Important message to all of the intimidating ‘b*tches’ out there…

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166 Replies to “Important message to all of the intimidating ‘b*tches’ out there…”

  • Thanks so much Mathew for this advice. I guess I have to remove my shield now. I wish you can come to Australia for a show that would be really awesome

  • “a) dont be so sensitive b) dont be so sensitive ”

    Omg that made me laugh so loud the whole office looked at me like I was nuts.

    Hi from Australia by the way :)
    I have a lot of male friends -if you go to my youtube channel you’ll know why lol! -so Im personally very comfortable around guys but I do see so many of my girl friends do the bitch face. Because I know them I also know thats its because they are sooooo shy and nervous, lack of confidence etc.
    I’m personally single and have been for a while, which given the fact that Im surrounded by guys all the time is weird right? I read your book and found it very insightful, the tough part is putting the advice into action. I’m forever friend-zoned, which I dont usually mind as my career has always come first but lately my priorities have changed.


    Alexa x

  • Hi Matt!!

    Sometimes we need someone to give us tough love to wake up and change are attitude, so thank you for that :D
    When are you coming to Los Angeles CA. to do a live event again? I was not able to attend to the last one.

  • I agree! I have seen a lot of these faces walking down the street. And I believe I have one of them myself, unfortunately. I have low self esteem at times and to cover it I put up a hard front so I wont look weak. One guy recently said I was acting like “miss perfect”. Wich I found astonishing, cause I felt like the most insecure person ever.

    I usually think everything you do is awesome and I want to give you kudos for that! You are truly an intelligent and charming man with lots to give! I could go on.. But the use of the word bitch isn’t very clever. Although I know it was meant for fun. Cause it translates as if you call your female followers bitches. And that’s not attractive. Bitch is a bad word no woman wants to be associated with. Be careful with it, please.

    Again, great to see you back and blogging! :) The weather looks the same in sweden right now! Lovely!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Kami!

      In response to your comment:

      “But the use of the word bitch isn’t very clever. Although I know it was meant for fun. Cause it translates as if you call your female followers bitches. And that’s not attractive. Bitch is a bad word no woman wants to be associated with. Be careful with it, please.”

      I call guys names all the time too (names much worse than this I can assure you), it doesn’t mean I’m calling ALL guys those names. I think any hyper-sensitivity to ONE word needs to be looked at, because there are many women on here who saw that I was being playful and don’t take me so seriously!

      Keep watching! x

  • *Stealing your advice*

    Matthew, I love men who have great laughs like you do.

    How do you put up with London being gloomy all the time? I’d move!

  • Hey Matthew, really liked this video! Puhh, it’s really hard to keep friendly and open when people around you just keep looking grumpy and ignorant… It’s really easy for me to smile at little children and even joke a little. It’s also amazing to smile at elderly people and get a surprised smile back. But it’s soooo hard to smile or even look at people my own age. But I’m working on that! ^^

  • Why are you doing this for women even though you are a man and why do you put an exe at the end of your msg is it like your mark.?

      1. Nah not really I’m only fifteen. I just like akiin’ questions and do you watch The Lonely Island on youtube.?

  • Matthew, it seemed like you had no trouble with people wanting to interact with you..or your camera.

    I think the thing is that some men don’t know how to handle their biological urges/testerone and that is why they say disgusting things and think it’s okay or that they are complimenting you when it doesn’t sound like it so us women are on the defense. Men biologically are different than women and especially when it comes to dating and the opposite sex. You are correct that it can keep out decent men from ever stepping foot near us.

    But, it’s true. I missed out on a really great guy..I could see he was trying to approach me and made all these moves to try to talk to me more than once and I completely shut him down because of some intimacy issues I have..and also confidence ones.

    Can I ask any advice on how to be confident if (it’s a natural response from both men and women..human) with admiring other people that are better looking than you or with better bodies..including your friends or family members. I feel like even though I take care of myself I don’t have much of a chance.

    Physical attraction is always number one and I’m not sure how to handle that.

    Thanks Matthew.

    This video was really funny and the truth is women call each other bitches or that girl was a bitch and I know you don’t mean it in a degrading don’t seem the type and you were making this more light-hearted.

  • LOL!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Great message and a fun delivery! Thanks for not being boring and politically correct!

  • You make London sound dreadful! Glad it wasn’t too crappy when you shot the video. Oh and also, great advice – applies to me, unfortunately.

  • Matthew, dear, Thank you for calling out all the Negative Nellies and Neds out there. That face, the one I call “I just smelled the most heinous poo face” is all too prevalent. From what you are saying, I think I understand this: to walk about, interact, in all of your daily life with an open heart and mind; to be receptive to the positive, where ever it may come from, and let the negative roll off you. That’s not to say that we must be pollyannas, never seeing reality, but rather be aware of reality and be willing to see and receive the best of it in our lives.

    BTW, your post about the “seconds” video really, REALLY spoke to me. At that moment, I had such an epiphany, about how too many seconds, moments are wasted, and how I was going to treasure and seize each one! As a woman on the edge of a new life ( I am separated) I know this is essential, vital to my happiness and fulfillment in the future.

    Thanks for your words and insights. They matter! You matter!



    1. “From what you are saying, I think I understand this: to walk about, interact, in all of your daily life with an open heart and mind; to be receptive to the positive, where ever it may come from, and let the negative roll off you. That’s not to say that we must be pollyannas, never seeing reality, but rather be aware of reality and be willing to see and receive the best of it in our lives.”


      And it doesn’t even have be giving guys big fat smiles…there’s a big difference between a mean looking face and a kind looking face even without the smile. x

  • Thanks for that, Matthew!
    I’ve had it pointed out to me before that I come across as a bit of a bitch, just in my day to day interactions. (This is from friends). And truth be told when I act like that, it isn’t because I’m not interested in a guy, it’s because I am scared and intimidated myself and feel the need to put up that barrier. In fact, if I like a guy I might even act like a bigger bitch so that he doesn’t realize I am so desperate for him to like me.
    Do you have any pointers or advice on ways to get past this is conversation? I don’t want to seem lovesick, just to let men be aware that I am available.
    Thanks and keep up the good work you’ve been doing lately!

  • Hi Matt. Thanks for having the courage and putting out something I’ve been feeling a lot recently. People often rant, but not many will actually take the time to put it out so that others may learn. So Thank you.

    My grouse is that its not just ladies who are being unapproachable. In my urbanized city state of Singapore, people are generally not connecting with one another. See a stranger on the MRT (tube)? avoid eye contact. Meet a stranger’s gaze in the coffee shop? Look away. Meet a security guard in the way to the building? Look straight ahead and keep walking. (ok so I exaggerate a bit) But yea, we can connect so much more with people around us, but most people don’t. Coz they’re too scared to.

    I’ve been trying to smile more at people around me, its been interesting so far, lets see how it goes. ^^
    On the flip side, there are people in my country doing cool stuff like
    so yea, the world is still a good place, but I think people need more love in general to stop being afraid. haha
    Enjoy London!

  • Come on Matthew!, and what about the book “Men loves bitches”??? ;)..I got your point, anyway.

  • Hey Matthew, It is Gorgeous day In Pittsburgh PA! I was in the same in situation a few 2x years ago @ a store where I work. This guy who I recognize automatically but (His name I could not think of at the time) my brain was FRIED. I smiled ALLOT and had very intense hot eye contact while he was in my lane, (which I thought he might move to another lane) until he approach me I was being so bitchy I know why because I was nervous about personal issue/he was trying to talk to me I was giving him one word answers because I had to speak with him at work (WHILE I WAS AT WORK) of all places. I was at work!! I had my eye surgery, For about two months I was thinking about this guy for two months (which he comes frequently more so these days days I have missed him) never saw in the store to talk to him I pick up (which I called him directly @ work of course he picks up) the phone and called him directly .. Yes it was ballsy move now I feel like I have runin my chances with this guy. When he comes in the store he will not come to my lane when I don’t give him attention I NOTICE that he is always looking at me .. I DO CATCH HIM FREQUENTLY. He alway goes to my one good friend I have notice some things that he does ( I watch is body language, his posture, the way he is walks, push his chest out and take him a good 3-5 minutes to leave her register before he walks past me. I just don’t know what to do. People I know are always feeling me on incites about him. Where he goes, who he is with, what he is wearing, what is purchasing and so forth… Obviously I see him allot but recently he has maintaining a low profile for ungodly reason. He is prominent person. I know he is single I do see him at certain places BYE HIMSELF with guy friends I have not seen him in quite some time. I think I do have a 2nd chance with this guy but I just don’t know what to do here.

  • You are definitely adorable! I love the incites you are sharing with us ladies I appreciate it very much!

  • Matthew, thanks for being blunt! Ive had people tell me several times that I look depressed or angry all the time in school. I’m usually focusing on homework and stuff, but I know that I block out opportunities by doing this. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  • hey matthew!
    I just saw the video and a doubt came to my mind. There’s this guy that used to text me and asked me on dates but when i said yes he didnt even reply to my text! the thing is he kept texting but when he sees me at school he doesnt say hi or anything and i was wondering if its becuase i kinda look like a little bitch when i see him, it just pisses me off that he texts me and then he doesnt talk!!! By the way I am a foreign exchange student in the US and im just 16 so this is not really a big deal :) Thaaaanks.xxxxx

  • I was on an internet dating site and am in a small town, so did a search of the other women on there in my town, checking out the competition. One that came up, WOW, its just her pic.. you can tell she is trying to be sexy, but just looks like she would cut a guys balls of and have them for breakfast. The funny thing is I have seen her in person (small town)and she always looks like this (must hurt her face to smile), I wish I had her email to pass this along :) But will just try and use the info myself then

  • I’m one of those girls.

    I don’t feel offended at that, and I am a bitch lol. So I have to agree with the “don’t be so sensitive” bit..

    So Matthew, what would you say to someone like me, who lives in a place they absolutely detest? The people here don’t interest me; their hobbies are mostly hunting, riding four-wheelers and watching wrestling. I find all of those things completely uninteresting. I’m more of a wine-book-boat kinda girl..

    Moving isn’t exactly an option right now, and that’s the main reason I act the way I do..

    I don’t want to settle either, like I see so many women do.. it seems (here, at least) that women just marry the first guy that seems interested. I don’t want that. I’m an amazing person and I know I’m capable of even more amazing things.

    So what would a girl like me do? I’d like to think I’m holding out for someone amazing, but I can’t meet anyone worthwhile in this place..

    I know it’s silly to want that storybook romance, but I do. I want someone who respects me, loves me, and appreciates all of my quirkiness.. and someone I can feel the same way about…

    I’m 28 years old.. I feel like I have time to wait.


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