My Brother is Spilling All My Secrets

I can’t believe my brother did this…

While it’s a bit embarrassing for me to reveal so much about my behind-the-scenes work, I’m genuinely happy that Stephen pushed me to give this to you because I know it will make a huge impact on your life.

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220 Replies to “My Brother is Spilling All My Secrets”

  • Uhhh testing testing 123…

    Naughty Naughty Stephen ratting your brother out ;) Will you keep spilling the beans? Btw Matthew, it just tickles how you masculines diary keeping into note taking clever indeed. You guys are better than Cosmopolitan Magazines. So, when will you launch “The Hussey Cosmo”?

    Peace! I’m not an accountant so I am not bothering with counting how many replies you received. Best wished to Hussey Clan :)

    1. I didn’t rat him out – just gave him a gentle nudge ;)

      Thanks Nathalie – Hussey Cosmo is on hold right now, as we’re a little busy with blogs/videos/seminars/radio show. We’ll put in on the list though.

      All best!

      Stephen x

  • Please read this Matt.

    Your video gives me hope.

    I know you feel vulnerable exposing yourself so much. But this video is “brainal” all over. Please remember that people that pay attention to you are people that wish to learn, and in a lot of ways, WE SEE OURSELVES IN YOU right this moment, the you that is almost entirely self-made. The you that is impressive not because you are born with charm, but because you worked hard to finally achieve it.

    I’m also not as naturally charismatic as a lot of people, and I feel self conscious about it. And used to feel hopeless, even, as if it’s just a trait that would have to stick to me. You helped change that belief in me, thank you.

    1. So glad this helped Emily. Hopefully we can get more personal on the blog and videos as we go and show more of Matt’s techniques + how to apply them in your life.

      Steve x

  • Hi Matt, I sent you a mail with marketing tips and secret for your new concept ;) Did you get the time to go through it?

    Kindly let me know if that helped you and your team.

    Warm regards,

  • Hi Stephen,

    “Your not the coach, but the coach’s brother”! Doesn’t matter, it’s the same DNA ;)
    By the way, your articles are really great, funny, and useful.

    Keep it up!
    Warm regards

  • Hussey Bromance, when’s the visit to Beautiful South Africa planned for?

    amazing food, magical sunsets & memories to last a life time :)

    1. I’m gonna pester Matt to get us a seminar in SA constantly now! Would love to go there so much. x

  • Bonsoir Hussey’s Team!
    You are most welcome to France. I live in Paris, known as the most romantic town in the world <3
    We have " Le Moulin Rouge";" Des Croissants"; " Du Champagne";"Du bon vin", "Le château de Versailles" and of course " la Baguette" :)

    It is perfect exotic place for an event, isn't it Stephen? ;)

    And Please Matthew, you should listen to Stephen, he is genius too!


    1. I’ll take any excuse to go back to Paris. Believe me, you don’t have to sell it to me, I love it.

      But yes, agreed. Perfect place for a GTG event. Also, me and Matt didn’t get to see the Musée d’Orsay last time so we decided a return visit was in order.

      À bientôt. Bisous.

      Stephen x

      1. “Vous êtes les bienvenus” !

        I will make sure you guys,get to see “Musée D’orsay”,and have at least once, home made authentic french food with perfect wine combination! Don’t worry Matt, no bad smelling cheese for you! haha ;)

        Stephen now it’s a double excuse :)

        A très bientôt!

  • Read the guide, thank you so much Stephan for getting Matthew to share this with us! The thoughts leading up to it were hilarious, I actually laughed out loud, Neo??

    Matt thank you so much for letting Stephan share this with us, you’re amazing. Both of you :)

  • Hello , I am very eager to download this page but I am just wondering
    Does this download cost anything?

    / Josephine

      1. This guide opened my eyes in so many ways . The thing that suprised me the most when I read this guide is that I use majority of theese tecniques without even know that I use them. To see theese social “skills” on paper made me awared of exactly what I am doing in my daily life all the time .
        Now when read details and even further evolved thoughts about this tecniques I am looking forward to put theese tecniques to practise and start to make them better than it has ever been.

        Thank you Steven and Matthew.

        This was fenomenal .

        / Josephine

  • Stephen,
    thank you sooooo much for writing this analysis & most importantly for putting the positive pressure on Matt to keep breaking through all layers of shell we a lll have. I am sure it feels so liberating for Matt.
    Matt, I am not surprised at all that your charisma (or anybody else’s) is a product of hard work. This is obvious. It doesn’t put a dent on your reputation at all, it adds. Somebody wise said that once we speak the deepest truth without worrying how it will make us look like, suddenly it becomes universal & has the greatest appeal.
    Please continue to be the part of revolution of being honest, raw, uncensored. Nothing that’s human is alien to humans.

    1. We’re always trying to get more raw and honest, and Matt has always pushed the boundaries of his content further than I ever imagined (especially on his live seminars and retreats). Hope we can bring you more through the blog Marta.



  • hello boys! The driver was very helpful as all the articles that raise.In my opinion matt not exposed because in the words of Cavafy: Importance is the journey and not the destination! Matt has taken a big trip of knowledge and experience and this is why Matt became a genious .The destinations,the things that Matt discover, are simpy tools for us! PS: I desperately want to attend one of the live events…… What would you say…. if you did an event under the hot sun…, the sand…, next to the beautiful BLUE sea… over OYZO and dancing; I speak about GREECE !

  • Hi Matt and Stephen-

    Matt- I have been watching your videos a lot lately and I find you brilliant, inspirational and you have some valid advice. I was wondering if you or Stephen can help me with my issue specifically. I know this will make me sound incredibly insecure- and I cringe at your reaction. But maybe you can give me some advice… some pointer that will allow me to finally tap into that part of myself and turn off the fear. I am 36 years old and compared to what is acceptable in today’s society, my dating history is rather sparse- though I have dated, I haven’t been in anything resembling a relationship for 12 years…and i don’t believe in flings.
    I want to preface this by saying that I do not think I am unattractive- once people get to know me they see me as someone cute, funny, playful and vibrant- I know I appear to the best advantage when I am “myself” but that is not my dilemma here..I’m working on that… My dilemma is this…
    Matt always talks about giving guys encouragement- eye contact- letting a guy know that I have noticed him. This is a huge fear for me. When I see a guy I am attracted too, my defense mechanism takes over- I become deer-in-the headlights rigid and do everything in my power to NOT let him know that he is on my radar. It is like I am still that 16 year old girl that feels that if a guy thinks I noticed him he will get cocky and laugh in my face. I know I am a fully grown, attractive woman and these are mature, adult men. The logical part of me understands this, but my body refuses to get past the flight response…any advice? Thank you in advance!

  • I’m a regular follower of this blog and this is my first time commenting. I keep coming back because much of your advice on love can be applied to my social life and career. I’m always looking to improve those aspects of my life so I hope there is more to come!

    This breakdown is exactly what I needed at the moment. I’ve always been interested in this topic but no one breaks it down quite as simply and honestly as you do. To know that Matt worked so hard to get to where he is inspires and pushes me to do the same.

    Matt, that was very brave of you. And Steve, Matt is very lucky to have you as his brother.

    All the best!

  • Hi Matt/Steve
    Im sure im doing something wrong on dates or when I meet men.
    The last two dates I’ve been on have been less than memorable. The first guy asked me out for a Saturday lunch date then showed up with no plan and no idea what to do. I had to suggest everything. Can’t say I really enjoyed myself.
    Im still not sure on the who pays for what. Never really had a guy take me out and pay so never know how to react. when the bill came. We ended up going dutch.
    Hes really into me so he says and wants to see me again but I can’t stand the thought of showing up again and him saying again. We can do whatever you want. I want a guy who asks me out to at least have a plan and not judt offer to follow me around for the day while I go about my weekend routine.

    The second guy I went out with tonight. He was introduced to me via my friends friend. He text me and asked me to have dinner. Admittedly I was a bit sceptical as he text me in pigeon English and text speak but I went anyway.
    He basically had nothing to say expert to ask me how long id been in the UK. Fortunately my friend and his mate were there too.
    When the bill came both guys just sat there and my friends mate insinuated we pay for them. They weren’t impressed when we only paid our share.

    This happens a lot to me.
    Am I just dating dushbags or do you think I’m doing something wrong to make the men think differently.
    Any suggestions.

  • matt you are absolutely amazing and selfless that your giving away your secrets even though you feel a little shy about it! but it is so helpful , you have no idea, so i thank you but mostly your brother for nudging ( forcing ) you into putting this stuff out there for people to know. it really makes you see things in a different perspective and celebrities dont seem so out of this world anymore!

  • steven ,
    this post couldnt have come at a better time as i have a very important presentation ( architectural thesis) coming up in a few days and i hadnt even thought about the fact that i should be preparely elaborately for it , play by play. but after this post i will definitely prepare better for it . i hope you and matt can put out more material on getting through interviews as well as social gatherings where there are a lot of people you dont know well enough and you feel intimidated by . i know the content youve already put can be applicable to differnet types of situations but a more specific approach would be very helpful and easier to adopt!
    big fan following all the way from india ( i wish i could attend the live seminar :( . maybe one day )

    1. Thank you Lakshmi – I prepare for interviews and presentations play-by-play and for me it works wonders – do it! :)

      Kisses back,


  • It’s not hard to tell where Matthew gets his voice or story telling skills from! I guess this could also show the importance of taking advantage of positive influences in your life. Emulating qualities in other people that you admire can help you become the person you want to be.

  • Hi Stephen,
    Your guide was very informative. I have learnt that Matt has indeed put a lot of hard work into being the charismatic, funny and charming man he is today. It has shown that his responses and overall behaviour is not natural but makes me think that he is an actor and a salesman (I kind of knew this already). It’s all based on skill, techniques and preparation. It’s almost made me a little sad actually, knowing that Matt rehearses such stories right down to the very word. If we are, at all, to be anything like him then we too will need to be spending our whole lives studying human behaviour to the very core and what makes people ‘tick’. As well as rehearsing how to behave perfectly in any given social situation. It will take years of practice which is unrealistic. Sorry to sound so pessamistic but it’s how I feel. He is good at what he does though :)

  • Brothers can be such a pain, however this one I approve of! Stephen, have you ever considered the amazing results that could be gained by targeting middle aged women whose lives are being turned upside down by their children leaving, bodies changing and all the things they were previously validated by disappearing? Your retreats would be amazing for that. But in England. I can appreciate that Paris is beautiful, San Diego is incredible, but I need this here in England, please! Let me know your thoughts, and maybe what alternative products would suit these needs. Thank you for your help and this article, you are my favourite Hussey x

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