Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever?

I had so much fun shooting this! Be sure to watch right the way to the end as there’s something ‘unexpected’ towards the end… Enjoy!

The thing I find strange about American Halloween is that it’s a night where you can wear whatever you want… Yet everyone still goes as a prostitute.

A prostitute something…

A prostitute cat, a prostitute policeman, a prostitute nurse…

To illustrate this, just minutes after showing the video to a member of my team, I was sent this photo as they walked past a hair salon that proved my point.

I find it very strange.

Women say, “We’re doing it for men.”

To which I ask:

–What type of men are you doing this for?

“Oh we’re doing this because it’s what men want.”

–Which men?! Not the men who are looking for a partner. Definitely not.

I agree with women when they talk about how ‘piggish’ men can be, how objectifying they can be, and how degrading towards women they can be…

I also think that if there’s ever confusion created by women over this issue it’s on a night like Halloween.

What are men supposed to do when the rest of the time they’re being told they’re objectifying women – and then on this night every woman decides to objectify herself!?

It’s very weird and confusing! Definitely mixed signals!

You can be anything you want to be. ANYTHING at all.

When you dress up, do it because of who you want to go as.

Do it because it’s something you want to be for one night – not because other people expect it of you, (or because everyone comments underneath your Youtube videos the entire time that that’s who you look like…)

Be who you want to be.

Have an amazing time. I’ll see you soon.


Question Of The Day:

OK. If your guy could dress up as ANYTHING for a night, what would you want it to be?

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127 Replies to “Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever?”

  • i think im in love with you right now…well i’ve always been….you have made amy fantasy of seeing you as harry potter come true…well technically i never really had on but if i did…this would be it

  • Hey Matt!
    Fabulous way to start the day with a funny video from you. You’re message was right as usual. Was hoping you would have been a “prostitute Harry Potter”. Maybe topless with a sequined wand cover ;)
    Have a fantastic week!!


  • Hahhaha that was interesting! I would like my guy to be dress up like superhero or medieval gentleman or marine :)
    I wouldn’t be dressed as prostitute for sure:) x


  • Very true. I get why you’d still want to look nice but I went out last night and the desperation from some women to get noticed is really sad! This women dressed as a ‘prostitute vampire’, as you would say, had blood running down her boobs. That desperate attention-seeking is, in itself, incredibly unattractive.

    I like the ketchup bottle test idea!

  • YES! ALL OF THIS! A few years ago, my then bf dressed as the painter Bob Ross, and I (jokingly, and mocking the trend) went as a “Sexy Easel,” which meant that I was wearing fishnet stockings with otherwise completely conservative clothes, and I made a wooden frame to wear around my neck with a painted canvas in the middle. It was either going to be that, or a “Sexy Tree.” Easel was easier.

  • I just this morning… a mere 2 hours ago… finished reading a book called, “The Gender Knot” by Allan G. Johnson, talking about patriarchy and how all of us, men and women alike, are complicit in perpetuating it. Thank you for this Halloween video… it is spot on. I hope you have the opportunity to reiterate the message in your sessions on the Today show.

  • I should add that, these are the costumes that are widely available, so it’s possible that a lot of women are just wearing it because it’s what’s out there, it’s what they saw over and over again in the store or online.

  • Right?! That is confusing! I agree and I am a woman.
    Just a way to dig ourselves into a deeper hole making it harder to get a man because we might end up with that one night stand and then next day *surprise surprise*, guy leaves and we begin asking ourselves AGAIN why we can’t get a man to stick around.
    *Sigh* Doubling that sigh… *sigh*

    I think the only place we should be dressing up in a prostitute costume is if we were doing role-play with a man we are in a long-term relationship with. I’m old fashioned. So what?

    Funny video too!

      1. lol yep.
        That’s my idea of old fashion. Giving the cookie only when there is a commitment. And within that commitment, having fun. :D

  • Thank you, Matt! I’ve always thought that you and Daniel Radcliffe looked similar and you’ve totally made my day dressing up as Harry Potter. :)

  • My guy and I are going as Fry and Leela from Futurama, because my nephew (who we’re taking to trick-or-treat before the adult fun begins) wanted to be the robot from ‘that space show with the old guy.’ :D Forget sexy, I’m going to be a cyclops!

  • So where’s your “sexy ketchup bowl” costume, Matthew???

    Thanks for this video. I had a great belly giggle at the end. :)

  • Sadly as mentioned by Rivka is that the market only provides slutty costumes. The only thing you can do is make your own costume which can be time consuming. I made myself a sword fish costume once with the help of my mom. I rented out a knight costume, which was about $50 for a night. So yes it’s possible to not be slutty but the industry makes it so easy to be slutty and maybe someone should invent a non slutty costume company

  • I totally love you beeing Harry Potter!!!!!! And don´t lie, we all know that it´s really you, Potter, trying to get a muggle life.

    About this video I totally agree about the thing that everyone can be sexy as a prostitute-something. It´s nice to try the limits and see what happen if you are dressed as a Teletubbie. But there is one thing I don´t agree Matt: maye these women just one a one-nigth thing and this is the perefect time of the year to be so explicit about that.

    Let´s be real, woman are not this saint criature that allways is looking for the love of their lifes. Sometimes we want just a little adventure. Or maybe just explore how the limits of their provocation with costumes. You know, try to explore the more naugthy part of themselves in the one nigth of the year it will not be weird if they do.

    And no, I have never dressed as a prostitute-something in Halloween (that time when I was dressed as a fallen angel I think i was not slutty, but who knows if for others standars it was…) but I do believe that sometimes a little bit of wildness is not so bad.

    About the question of the day I gueess I would be a Disney princess. Yes, too typical but since I was 4 years old I REALlY want to try that. It would be great to be Khalessy or someone from Game of Thrones.

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