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Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever?

I had so much fun shooting this! Be sure to watch right the way to the end as there’s something ‘unexpected’ towards the end… Enjoy!

The thing I find strange about American Halloween is that it’s a night where you can wear whatever you want… Yet everyone still goes as a prostitute.

A prostitute something…

A prostitute cat, a prostitute policeman, a prostitute nurse…

To illustrate this, just minutes after showing the video to a member of my team, I was sent this photo as they walked past a hair salon that proved my point.

I find it very strange.

Women say, “We’re doing it for men.”

To which I ask:

–What type of men are you doing this for?

“Oh we’re doing this because it’s what men want.”

–Which men?! Not the men who are looking for a partner. Definitely not.

I agree with women when they talk about how ‘piggish’ men can be, how objectifying they can be, and how degrading towards women they can be…

I also think that if there’s ever confusion created by women over this issue it’s on a night like Halloween.

What are men supposed to do when the rest of the time they’re being told they’re objectifying women – and then on this night every woman decides to objectify herself!?

It’s very weird and confusing! Definitely mixed signals!

You can be anything you want to be. ANYTHING at all.

When you dress up, do it because of who you want to go as.

Do it because it’s something you want to be for one night – not because other people expect it of you, (or because everyone comments underneath your Youtube videos the entire time that that’s who you look like…)

Be who you want to be.

Have an amazing time. I’ll see you soon.


Question Of The Day:

OK. If your guy could dress up as ANYTHING for a night, what would you want it to be?

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127 Replies to “Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever?”

  • Hi, I love your vids :)
    Thu i Get frustrated when you announce some kind of seminar/program ur having all the way in the states or UK for that matter :( when I’m all the way here in Bahrain -_- [country smaller than a dot on the map]
    Ow well main point of this comment is to tell you that u have many fans all over the world even in what are considerably the smallest countries :)
    Thank you for being one of the great motivators out there that simply give people the strength to go on and move forward in life ^_^

  • Love it! Good advice that made me laugh yet again. Guess I’d better tone down my zombie nurse outfit then ;)

  • Batman or a Mustard Bottle.

    This video is hilarious!!! Thanks again Matt for providing wise words masked with humor. I shared this with several friends and a group of PAX women mostly because I was cracking up!

  • Is this what you really want to be on Halloween day or it’s because they say you look like Harry Potter? Anyways, it’s a nice twist, quite entertaining.

    Bottomline, we should please ourselves and not for sake of shagging as it will lead to unwanted relationship.

    Thanks, Mat! Cheers to you of respecting a woman!

  • Hi Harry…I mean Matthew

    Thanks for this great video. My sentiment exactly. Thank you for the affirmation that I am not completely from another planet. To me Halloween was always about a great disguise…so no one would able to tell it was you. It was also at times about being something scary. At university I would dress up as a clown…make my hair all big and spray it red…tonnes of makeup…definitely not sexy….a creepy skeleton…the process itself was part of the fun. Creativity and intelligence was also a bonus. I had a friend once who dressed up as a puppet theatre..big box, with the curtains…he would even put on a little Punch and Judy show if you asked. It was a little awkward for dancing, but definitely memorable. It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that I thought there might be something wrong with me. I went to a big warehouse Halloween party in Toronto. I dressed up as Frankenstein, even put a big piece of foam under my jacket to give me a bit of a hunch….face was green, lips were black, hair sprayed black…no one could tell it was me. I had this nice boxy look about me. My boyfriend was something creepy as well and we had a blast getting ready. When I arrived at the party full of sexy devils, sexy cats etc. I thought for a moment that there must be something wrong with me (and all those years I thought I was normal :P) Anyways…a moment later I decided that I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    The bar on outrageous is so high now that many things that should be saved for the bedroom are right out there in front of us. Believe me, I can do sexy if I want…but there is no way I am comfortable with the ‘2013’ version of Halloween sexy.

    My 15 year old son was taking a look while I was watching this video. He admired your intelligence and ability to communicate your message so effectively. He agrees 100%. He also watched ‘brainal’ and found it both entertaining and educational.

    Thank you!


    Oh yes….this year I might go as a TARDIS. My daughter and I are big fans of the BBC show ‘Dr. Who’. I already have my sonic screwdriver so the rest should be easy.

    Happy Haunting:)

  • I burnt my breakfast toast while watching this video, and by george, it was well worth it! Thanks for the fun, Matthew!

    Happy Halloween!

  • Hi Matt,

    Just have to say……LOVE THIS!!! Truth, invisibly cloaked (hee hee) with comedy.

    One night dressed as anything I wanted?? Fitzwilliam Darcy!!!

  • Thank you matthew. YOU have tought me everything I need to know in this subject. Now I know what I want. Im gonna get my man. Women rules the world. Never forget. If you ever feel like talking. YOu have my mail.

  • Just for the record, I’ve always costumed conservative and have always dressed & makeup conservative in all circumstances. I even wear sensible shoes/boots/sneakers as appropriate to the situation/occasion — trust me I would have been arrested years ago in these United States of America if I didn’t. I always wear a one piece bathing suit and have a conservative covering when I get out of the swimming pool area and or ocean. Been married – what others considered desirable where not desirable to me because for what I consider ‘deal breakers’ — smoking, drugs, separated, because I didn’t feel safe/secure with them (which I consider good reasons).

    Thanks for the reminder- most enjoyable!

  • Hurray! A champion of glamour!

    Chapter heading; Simone de Beauvoir Was Totally Hot.
    “Say no to ho” and yes to eccentric glamour. …

    So banish the badonkadonkdonk.
    Say no to ho!
    Pp. 1&4

    Eccentric Glamour. Simon Doonan. S&S. 9781416535447. 2009.

  • You know after the brainal video I thought wow, you really don’t like like Harry Potter anymore. But then you had to go and do this…Awesome. Made my day and have had the same Halloween thoughts. Thanks. :)

  • Thanks for that Matt – How true! I once “Pulled” a fake vicar, while dressed as a gorilla in a bowler hat and dungarees – For the first half I acted silly while incognito, and men sat next to me thinking I was one of them, and suprised them when I got too hot to wear the mask later in the evening. Great party, needless to say!!!

  • Hahaha Daniel Radcliff if he had hair…

    Love it Matt and I think you make an excellent point. There’s a video about modesty on youtube talking about the very thing you brought up. The lady goes onto explaining of what she had studied and saying that. When woman wear super slughty clothes the same parts of the brain in man that tells him this is a person shuts off. So what is left on is the same part of the brain when a man is working. Like I must grab, I must touch, I must push. So the term “She’s a real tool.” Wasn’t just made up for any random reason but because that is where it came from after research.

  • Hmm anything wacky like Inspector Gadget or just dress in drag – have FUN with it.

    – Rhett Butler
    – Doc Holliday
    – The Phantom of the Opera
    – Mr. Darcy
    – Willy Wonka (Original)

  • Hilarious :) Mathew, you are the best! Thank you for your positive, upbeat, creative, fun, outrageous, respectable, brilliant, practical, wise, honest, personal and entertaining videos. You are one of a kind.
    much love,

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