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Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever?

I had so much fun shooting this! Be sure to watch right the way to the end as there’s something ‘unexpected’ towards the end… Enjoy!

The thing I find strange about American Halloween is that it’s a night where you can wear whatever you want… Yet everyone still goes as a prostitute.

A prostitute something…

A prostitute cat, a prostitute policeman, a prostitute nurse…

To illustrate this, just minutes after showing the video to a member of my team, I was sent this photo as they walked past a hair salon that proved my point.

I find it very strange.

Women say, “We’re doing it for men.”

To which I ask:

–What type of men are you doing this for?

“Oh we’re doing this because it’s what men want.”

–Which men?! Not the men who are looking for a partner. Definitely not.

I agree with women when they talk about how ‘piggish’ men can be, how objectifying they can be, and how degrading towards women they can be…

I also think that if there’s ever confusion created by women over this issue it’s on a night like Halloween.

What are men supposed to do when the rest of the time they’re being told they’re objectifying women – and then on this night every woman decides to objectify herself!?

It’s very weird and confusing! Definitely mixed signals!

You can be anything you want to be. ANYTHING at all.

When you dress up, do it because of who you want to go as.

Do it because it’s something you want to be for one night – not because other people expect it of you, (or because everyone comments underneath your Youtube videos the entire time that that’s who you look like…)

Be who you want to be.

Have an amazing time. I’ll see you soon.


Question Of The Day:

OK. If your guy could dress up as ANYTHING for a night, what would you want it to be?

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127 Replies to “Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever?”

  • I agree if you dress hyper-sexually for guys on Halloween, you may attract the non-relationship type, but some women aren’t doing it for guys, and dressing sexually IS what they want to do be doing.

    I dressed up one year as Little Red Riding Whore. I’m sure someone in the history of the world has thought of that costume besides me, but at the time it popped into my head I thought it was hilarious. I wore a long red dress, a cape, and carried condoms in my picnic basket. My dress still covered everything, and no one probably would have gotten the “whore” part unless they took enough time to look in the picnic basket.

    I wore it because I’m fairly conservative in “real life” and I wanted to do something different. So different that I had to borrow the condoms because I had no use for any (and still wouldn’t until way into a relationship). And I never have, and can’t see myself, actually ever calling anyone a whore. I wasn’t doing it for guys, or to attract attention. It was almost ironic, or something.

    I’ve also dressed as a goth rocker, and a shadow (dress all in black-simple!)

    As for what costume I’d want to see a guy in: I don’t know. Maybe Sherlock Holmes? Since I like “smart”. Otherwise I like a down-to-Earth guy in jeans and a t-shirt, so really he could just surprise me and do whatever he wanted.

    1. I love that costume idea, Erin! It reminds me of a friends costume years ago: She dressed as the “Goddes of STD’s”, haha! She wore a simple, classy/classic black turtleneck and pin skirt, and had two mugs. One contained Hershey’s kisses, and the other small slips of paper. When people went up to say hello, she’d say. “Have a kiss!”, and hold out the Hershey’s kisses. Then she’d say “Choose your gift.” holding out the other mug while smiling *so* sweetly. Each slip of paper was the name of an STD.

      Clever, simple, and made people think! ;-)

    2. Very good point. As I said before Halloween is a good time of the year to wear things you usually wouldn´t and experiment.

    I don’t know what to say , but you made this sunday funny for me . i couldn’t stop laughing .
    because of my friends now I know what I should wear like . of course ALIEN . thank you again for making me happy .
    may god make all your days be like you .full of peace ,love and happiness .
    THANK YOU HERO , I MEAN Harry Potter .
    ;D :D :D

  • Mat,

    You make a wonderful point. Thank you for challenging my gender. I see the male perspective and I fully agree. By the way, very creative costume. Well done!!

  • This Halloween i am going dressed as demeter (it is a great plus to a guy who guesses it and knows their greek gods). I did have to make it myself because I agree as others have that there is way too many trashy slutty costumes to dig through. But I would like to add one observation here: my most intelligent accomplished friends dress the sluttiest. They explain it as it is one time of the year that they can feel “feminine”. They work successfully in male dominated fields so they don’t get to be sexual, then all the year’s sexy piles into one night. That is who they want to be for that night because they can’t be that way the rest of the year. So question to who are reading this: Aren’t the prostitute costumes a result of female’s desire to be sexualized after they work on depressing it all year?

    1. I agree: Women are given two options in this culture. In psychology it’s known as the madonna/whore complex. Women are either viewed as one or the other; suppressing their sexuality to gain the respect of men, or being viewed as a slut/whore for owning their sexuality. Sadly there is no in between.

    2. I’m sad that they have to dress as a Haloween slutty cat or whatever, in order to feel sexy. Me? I feel sexy all the time.

  • I have a different perspective. When I dress in a way that’s considered “sexy”, etc., I do it for myself. Its my way of saying “This is MY body. No one is entitled to do anything to it without my consent, regardless of what entitlements other people may *think* they have based off how I dress.”

    It’s the point many of my female friends are making as well, and the point of Slutwalk: It’s not about how someone is dressed, and it never should be! That perception/perspective is part of rape culture, and should never be confused as a “mixed signal” or “mixed message” being given just for wearing certain things any particular way. As evidence of America shows, it really doesn’t matter what women wear. Men who perpetuate rape culture will interpret it how they want to suit their needs, because it’s more about what it means to *them* than what it means to the female wearing it.

    So if I wear what’s considered “sexy” on ANY given night, it *is* in fact because that’s how I want to look to fly in the face of societal expectations and perceptions. Fortunately I’m lucky enough to have a partner who totally gets it and supports me in doing so.

    1. “As evidence of America shows, it really doesn’t matter what women wear. Men who perpetuate rape culture will interpret it how they want to suit their needs, because it’s more about what it means to *them* than what it means to the female wearing it.” Tru dat.

      After I was, lets call it accosted, at what people would say is a respectable job, I overheard a male bystander say “well she shouldn’t have been wearing a skirt and then it wouldn’t have happened to her”. The skirt I was wearing was a solid half inch above my knee, and if I’m not mistaken I was also wearing tights. Man what a slut I was (sarcasm).

      I can see how sometimes it can be confusing to guys based on what they may have been taught. And I completely get a guy could want a girl who dresses conservatively. I want a guy like that because that’s how I dress. But just because a girl dresses “sexy” or “slutty” in public (at whatever level that is to the person assigning the title), doesn’t mean she wants any guy in the near vicinity to jump her.

      Just like if a guy has a full beard I don’t automatically assume he’s a lumberjack ;)

  • I just wanted to thank you for your amazing videos. I am now 20 years old and I’ve been watching your videos for some time now even before you came to the US. Great costume! by the way hahaha. With that said, I think the reason why women dress slutty for Haloween is that the media is very influential here in the US. It brainwashes people into buying products they don’t need and dictates our social norm. So when women go out and buy their costumes, they are more bound to get a slutty one because they are taught to believe that is what men want. So thank you for challenging that misconception. You just made my costume decision so much easier.

  • Good afternoon

    I am not a person who usually comments but I must say.

    I moved to LA 2 weeks ago and last night I had my first ever LA Halloween.

    That’s so true. Women do dress like that here. And that was shocking for me.
    And that’s true that it is hard to win a man’s attention amongst them. The only thing was on my mind is that the attention like that is not my level. And I was just having fun and dancing. What can you do hehe keep enjoying and stay classy. :)
    And thank you for this video. Because that’s annoying when women say that men get them down. It’s us ladies! Let’s treat ourselves in a way we want to be treated by men.

    Have an amazing day up there everybody

    1. You’re confirming my thought that it must be an LA thing, because where I grew up on the East Coast only children dressed up for Halloween,and where I live now on the West Coast, some adults do, but in modest costumes.

  • Haha very nice Video Matt. Loved it…you are truly amazing and inspiring. And yes i totally agree with you. Why dress all slutty if you can be anything you want. Women have some more confidence in your inner sexiness :D

  • I agree with you Matt! Last year I was invited to a Halloween party, didn’t have time to make a costume and I had a hell of a time finding a costume that wasn’t too short or low cut. I ended up having to purchase a vampiress costume meant for a teenager in order to get one long enough that I wouldn’t expose all my business if I tried to lean over. Fortunately I’m very petite, but a taller woman wouldn’t have that option. So my point is, some of the fault lies with The costume manufacturers who do not offer women any other option, and if you don’t have the creativity or time to make something yourself your left with overexposure.

  • Errr did u wear a wig with ur Harry Potter attire or is that how ur hair really looks like when it’s “unstyled”? :P
    Anyways, wishing u a Happy Halloween in Slutty land!

    P.S 1 : Do ppl really thk u look like HP?! Just because u’re both British?! :S #morons
    P.S 2 : U could’ve drawn on a fake scar Matt, COME ON!!! Attention to details! ;)

  • Well I frickin looooove halloween and I’ve never been a slutty anything because for me, i find it kind of boring, uncomfortable and generally just crap.But that being said I do love to give myself spectacularly humongous boobs for most of my costumes. It is dress up after all.

    We already had our Halloween party and I was Enid Coleslaw from Ghost World (my favourite graphic novel). It was very popular with one of the two guys all the other girls were trying to get with. The evils I was getting when I was explaining my character to him (his costume was no good man- a hoodie and a mask. Wtf? Why did they want him?!).

    Adding it to my long list of hallows eve awesomeness. Including: Latin gang member, Warriors gang member, Tura Satana, dead prom date 1983, Russ Meyer girl, and intergalactic fairy.

  • Hello Harry, I mean Matthew..LOL
    Thank you for the funny video..and if I don’t know better I would day that you are jealous of Harry Potter…hahaha
    I kind of feel sorry for the Americans, because they have only one day to be somebody else…and Halloween should be only for children….so, I heard…and this is where the girls wear the most skimpiest dresses, and the costume industry supports this idea…
    In my home country Germany, we have 6 weeks of slipping every weekend into another role at another Costume party,if we want to, which is awesome! We call that season ‘Fasching’ or carnival and ends on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday…
    And yes, most of my costume I made myself with sometimes some cleavage and a mini skirt…and I dressed like that to show off my great body and I felt like it, not because men want to see this…!
    I think, my best costume, however, was when I dressed like a Dandy, where I borrowed an old suit and a Fedora hat from my father and tried to be a man for a night…; )
    Most boys though realized very quickly that I was a girl, and thought that was actually very sexy to them…!
    So, Happy Halloween everybody, be what you want to be for one measly night here…; )

  • Oh Matthew… for a second there I thought you said boobiquitous rather than ubiquitous… only you could make it still sound classy and intelligent. Thanks for a laugh. Great message in this video by the way- spot on.

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