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Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever?

I had so much fun shooting this! Be sure to watch right the way to the end as there’s something ‘unexpected’ towards the end… Enjoy!

The thing I find strange about American Halloween is that it’s a night where you can wear whatever you want… Yet everyone still goes as a prostitute.

A prostitute something…

A prostitute cat, a prostitute policeman, a prostitute nurse…

To illustrate this, just minutes after showing the video to a member of my team, I was sent this photo as they walked past a hair salon that proved my point.

I find it very strange.

Women say, “We’re doing it for men.”

To which I ask:

–What type of men are you doing this for?

“Oh we’re doing this because it’s what men want.”

–Which men?! Not the men who are looking for a partner. Definitely not.

I agree with women when they talk about how ‘piggish’ men can be, how objectifying they can be, and how degrading towards women they can be…

I also think that if there’s ever confusion created by women over this issue it’s on a night like Halloween.

What are men supposed to do when the rest of the time they’re being told they’re objectifying women – and then on this night every woman decides to objectify herself!?

It’s very weird and confusing! Definitely mixed signals!

You can be anything you want to be. ANYTHING at all.

When you dress up, do it because of who you want to go as.

Do it because it’s something you want to be for one night – not because other people expect it of you, (or because everyone comments underneath your Youtube videos the entire time that that’s who you look like…)

Be who you want to be.

Have an amazing time. I’ll see you soon.


Question Of The Day:

OK. If your guy could dress up as ANYTHING for a night, what would you want it to be?

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127 Replies to “Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever?”

  • Hahaha – Priceless

    And true.. in fact is boring thats slutty rutine..zz

    By the way
    I dont think you look like Harry Potter, but you and Daniel have the same cute smile ;)

  • I love this video. i love your sense of humor in regards to the halloween trends of America and other’s opinions of what you look like. You are not only smart, but funny. Continue to keep it classy… Potter.

  • AHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAAH this gave me such a good laugh. I loved the seriousness of the ending! This was also awesome to see because I was Harry Potter playing quidditch for Halloween this year and I just watched this after the fact.

    I totally agree with this statement. The fact that there is a “Sexy Barney” costume out there really frightens me. I watched that kids show growing up and it’s so ridiculous that this is what it has come to.

    I always try to challenge myself to make costumes for Halloween. Most of my costumes in high school and college were DIY projects and I always got compliments for my originality. I think that more people should take this day as an opportunity to show their creativity and humor and still manage to keep it classy with a dash of sexiness.

    Taking off your clothes isn’t the only way to be sexy. You can still do that with cute ideas that make people laugh while staying covered and comfortable on such a cold night.

    I guess you can argue that for some it is a good thing that they are comfortable enough to show their body, and owning their bodies because they have the right to. Plus it’s hard for other’s to have the confidence to do that, so if you want to find a silver lining, there it is.

    But on the other hand Halloween has such endless possibilities, why waste $60 on a generic metallic piece of scrap that barely tells anyone anything about yourself. It’s so much more rewarding to problem solve and push yourself to think of something great.

    As far as Harry Potter goes. Congrats on being Harry’s better looking doppelganger, it should be an honor. Also, Harry got Ginny to tie his shoes for him and then kiss him once upon a time without saying a word so I’m sure it’s not that bad to be mistaken for someone who has so much game. (totally joking)

    Matt, has anyone ever used a Harry Potter pick-up line on you? (i.e. Is that a wand in your pocket… or are you just happy to see me? -or- “I want your basilisk inside my chamber of secrets?” If so, please do tell! I think that would be a hilarious video.

  • That was the BEST video i have EVER seen! Omg, i am laughing so hard i am crying. Especially the bit at the end about the love spell and calling Harry a jerk. Arrggg!!! You should know that i too am guilty of thinking that you look like Danielle radcliff, but you are much more handsome!

  • Has anyone else mentioned the How I Met Your Mother episode that addresses this? I think it’s called “Slutty Pumpkin.”

    (cue Pete Seeger guitar:)

    When I first came to this land
    I was not a sexy man
    So I got myself a Harry Potter costume
    I did what I could.

    And I called my getup
    “Just Won’t Let Up”
    And the costume was sweet and good
    And I did what I could.

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