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The Sexiest Gift You Can Give Him

What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever received?

Chances are that if you had to rank your favourite gifts, you wouldn’t list them all in order of price. You’d rank them based on that fun memory they evoke, the way they made you feel when you opened them and felt like someone had really thought about what you wanted.

Maybe you remember that feeling of being loved and cherished when someone put hours into making a present that they knew would make you feel special.

In this week’s episode of LOVELife , I reveal how you can always have a great gift ready by using ONE simple technique. If you want to make someone you love glow with happiness, check out the video and start surprising the people in your life today.

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2 Replies to “The Sexiest Gift You Can Give Him”

  • Hi matthew :) i dont know if know me anymore but that’s okay

    i have a question for?

    well i met a guy with the ColorRun and i’ve added him on facebook and we start a conversation on facebook..

    well yesterday i ask him what are your hobby’s ?

    and he reapeted my question like this —> what are my hobby’s :D

    and i said to him or do you dont have any hobby’s?

    and he answered me i do snowbording and going out..

    and i asnwer him.. i never heard such a hobby like snowboarding i ner did it…

    what does it mean if he answered me after one day or what does it mean if he reapted my question??

    PLease matthew i need your help and some tips and advice,

    lovely greetz Thirza from the Netherlands :)

  • Wow. Im really in love with the way you talk. You energy, conviction and motivation slops over to me. I could listen for hours.. I Like

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