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How To Flirt With A Guy Using Physical Contact – Build Attraction Quickly

In this video, Matt shows you how to flirt with a guy using physical contact so that you can build attraction quickly, this is to do with your body, your eyes and touching.

The great thing is you can use these tips immediately, so make sure you use them to flirt with men next time you’re out at a bar or at some sort of gathering.

1. Eye contact

Eye contact is very basic but most people get this wrong a lot of the time, when looking at a guy from a distance you need to let him know that you’re attracted to him.  When you look again, make sure you look a little cheeky – like you’ve been caught out to make the situation more fun, enjoyable and sexy.

2. Touching

When your up close and talking to a guy, make sure you get in a lot of touch, we’re not talking about seductive touch or anything like that just playful touching.  When you make a point to someone or you’re laughing, try to touch him on the shoulder or arm. Even if your moving through a bar or something, touch a guy lightly to move past him, this will convey interest.

3. Your voice

When we talk to people and we are nervous we never really speak up and our voice tends to stay at one level, also sometimes our voice speeds up which is very noticeable by the other person. Don’t be afraid to pause… relax and think about every word your saying before you say it. You can communicate so much through your voice – so use it wisely.

There are a lot of flirting tips for women all over the place that give terrible advice, such as acting cold or aloof when talking to a guy you like. Please don’t do this, you will not get him attracted, quite the opposite in fact.

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8 Replies to “How To Flirt With A Guy Using Physical Contact – Build Attraction Quickly”

  • What if I already do most of that and it still doesn’t work on the guy I want? Is it me or is it him? :S

  • i always play with my voice :D but i never knew that it’s helping :) i just do it naturaly :D hhhhhhh


    Think about every word YOU’RE saying before you say it.

    you’re not your

    “Your” is possessive such as: your house, your smile, your typing error, your shoes etc.

    “You’re” is a contraction of you are.
    You are funny = You’re funny
    You are going dancing with us aren’t you? = You’re going dancing with us aren’t you?

  • Hey matt..
    There is a guy i just started bieng friends with, like really good friends with, and actuelly i first felt like, this is just friends, nothing more. I did’nt thought i could be physical attracted to him, but then i started missing him a bit when he wasn’t around because he allways Makes me laugh.
    He teases me a lot, like all the time, more than the other girls. And we are usually in physical contact all the time.. He touch my albow, my knee, fx.
    But he is still a little difficult to read, like, more than the other guys. He is usually more reserved, and the thing with eye contact is, that he is doesn’t have so much eye contact, he’s eyes flashes a lot and he is looking a little bit Down often. There only where one time we like, had longer eye contact, where i asked him something while the eye contact, and he said “what?” So i had to repete myself. Can you help me to read this guy? He is half japanese, so i dont know if there is any difference with his body language when he is raised a little different.

    1. Sometimes when that happens it’s because when we feel so much. for a person and that person comes the mind get blocked and there’s Reaction To what the person is saying to you.But it’s called feelings

  • And, just one more thing.. Am i creating enough physical contact? Or does it have to be more flirty touch before i really Can make my move without actuelly making it?

  • I need your comments don’t have anyone to talk to.a few months ago I met a man that works as a Coordinator in my daughter school.That first day we had a strong connection that all we have been doing is strong eye contact He is extremely shy we havent said hi to each other till a acouple days ago.I have made a friend who is hes coworker.And she tells me everything she knows about him.Anyway i couldn’t wait to long and did something to make him see that I feel for him.She told me he went home cuz he had fever and wasn’t feeling well.So he missed the next day.I told her I know he will come to school tomorrow I will make soup for both ok.She said sure ok..So next day I took the chicken soup and I gave the soups to her so she can give it to him.Anyway after that day next morning he saw me but didn’t say anything to me.He waited till he had anopportunity alone with me he came and said thank you I feel much better because of you.The special part was before he starts talking he grabbed my hand and said thank you so much it was delicious but he was holding my hand with he’s two hands like when a man ask a woman to marry him.That day I fell inlove with him.Were struggling cuz he can’t have a relationship with a parent that’s the rules of every school.what do you guys think?


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