How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Instantly – Proven Techniques

In this video, Matt shows you how to tell if a guy likes you instantly without second guessing anything. If you’ve ever wondered why a guy keeps looking at you, moves closer to you or acts a little strange around you, chance are he likes you!

When you know a guy likes you, things can become a little more interesting – the flirting begins and attraction builds, if you like him of course but there are several signs of attraction from men to watch out for, here are the top 4:

1. Proximity

Do you find him moving towards you in social gatherings? If he comes closer every time you look back at him, this is a natural tendency for guys who are attracted to you. This has been proven to be an unconscious movement, so they don’t even know they are doing it!

2. In conversation

When you are talking to a guy does he offer up any kind of information that you didn’t ask for? If he starts talking about his job, or his car or even his hobbies then it’s a sign he’s trying to impress you. Try not to get bored of hearing the same old lines, just feel flattered that they are trying to get you to like them.

3. Re-initiate

If you let the conversation slowly die down, does he re-initiate verbally or physically? If he does then these are signs a guy likes you, so don’t make him sweat – help him out with a little more conversational flow.

4. Touch

Is this guy looking for reasons to touch you? This is the biggest give away that he likes you, so don’t be afraid to touch him back this is a great way to escalate attraction and show him you are interested as well.

So there you have it… simple steps to follow and look for that will let you know if a guy likes you and is in fact interested in you when you are next in conversation.

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56 Replies to “How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Instantly – Proven Techniques”

  • Hey Matt,

    Love the video, thanks for the tips. I have a question though. There is a guy in my office that I find really cute and notice him doing most of what you’ve said actually.

    He flirts with me all the time, even when we are drinking at a bar on Fridays after work. But he’s just not making the first move, I can’t bring myself to ask him out though. I’m not even sure if he has a girlfriend, but would he flirt so much even if he did? Very confusing, please help!

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Thanks for the comments!

      With regards to the guy you mention, firstly you don’t want to get hung up on worrying over whether or not he has a girlfriend. If he hasn’t mentioned it already, then it’s very likely he doesn’t have one. And since he works in your office it’s bound to slip out eventually if he does!

      In terms of asking him out, you need to ask him somewhere casual, not like dinner, which has a very “datey” vibe about it. Just ask him along on something relaxed in the day time and see how you both get on together. That way, you don’t have to worry about the fear of rejection, because you haven’t really asked him on a “proper date”.

      If he likes you but can’t make it, he’ll definitely try to re-schedule for another time!

      Hope this helps!


  • Matt, I need some advice. I’m currently seeing a guy and it’s been around 2 months, going well and he’s a lot of fun but when I introduce him to my friends if we are out or something he flirts outrageously and it really makes me really jealous. I just can’t help feeling like that.

    What is he trying to do? Maybe it’s just his personality but I’m still getting to know him so not entirely sure. I wish he wouldn’t because my friends have brought it up too.


    1. Hey Amy,

      You should never have to tolerate behaviour that breaks your boundaries of what’s acceptable.

      When it comes to him flirting, first of all, even if you’re jealous it’s important you don’t give him loads of attention because of it. If you get angry at him, he will stars to realise that flirting with other women is a way of getting you to take notice, which will make him keep doing it.

      What you MUST do is be straight and honest that he is breaking acceptable behaviour (some men might not have a clue how it makes you feel). Then tell him: “It really turns me off when you act like that”. We men HATE hearing that something turns you off. Say all this calmly and firmly, but without sounding like you’re stroppy or overly emotional about it.

      If he doesn’t change his behaviour after this, you have to question why he isn’t bothered how you feel. He might be a “player” (my free newsletter has more on this!)

      Take care!


  • Hi Matt, I need advice. There’s this guy who has asked me out a couple of times and he says things like ‘you’re beautiful’ or ‘you make me happy’. He flirts and gives me presents, but he doesn’t touch me, I mean not even in the shoulder, when saying goodby he shake hands,once I asked him for a hug and he did, but he doesn’t try to be more physical, even when I’m making it easy for him. What’s happening here?

  • Hey matt, there is this guy who I think likes me and I like him. He always smiles at me during class and watches and smiles when I’m talking to someone else. We talk so easily to eachother. But he used to like this girl for 3 years, but doesn’t like her anymore, but when he is around her and I’m there he kinda flirts with her. He always tells me he doesn’t like her, but he hasn’t made a move other than flirt and sometimes touch. I don’t understand what he is feeling! Help!!

  • Matt,
    I need your help.
    There’s a guy I like, I kinda know him but we only see each other once a week and that’s in a public group, where we don’t speak.
    I’m a novice to this and have no idea, I’m friends with him on Facebook, how should I get him to notice me, talk to me.
    I don’t know what to do, I try to convince myself I don’t really like him, but I do.
    He seems to look through me. I need help, attracting a guy is hard enough, without him not even seeing you.
    It’s a problem that’s hard to handle, but help would be appreciated.
    Thanks x

  • Hey there Matt, great video as always but I was just wondering if there are any signs a guy might like you during an interview?

    I’m just asking because I’m curious to know if my male interviewer may have at least liked me as at least a future possible friend. The second I sat down he mentioned that he had also studied Philosophy and his sister had attended the same university as me. Later, while walking around the workplace I mentioned I was on summer vacation and then he brought up he was a recent graduate (cue 2 min convo about degrees). Oh, and I got the job (yay).
    It was a 30 min interview, we sat opposite each other anyway, (both of us with open body language), and for him to start touching me in any way would be completely unprofessional. The phrase ‘how to tell a guy likes you instantly’ could not be better placed for a brief encounter such as this.
    Would love any advice, thank you!

  • Hey Matt, thanks for the really nice video and article.

    There’s a guy in my class that I like. But we’re still not on speaking terms so it’s in the gazing stage right now.

    I always catch him looking at me. Sometimes he even goes out of the room to look at me through the windows. And always, before he leaves, he gives me a few-second glimpse.

    Earlier today I was in my thesis room when he came out of nowhere and talked to the girl next to me, borrowing a drill. When the girl next to me said she did not have one, he kept the conversation going with her for a few more minutes before leaving.

    My question is, does this guy like me? I’d appreciate any help. Thank you!

  • Hey Matt,

    I do have a question.

    I met this one guy at a bus stop from school, and the first week of school, he kept looking at me but somehow after that, the next week, we ended up bumping into each other everywhere we went. He would keep looking at me so I kinda was annoyed of him. The way I heard him talking to a guy, I guess I kinda judged him even though I thought he was cute. So I was more like please dont talk to me and when I would see him, I was like oh goodness, him again.

    Well that same night he initiated a conversation. We were going the same way so he walked me home and got my number. He even tried to kinda touch me on the way home and he got my number and texted me the next day.

    But the problem is, he doesnt really flirt at all. I dont know how to take that. He seems interested a little but the fact that he doesnt flirt, what does that mean?

  • well i’m a highschool student and i like this guy but i dont know him u see he started looking at me first but i wasnt interetsted i just thought he was cute but then i really got attracted to him and he stoped looking at me so i’m very very very shy so i made my friend go tell him i like him after that he kept going around me like twice and he would stare at me alot at lunch he would be covering his mouth with both his hands and when i look at him he would put his head down so he keeps staring at me i decided to tell him i like him and i did but he just said thnx” so i walked away after that the next day i didnt go to school my friend said he was looking around for me and when the next day i went to school his friend pointed at me and he looked at me when i looked at him he turned around very fast after that he just kept staring at me and looks aways when i look at him when i do something cute he smiles and when me and my friends set close to them he makes sure he hears us if i say something like where i like his eyes open up wide and something one day we went outside cuz there was a fire in school i saw him but he was looking around when he saw me he paused and his eyes opened wide oh and if i set close to him he would set somewhere he cant see me face to face but if i set far he would set where he can see me but after a 4 days break he stoped looking at me and he sets where he cants see me but my friends see him peeking looks when i’m not looking next time he wasnt looking i heard his friend saying “shes looking at you” and the weird thing is his friends are watching me and they tell him they became his eyes so he walked close to me and i was staring at him and our eyes met so his face got red then he laughed and covered his mouth and ran to his friends next day i was sad so i had teay eyes when he saw me his eyes opened up wide and his head turned around looking at me then up stairs i stoped him to talk to him he was smiling the whole time i asked him something and he answered so then his face got red and he covered his mouth again and went to his class he was smiling very much in class then i started crying and he saw me his face was stuned and his eyes opened wide so after class he usually goes downstairs but that day he went towards my class direction and he looked very upset i even passed by himhe didnt see me then after school my friend saw him walking and then he looked at her and started looking around then he looked upset next day he didnt look at me at all but his friend did… does he like me?? i really need help??

  • Hello Matt.
    I recently injured myself and as a result of that I have to go to physio. My therapist is pretty young and cute. My sisters co-worker say him with me today and she told my sister she thinks he has the hots for me, but im not sure, i have never dated. I have been focusing on getting through college. What are some of the signs that he may likes me while still being professional?

    1. Handshake sparking touch that can also be viewed as well professional. it also leaves you wondering???? Or does he hold your eye contact longer than what woul;d normally be acceptable? Is he creating touch> via that what could also be deemed as innocent??

  • I go to school. Elfast and there is ths this guy I really like he has given me a few comments about my perfume and that I smell nice but has never tried to touch me. I even asked home the three prettiest girls in the class and I was in the top 3 but he says that he likes this other girl in my school but never flirts with her when she’s around or never compliments her. He stares and smiles at me a lot and would always be there for me if I needed anything. Also if he hurts me he would always say like sorry , r u ok. But if he hurt another girl he would just laugh ……… Does this mean that he fancies me or not????? Xx

  • Hi this is a question.. Its been botherig me for a while but well ya im going to ask now, k so about a year and a half ago, i started to have a huge crush on this guy, i told him, 5 months ago he wasint suprised, so about 2 months ago i asked him out and the ” thing” lasted 24 hours he said he wS sorry and on the following week we were good the next month we were closer then ever but then he started to be a jerk i ignored him and avoided him naturally, so about 2 weeks ago, we astarted talking ago and he asked this girl out 3 weeks ago and now from 2 weeks ago hes been staring at me! And then when i see him staring at me, he just, well keeps staring! I look away quick and go back to my work for school and well i havint asked him who hes starig at cause its obviously me cause i changed spots in my class and when i moved spots he stared at me ther and i moved and he still stares at me! Help this is getting really creepy! I have no idea what to do! (Btw i still like him…☺

  • hey matt i cant acess ur fabulous free vedio n cant see them,which i just i really want to plz help n give some link becoz whenever i want to acess them they show the same page,,,,,,,….what should i do?

  • hey matt plz ans …………..a guy live into our house as a paying guest……when he 1stly appear to me behave like a moral guy ,very goodman…when i got frndly with him n say that in my collage my frnd share every thing they told me about women phycology n give some vedio to watch….but i want to tell u matt they dont mean any vulgr,we are very good frnds ,we all together sat one day n one of my frnd explain what they think abot a girl n about their sex n give a vedio to see….n that vedio was in laptop n the guy who lives in my whose show that becoz one day my laptop not working n i gave to him for repair….becoz he is good engg alsoo.but that day infont of me he try to see which movie i have in my lappy n infornt of me open that me n say slowly who gave u this ? i said..”friend”then he just said one boy gave u this i said they are my good fnd nothing like that…but from that day he try to show me some vulgur vedio n his morality went over..n i dont like which the he talk me ,,i am not vulgar n not doing anything worng with my frnds..but just talk like that n 1st times behavieor are gone … he really a bad guy becoz 1st time i liked him …………plz tell me how to judge is he bad or good?

  • hey matt, well for 3-4 years i’ve always loved this guy called bailey in high school. He never seems to notice me though but at year 6 grad (when it was the first year i like him) he wrote on my shirt where my bestie wrot ei love you and he seemed a bit starnge when he wrote it. i really like him still , but he never is in contact with me through anything, like phone, facebook, etc.
    please help i dont get it

    1. and he always stares at me most of the time, and he has been in almost every calss with me! i have 8 classes and hes in 7 of them!~ his best friend joe told me i should ask him out but i dont know whether i should or not.

  • hey matt! :D
    there’s this guy in college, and he keeps looking at me. but when we do talk (we barely do), its mainly about our tests and we smile constantly and he looks into my eyes. and he comes and stands next to me sometimes. and whenever i talk, i can see from the corner of my eye, that he’s staring and he listens to everything i say. does he like me? i really do. please helpp. thanks much.

  • there is a guy I know. when he is far away from me he stares at me but when I’m close to him he doesn’t talk to me, once I even caught him hiding from me lol. he talks to my friend and everyone else but he tries to avoid close contact with me. does this mean that he is scared of me or what????oh by the way he is a teacher and he teaches my kids lol. he is quite young around my age, I’m 27. at the moment I’m trying to avoid him coz it seams to make him nervous.

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