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My Brother is Spilling All My Secrets

I can’t believe my brother did this…

While it’s a bit embarrassing for me to reveal so much about my behind-the-scenes work, I’m genuinely happy that Stephen pushed me to give this to you because I know it will make a huge impact on your life.

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220 Replies to “My Brother is Spilling All My Secrets”

  • Dear Matthew – A little comment from Denmark. THANK YOU som much for the work you do – I love all of it and I really appriciate this honest video. This is one of the things, that makes you/your work different from others and I think it reaches way further, than just getting and keeping the guy – it does something on a much deeper level. Thank you and all the best from Charlotte

  • I love all your advises, thanks Matthew for everything what you do to help us to understand human behavior which is an amazing thing.

  • Thank you!!!! Here I thought you just “knew” what to always say…glad to know your human!
    Also VERY THANKFUL that your brother exposed the first 5 minutes,,,,

  • Wow!

    I don’t know how I would feel about letting someone throw everything I write like that. But When you put it like this, it’s true that I feel human to know that even the most charismatic people can be insecure, shy and introvert as I am :P.

    But the art (or science) to communicate can be like any other talent or skill: it can be sort of natural for some people or it can be something to learn when you don’t have many ideas how to be charismatic. Whatever if it’s natural or beginner, it’s something everybody can learn and needs practice.

    Thanks Matthew for sharing this with us and thank you for sharing tools and advices to be more confident.

    Karine Lafontaine

  • The download button in the provided link gives a pop up saying “To grab Stephen’s guide to my 6 techniques for owning the first 5 minutes and the audio interview example, just enter your first name and email below.” However, there aren’t any fields to do so just an option to exit out from the pop up. I was really looking forward to this download, help much appreciated!

    BTW I just recently stumbled upon your youtube channel, and I’m a fan!

  • Wow! I watched you on This morning yesterday and I found you inspiring, warm and left me wanting to know more!
    So after watching a couple of YouTube vids here I am.
    Your work is fascinating. I’m impressed by the depths you have gone into bettering yourself.
    I feel refreshed and eager to learn more.
    Thank you

  • Hey,

    It works in any case! ;) I haven’t read the text yet, but I must say that Stephen is very very smart! When you show the other Matthew publicly in a modest way, this feeds the image of naturally attractive man subconsciously. Because we, women, also tend to be attracted by these kind of modest charismatic men. Your voice’s tone almost sounds like an innocent child (not weak at the same time). This can activate the maternal emotions of women also. So, don’t loose your tools!

    To the most attractive one,


  • I often can turn a room/opinion around as well. I’m wondering what I do? So I want to see what Stephen noticed about you…I do it naturally. but I really don’t know what I do…lol !

  • Ah matt.l admire u for being upfront and it makes me understand human behavour more.we all do this, more or less.And l must say this just makes me luv u more and understand u more.

  • Hi Matt,
    I believe that by revealing these techniques you even became more attractive and lovable and have more impact than before, and not the opposite, since now you became more reachable as a human to us and not just a “vague super power”. Also, it says a lot about your authenticity and integrity that despite you might have thought that it could have a negative effect on you, you still did it to benefit us. This is why you are the best.

  • Hi there Matt, I always love your advice!! As a natural people pleaser, your advice is really helping me set and stick to my standards etc. A massive thank you! I tried downloading your link about tips for the first 5 minutes and 6 techniques but was sent an email telling me I was on the waiting list. Not sure what went wrong. :-(

  • This really help me a lot and create a great huge impact on everyone who will heard about it. You’re awesome helping a lot of people. Million Thanks this really an amazing and super exciting techniques and great discussion. You really rock and nailed this.

  • How can I get ur brothers documentation ? I really need to learn to use these techniques at work because i feel awkward in long conversations and sometimes want to run away. I work in a male oriented field and it can be challenging with certain type of men. Sometimes i get shocked or surprised by their response and cant deliver the best response. After few days I am like oh yeah i should have said it this way… it is embarrassing but I am a total nerd and book smart, when it gets to interacting with certain people totally dumb!

  • Far from making you look weak in any way, it makes it clear that whatever we want to do with excellence, needs practice. Nothing that is of value or worth comes easy.
    Thank you for sharing your secrets that is what an real teacher should do”

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