poking me and making me laugh and at the tables we are assigned to for one class he made the other person move so he could sit in the seat next to me. He is always smiling at me and making comments and observations about me like how I sit and my eyes and stuff, and I’m no sure if maybe he wants me to like him as a friend so he’s just being overly friendly, which he is an extremely friendly guy with lots of friends and no one really thinks anything bad about him, or if he is just curious as to why I don’t talk to a lot of people, or if he actually likes me. Help?

  • Okay, i like this guy . he makes me laugh and hes sweet and really cute but he talks to other girls alot and i dont know if he likes me because they are prettier then me.we never really talk. hes in my class . i dont know :/

  • Hi:
    I wanted to run this by you to get your thoughts. There is a man at work that has followed behind me as I walk down the hall. I was interested however, just recently, I heard he has a girlfriend at work. So, I’ve backed off. This past week, I was walking down the hall to go somewhere and this man was literally right on the heels of my feet. Just yesterday, I was in the other bldg. and I had to get my door unlocked and someone came to open it and guess who came along with them? Then after I entered the classroom, he peaked in the window at me.
    Thank you,

  • I like this guy and not sure he likes me he stares at me and smiles cutely and think he followed me into a shop and stayed behind me whilst in the shop do you think ?????

  • I saw a picture of a cute girl who has been going to my same school for the past 4 years and we had more conversations since the beginning and that started more at the last month of school for 7th Grade and so she posted a picture with a guy and a girl and I think they know each other but I don’t know. So I want to know. If a guy lays his head on that same girl who I like…and she didn’t put her head on him and she was alright with it and so doesn’t that mean that he likes her?

  • Hey, I need your advice on something…

    There is this guy friend that I really like. We’ve been in the same squad for more than a year and recently we became really, really close friends. I didn’t seem to be attracted to him until this one night when we were playing league of legends alone ’till late at night (1am). From then everything seemed different about him and idk why. I wanted to tell him how i feel but i didn’t seem ready to risk my friendship with him.

    There is also a girl in my squad that likes him and flirts with him all the time and also talks about him whenever he’s away. She confessed her feelings to him and he said that he’ll think about taking it to the next level. But every time she flirts with him he completely rejected her and tries to keep his distance.

    I didn’t show him any signs of liking him and i don’t want to before i make sure he likes me. The bad signs are that he’s not ashamed to act somewhat gross when i’m around, or, to talk about weird things. Also he doesn’t really want to go out with me alone cuz whenever no one’s available from our friends he triple-checks to make sure. But anyways, whenever we’re talking he makes a direct eye contact with me and often smiles at me while doing that. Also I caught him staring at me for few seconds multiple times when we’re having class and when i’m not looking. 4 a squad night-out he fist asks me if i’m available and then asks his other friends. Also on skype he sent me this “would you like to go out on a date?” clip for 2 times out of nowhere and i was like “lol wtf XD” and on the 3rd time he send me that clip he told me that he was joking :\?!

    So I really need your opinion on this. Should I tell him how I feel regardless of our friendship? Thank you, it would be mutch aprisiated (sorry for my bad english :|).

  • Hey I need your help really bad.

    Ok so me and my friend always joke around and she calls me babe and all. Well one of our mutual friends hangs out with us and I’m starting to like him. I have not told him how I feel but he always comes and sits with me at lunch (I sit by myself) and makes fun of me for liking Pokémon. When were in gym he came up to me and tickled me because I flicked off his friend.

    Yesterday he offer to walk with me to the buses and I thought he was being nice and when we got to his bus we said bye and I walked away.

    Many people think we’re dating because we would be a cute couple and when one of my friends said that he just started texting and ignored her. I don’t think he likes me because I think he is just bein friendly. I don’t think he would like me because we add completely opposites like I am what people would call a “emo” kid and he is really popular and athletic and wears like joggers and kds. I need help I have to go to school and see him tomorrow.

  • I feel very down today, rejection could be the worst thing can ever happen to anyone. there is this Ukrainian man that lives in the same building as me, we are both married, I always see him because his son and my son go to the same school, so we wait for the school bus everyday at the same stop. He started smiling at me, staring at me, trying to caught my attention, to be honest i really liked it, but i play hard to get with him, I started to ignore him. So he gave up and so his wife started to drop his son at the bus stop. I became friends with her and i even gave her one of my business card, since I’am a makeup artist, so I started to look for him and we bumped into each other and i say hi to him and we started chatting at the park while the kids were playing. He asked me for my name, then he mentioned his wife but he did not looked at me at the eyes when he mentioned her, and i found it weird. then 1 week after he started ignoring me and he would flee away from me very quickly and disappear. then last week I saw him again and he was giving me all the signs that he was interested in me again. Then this morning I saw at the school bus stop and we talked a little but he stop .. he kept walking like trying to get rid of me, then i gave him my business card because i wanted him to call me, so he said that he will give my business card to his wife for makeup, and then I told him that i have already given one to his wife, and he did not response anything but he kept walking away from me, i felt like the most stupid women in the world, i felt embarrased to be left standing there and he kept walking. and totally ignore me, I felt like crying, and I had a good cry at home. I’m totally confused, cause he is the one who started all this hurricane of feelings for him. I don;t know if i say something wrong or if I did something wrong or is it their ukraine culture. Please help, I feel very hurt and confused.

    1. He’s a married man!! Leave the guy and his happy family alone. It’s women like you who make a bad name for the rest of us. And you’re married too? Why are you married if you’re seeking the attention of another married man.

    2. Gosh, he is married and maybe he does not want to cheat on his family! Just because attraction may be there it does not mean he/you should/want to pursue. He probably realized where this could end up and he does not want it.Attraction happens.

  • I feel really upset at this guy who is married, usually we are both married. He gave me all the signs that he is interested in me, and today I called him up and asked him ” I don’t know if its me or there is something going on, but I noticed that you smiled at me and stare me a lot” and you know what he said? ” there is nothing going on, and I asked him.. are you sure? And he answer me 100% sure. Then he said he had to go, and he hang up on me. So I send him a text telling him where I was and if he wanted to come by and talked to me, that I really like chatting to him. So he texted me back and said ” i’m a married man and I love my family, i’m sorry that you got the wrong idea” I was fuming because he started everything. And I grow feelings for this guy. Really I feel very upset and the worst part is that he lives in the same building as me. Grrrr

  • How do you know when someone likes you back? I have a friend at school who I try to talk to everyday. On Friday before class started I told him to get me from my class. And when I was walking out of my class he came up behind me and jokingly scared me. We then walked to the cafeteria and I said what class do you have next? He said that he only one class that day and he had to go to his uncle’s funeral. I said that I didn’t wish he would go and he said he didn’t want to go. I hugged him and he put his head on my head. What does this mean?

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