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Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever?

I had so much fun shooting this! Be sure to watch right the way to the end as there’s something ‘unexpected’ towards the end… Enjoy!

The thing I find strange about American Halloween is that it’s a night where you can wear whatever you want… Yet everyone still goes as a prostitute.

A prostitute something…

A prostitute cat, a prostitute policeman, a prostitute nurse…

To illustrate this, just minutes after showing the video to a member of my team, I was sent this photo as they walked past a hair salon that proved my point.

I find it very strange.

Women say, “We’re doing it for men.”

To which I ask:

–What type of men are you doing this for?

“Oh we’re doing this because it’s what men want.”

–Which men?! Not the men who are looking for a partner. Definitely not.

I agree with women when they talk about how ‘piggish’ men can be, how objectifying they can be, and how degrading towards women they can be…

I also think that if there’s ever confusion created by women over this issue it’s on a night like Halloween.

What are men supposed to do when the rest of the time they’re being told they’re objectifying women – and then on this night every woman decides to objectify herself!?

It’s very weird and confusing! Definitely mixed signals!

You can be anything you want to be. ANYTHING at all.

When you dress up, do it because of who you want to go as.

Do it because it’s something you want to be for one night – not because other people expect it of you, (or because everyone comments underneath your Youtube videos the entire time that that’s who you look like…)

Be who you want to be.

Have an amazing time. I’ll see you soon.


Question Of The Day:

OK. If your guy could dress up as ANYTHING for a night, what would you want it to be?

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127 Replies to “Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever?”

  • It’s the kids who dress up, not the adults. I’ve never seen a woman dressed up on Hallowe’en as a prostitute.
    Where did that come from? Is that the way they dress in L.A.?

  • It’s funny because there is a lot of ‘prostitute-wear’ on Halloween, from boys and girls, but growing up in a very passionate trick-or-treat city in Canada, I can say that there is also a huge part of the population that put together the most hilarious, absurd costumes. One girl I remember went to the bar as a giant gumball machine. I have a male friend that went as a toaster… every detail in place, and this costume became a legend. I think your video rings true for some parts of the population, or maybe what you’re saying is more relevant in the United States… but I’m here to say that hilarious and original costumes most definitely haven’t died and are what makes Halloween still, a charming night.

    1. I went to the biggest gay bar in Seattle for their costume contest (because it was known as the place to see the best costumes) and the guys who won weren’t the slutty ones. It was a guy who’d dressed up as a washing machine. LITERALLY a washing machine: He’d altered it with a welder and was wearing a washing machine, walking around all night. It was pretty damn awesome, lol. :-D

      1. Exactly! haha that’s what Halloween is all about, the funny and original ones will always win over a crowd. Your sense of humor can shine on Halloween.

        p.s. Washing machine costume? Epic.

  • Oh Matt, you managed to make Harry Potter sexy….actually I’m lying, even you can’t pull that one off hehe. Oh and please don’t wave your magic wand at me like that, it might inadvertantly go off haha.

    Have a good one. Happy Halloween.

    Jo x

  • This is my favorite of all your videos!
    You are so right about the slutty costumes women wear on Halloween. I couldn’t agree more.
    But dressing up as Harry Potter made my day! So fun because you look just like him! LOL

  • YASSS Hussface I love it! I have not stopped laughing since I saw Harry Potter’s blonde doppleganger. No Voldemort scar though, I see…

    Anywho, i’d probably want my guy to dress up like a favorite TV/movie character like Chandler Bing, Puss in Boots or Thor. I like capes, I guess.

  • Oh my! You sure look like Harry Potter! hahahahah that’s awesome! I agree… I as a Spaniard love carnival and we celebrate it but we sure don’t “sluttify” all costums at all. I don’t see the point of dressing up as something but in a slutty way, should be fun or scary or ok, sexy as well if the costum requires it, but why make a sexy version of every costume? If I want to dress up as Maria Antoniette I would like to wear the full gown, not a playboy version of it lol.

  • Could there be a regional difference in what people wear for Halloween, a difference from one part of the US to another? Because I used to live in a small town in the East Coast, and did NOT see prostitute costumes there.

  • Excellent point. Personally, I’d rather draw attention to myself with a clever, original costume. But that’s a personal choice. I would argue that, in an ideal world, the way a woman presents herself – whether it be as a katsup bottle or a slutty vampire prostitute – shouldn’t have any affect on whether or not she’s objectified.

    I do agree that women shouldn’t go as sexy something just because they think that’s “what men want.” But I think it’s also important to remember that some women really do want to go dressed as a slutty vampire prostitute, and if that’s the case, they shouldn’t be objectified any more than the women wearing a katsup bottle.

    1. Agreed! Go much further and one starts getting into the realm of “well she was asking for it by wearing _____”, which is bs.

  • Honestly, if i could dress up like i want I’d dress up as Maggie from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, the Liz Taylor version, obviously. personally i feel sexier dressed in what is quite conservative by today’s standards. sex kittens should purr, not roar…and the likes of liz taylor and audrey hepburn worked that in the ultimate way.

  • One year I went as slutty evil Snow White. I didn’t feel comfortable so I ended up wearing swords as well to make my costume kickass like you see in some anime cartoons/comics. Other years before that, I would dress up in funny costumes such as the grandma carrying the baby, The Crow, and other things like that. When I was in preschool all the way up until I was in 2nd grade, I asked my mom if I could be a princess, but no….. she insisted on me being a clown. I had the angriest clown pictures 4-5 years. Then when 3rd grade hit, I started wearing funny costumes and I would win the school’s Halloween costume contests in y grades. It was awesome and none of the princesses ever won. I got more attention/compliments because it was original. As an adult, at 28, I still find Halloween to be fun and you can be anyone you want to be and that’s the fun part! In the last few years, I’ve been a yellow teletubby, hamburglur, Jake the Dog (since my nephew was Finn), and this year I will finally be Velma from Scooby Doo. I don’t understand why people have drawn her to be slutty in comics. Must be her chest. Anyway. I am excited and can’t wait for next Halloween. I would like to thank my mom though for not dressing me up like everyone else.

  • If you search for women’s halloween costumes online, most of what comes up are slutty, tight fitting outfits. An interesting question would be how did it start? Did women request these outfits, or did the costume manufacturers imposed them onto women? Either way, I don’t see anybody protesting it, so the sexy costumes are here to stay. It is kind of a testament to self-objectification that’s taken over. Women thinking they can only stand out through raw sex appeal.

  • I just had to comment this time..never have before, but I just so thoroughly enjoy your videos..they are so clever!:) Thanks for the regular dose of humor along with the encouragement for us to value ourselves…it means more than you know!

  • Yep, I recon I was one of the bunch that went through 3 halloweens as slutty something (leopard, Mrs. Lovett, and Lady Gaga) along with the other half of the character who’d be my boyfriend at the time (either weird looking leopard, Sweeny Todd or Michael Jackson) and actually made the costumes myself. Here in Spain, slutty was not at all a tendency until last year, the year IIIII decided to stop slutting myself up (simply because it just bored me! And I wanted something more original haha) So I decided to dress up as a Minion from Gru. No slutty whatsoever! (As soon as I find my pictures from last year I’ll post it here or whatever) And guess what? That night I met the guy that was my boyfriend for the past year ^_^ I was on my own with my “slutty” costumed girlfriends looking as funny and ridiculous as possible enjoying myself all the way until a male Minion came up to me! hahaha probably the funnest night ever. So yeah totally agree with Matt here. Sure if you want to dress up slutty for the fact of dressing up slutty or because you want to dress up slutty then, as we say here, ADELANTE! but don’t do it to impress anyone, just be sure to dress in a way you’ll enjoy yourself! :)

  • Hey Matthew,
    Just wanted to say, nice video, the Harry Potter thing was a bit on the scary side.
    Anyhow I went to the costume shop the other day with a friend of mine and while there all I could think while looking at the female costumes was “where is the rest of it?”
    I mean come on, there was absolutely nothing to them at all.
    I felt, in my opinion, they were a bit degrading.
    Here is a list of the costumes I looked at in the womans
    SEXY ZOMBIE… LOL yes even zombies are sexy.
    SEXY SCHOOL GIRL…that is disturbing!!!
    oh and my most favorite of the day…
    SASSY RICK GRIMES of The Walking Dead…WTF!!! this is a zombie apocalypse!!! I did think for a second “I’d rather think it be sexy to see Andrew Lincoln in this get up.”
    here is a link
    As for my costume…well I’m just not sure anymore….

  • Yes, it is confusing, but when I dressed up as a scary, ugly witch, no one
    aked me to dance. Same thing when I went as William Wallace. So last year, I went as a female pirate, and I got
    asked to dance. And I dressed modestly, covered from head to toe; I just didn’t want to go as a scary, ugly pirate and get ignored. Remember, when we go to a party, we are competing with all the slutty witches and pirates for attention, too. So what are we supposed to do when we
    would like to meet a handsome pirate?

  • I just had to comment this time..never have before, I love the Harry Potter Costume! Love Harry Potter! hahahahhah

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