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My Brother is Spilling All My Secrets

I can’t believe my brother did this…

While it’s a bit embarrassing for me to reveal so much about my behind-the-scenes work, I’m genuinely happy that Stephen pushed me to give this to you because I know it will make a huge impact on your life.

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220 Replies to “My Brother is Spilling All My Secrets”

  • Your grin is contagious but that’s by the by – THIS, this authenticity is why i keep on coming back to your blog.

    And Mr, that’s what brothers/siblings are there for – to let rip with our embarrassing secrets :)

  • It`s really interesting to learn new stuff at least once a week. I don`t think that being prepared for something makes people fake or makes them seem unreal or something. Everyone can be prepared so that`s only their fault when they are not. It is great that your videos now are not only about specific area in our life like ”love” but also the other fields. You can not develop only one sphere in your life because than you will be unbalanced,

    so THANK you, Hussey brothers for revealing some of the secrets that you have

    I’ve seen that some people think that Stephen is being jealousy but he is not )))

  • The best opportunities that have found me in life were the ones where I was brave enough to chance looking like a fool. I champion the fact that you continue to raise the bar of integrity around your message in addition to offering up so much wisdom and laughter.

  • p.s yo stephen – you are pretty awesome too!

    i think we need a post filled with pics of you two as kiddies :D

  • Matthew, you have gained knowledge of how to influence others and you are very good at it, you know the subject a lot… Which, although not natural, not everyone has that knowledge.

    Yes, you learned some techniques, you have some secrets, but there’s nothing you have to feel embarrased about… You’re not doing anything wrong, because what you know it comes from something you learned and earned with effort and dedication, through hours of studies and walking your talk…

    And let me tell you this… being this honest and transparent in order to help people improve their personal lives and increase their own happiness is the best natural charisma that you could ever have! And with this, you are showing us your natural charisma!

    By doing this you show humility, and you show us that your natural, real person has a genuine desire to help others to improve their personal lifes… There is nothing more charismatic and influential in a person that …

    Please keep sharing this information, was a great idea of your brother and we’re very interested in those subjects too! There would be very benefital and useful for all of us who would like to learn better ways to communicate with others…

    Thank you very much to you and your brother, and i’d love to keep reading yours and your brother’s posts about this subjects…

    Best wishes…


    1. Thanks for the encouragement Carolina. We’re all in this together. I can’t help you if I’m not willing to be open about myself where necessary. It definitely makes me feel closer to people like yourself to give you more about me.

      Thanks for being here.

      Matthew x

  • I’m so glad that Steven encouraged you to put all this info out! This article was extremely helpful Matt! I personally could relate to the shy part, I felt like Steve was describing the younger me haha but we all find ways to grow out of our shell and develope certain techniques at helps us “charm” others.

    It takes a lot of courage to be that vulnerable and put yourself like this out there, for that I even respect you now more.

    Your mom must be so proud of her 2 sons, keep up the amazing work Hussey brothers!!

  • Just give me a chance to show you what I have to offer cause I sure as hell can’t do it from a computer screen.

  • Great content – Well done guys…. I’m reminded of a quote from Kunfo Panda… “the secret ingredient is NOTHING!” Like good old fashion chicken soup- I found it helpful to see Matt’s notes the “noodles”. It’s about the details that Stephen showed us today. I loved your airplane story, Matt Hussey, it was discussing and gross which made it memorable. That emotion stuck in my head, like a smelly pair of gym shoes. Time for me to stretch my personality- Thanks now I want Chicken Soup…

  • WOW! What a great brother YOU have Matt! He cares sooo much, and has you planned for growth & burn out! What a love..I’ll date you both-gotta pick you’re brains! Matt, you do have a slight head twitch, before your cute laugh, goes with the questionable eyebrows that show above the sun glasses, sometimes. I loved this Steve! Up til 3am in Ca laughing. Matt you’re seminar/acting abilities. My ex (full charisma, manupulating; NOT YOU!) You are a natural! Admitting some flaws,natural language gives YOU life!! Storytelling is a natural & leaves you wide open from eras past til death do you part. Should I give that laugh? My Dad with Dimentia on 1st class had the scare of his life at 92, huge man behind him bent his chair back several times with death grips on my arm from my Dad (who normally stand up & give a what for with his heavy Telemark, Norwegian accent) when arising often for any reasom. When flying with my baby son on the night flights to the east coast, scared people expecting the worst sitting next to me/baby away – only to find he was fun making mouth sounds that cracked up the passenger’s. The stewardesses carried him everywhere,they loved his sweetness. Another bump in the road for the man who has studied keeping the mood in control: some born with, yep! Blushing is flushing (nerves=Chinese)Most shy with crave for knowledge goes far in life, just as storytelling. Going back to re-read. Steve needs “A BIG HUG”! Thankful for your videos to reach the womem. Now, my van blew, & need ex husband help, then hide from him. His humor turned rage is coming on to me,YOWSAH! He is trying to help but coming on to me a lot, This is very new! But 13yrs free rent living off me & tben gone
    my Mom knew he was cheating: he’s a cheater & feels normal, sick. Go Matt=GO YOU HAVE A FUTURE THAT’S AWAITING FOR YOU. IT’S A GIVEN, YOU WORKED HARD FOR IT. COMMAND THE ROOM, CORRAL THOSE FEMINE BRAINS. Linda


  • I’m glad you two did this but after reading it I think there was a LITTLE more to this than just “Fine I’ll put it out there”….

  • Thanks for sharing Matt and Stephen. This is by far one of my favorite reads. Fans or followers usually get a glimpse in the story behind the success, so it is refreshing to get an in depth overview.

    Being spontaneous does not reject preparation; it is like improvisation in a sense. Any Improv actor would tell you that there is a lot of preparation and practice in the art. Although they are thrown in random situations with endless possibilities, preparation and acceptance will get through , which in turn will build up their confidence.

    Also , that anxious feeling at the pit of your stomach work wOnders.

    PS I am waiting for the day , you make it to Dubai.


  • Matt , i’m really glade you let these info be published , you just can’t imagine how helpful they are … and thanks to Stephen for letting that happen =D “lucky us”

    it was really interesting to know about your experiences and actually it didn’t take away any bet bit of the fact that you got an amazing charisma , yet it made it clear that you owned your charisma by your hard work which added more VALUE to it ” see what i did there i’m quoting you =b”
    I’ve been through kinda similar experience , i had to build my our confidence and improve my conversational skills , i can say i’m not the same person i used to be 5 years ago …. so this new approach would be very helpful to me and many of your viewers

    waiting for your next video .. this is the closest i can get to the feeling of being in one of your seminars , since i live in Sudan … SO keep up the good work ;)

    this is a HUGE shout out from Sudan

    1. Thanks so much Marwa. Don’t worry if you can’t get to a seminar right now. We’ll keep putting out great stuff for you to help you, whether you meet us in person or not.

      And yes, there’s no shame in working hard to develop your charisma. I know I definitely have had to (as a natural bookish introvert)!

      Big love,

      Steve x

  • Hi Matt.Your brother was right to’out’you LOL It is great to hear an introvert’s story.I love ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain and think it is pertinent to you-especially as you are trying to build a business in the US.I have worked in the events industry for many years and have learned to be an extrovert when i need to be.Being prepared and having stories to tell is prerequisite to survival and in fact finding joy in teaching and interacting with others.Love and encouragement.Wendy x

    1. Yes, exactly. Preparation helps you be an extrovert when you need to, even if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Wish more people thought like you about this issue Wendy!


      Steve x

  • Thanks for sharing this with us. It really had such a brotherly vibe and said a lot of good things about who you two are as family.

    I wish I could be so spontaneous. But I’m just so stubborn. For example, on the plane I’d just want to disconnect. But maybe I can make things into stories to instead of just being annoyed. It would be a big leap for me.

    1. Look for stories everywhere and you’ll start finding them. I find with spontaneity the best way is to incorporate it piece-by-piece. Just try saying an extra sentence here and there, or being 10% more honest with people, or just say something out loud you’re thinking when you flirt with someone, or take ONE spontaneous decision about something you feel like doing every week (even if it’s just going to the movies for no reason, or calling a friend out of the blue, or going out for a drink in the middle of the week).

      Thanks for the lovely comment

      Steve x

  • Wow I just had a brainal (spelling? Probably wrong). Amazing thank you Stephen And Matt you’re super . I actually kind of Do the same I build. Conversations in my mind or build scenarios and practice how I’m going to react or say so perfectly natural Matt

    Thank again ill study these like a final exam for school

    Matt should release a book. With all his secrets

    Lots of love


  • Thanks for sharing this, Matt and Stephen!
    Love reading and listening to you guys, always right on point and always helping me in reading people and in opening my mind.

    Huge hugs from Argentina,

  • Love all of this so much…the good cop/bad cop vibe y’all have going on is awesome! I think adding Stephen (openly) to the writing/blogging team was brill. Together, you boys are unstoppable!

    But PS. Where are the vids of Stephen?! So mysterious, that one. ;)

    1. I’ll only do videos if Jameson can capture my good side on film.

      Am I bad cop? I feel more like ‘cheeky’ cop, to be honest :)

      All best Katie!


      1. Haha! Well, good cop/cheeky cop didn’t have the same ring to it. Plus, we Southern girls don’t really use the word ‘cheeky’ as often as we probably should. :)

        So yes, we can go with ‘cheeky cop’…but it’ll cost you a video in the near future!

  • Hi Matthew,

    This was one of my favourite videos/blog post, mainly because I could spot your techniques whenever you were not spontaneous, and it’s sweet that you admitted it. Stephen is doing a great job. The reason I subscribed years ago was because I love your outlook and approach to life, as it is very similar to mine, it’s just nice to hear it from someone else sometimes. I hope to be as successful as yo in a few years time. So proud of you and Stephen. <3

    Love Fifi

  • Hi Matthew,

    This was one of my favourite videos/blog post, mainly because I could spot your techniques whenever you were not spontaneous, and it’s sweet that you admitted it. Stephen is doing a great job. The reason I subscribed years ago was because I love your outlook and approach to life, as it is very similar to mine, it’s just nice to hear it from someone else sometimes. I hope to be as successful as yo in a few years time. So proud of you and Stephen. <3

    Best Wishes,

    1. Thanks Fifi!

      What can I say? Matt’s the king of IMPACT and I wanted to show how much hard work and thought he’s put into his delivery so people can understand how to apply it themselves.

      Keep working hard and amazing things can happen. Hope we can help you along the way.

      Steve x

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