Important message to all of the intimidating ‘b*tches’ out there…

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166 Replies to “Important message to all of the intimidating ‘b*tches’ out there…”

  • Matthew,

    love your advice!

    when will you give us some advice about ex boyfriends. Attracting them back, moving on, finding out why they left etc.
    Please :)

  • Hey!
    1) The comments on this are really interesting. In my experience guys actually come up to me when I don´t look too happy or interested, when I feel depressed/sick/unattractive. When I´m all smily and happy nobody tries to approach me. Isn´t that weird?
    2) I so love the background :).
    3) Outtakes…yeeeah!

  • Everything you say on that video is the absolute truth, Matthew! (:
    Every time when I’m feeling happy and not thinking badly of myself and I’m walking the streets guys come and talk to me, and on those days the chat is always fun and playful (even if I don’t like the guy) and it sets me in even better mood.
    The truth is that you should be happy with yourself and after that everything comes to place (and that’s when acting like a b*tch is not likely, unless you are one).

  • hey Matt,

    I appreciate your message. It encourage me to change. Your video help me to exert an effort to be approachable. But my problem is, I’m afraid to smile when I know if I smile at them they won’t smile back at me that’s why I don’t smile a lot and just ignore them as they passed by. I need your advice.

    I’m so excited on the 7th of June and I can’t wait any longer. :D <3

  • Thanks for the video Mathew.. the 7th of june been booked :D greeting from your follower in middle east..

  • Hi Matthew! If someone has asked this already I’m sorry (123 comments is a bit much to go through haha) but I have a friend who is plagued with what I call RBF or “Resting B*tch Face” and I want to show her this video. The problem though is that she is super sensitive and I don’t know how to tell her to watch this without seeming rude and her getting angry with me. How do I go about telling her to watch it??

    P.S. Love you and this site!!! Thank you for being a virtual shoulder for women to lean on! <3

  • First of all – I love your videos, they are a really great help and they give you something to think about – not only how to behave when you are interested in a guy, but also have you come across in your everyday life. So thank you for that!

    You are truly inspirational – I definately will add your name to the 7th of June :)

    Months ago you wrote that the best way to meet the kind of guy you were looking for, was to go to the places you would think that he would go on a Saturday night – so, where would you go on a Saturday night, where to find a nice, decent guy like you?

    Lots of love from Pernille <3

    P.s. Love your accent – you Brits are so cute!

  • You are amazing darling! Thanks for keeping us updated with what you’re doing! Love it!

    Perfect video.You never go wrong do you?

  • Hey Matt, love this video. I know for me I’m in my head 95% of the time, so being ultra extra conscious about what my facial expression might be giving off is a continuous effort for me. It goes both ways as well, I’ve wanted to approach cute guys, but sometimes they don’t look like they want to be approached.. makes me more aware of if someone wanted to approach me, how would it feel to them if I was giving off a terrible vibe. Anyway, going on and on here. Enjoy sunny London! Shannon

  • Hey Matt,
    Hello from Hong Kong. Thanks for being back in the scene with all these fantastic videos. I really miss your inspiration and have been sharing your messages with my single girl friends to help inspire and motivate them to take charge of their love lives (or lack of…).

    It’s rainy in Hong Kong while for a change it’s awesome in London. Whew! Sometimes we definitely need that little reminder to stay optimistic and open, when life may not present itself to be as smooth as you wish.


  • You are so right! I used to be cold and unapproachable, just like you described in this video, until a friend told me how hostile I must appear to strangers. I changed that immediately and it made all the difference – and not just in the guy department.

    Now people actually seem surprised that I am so friendly; according to them, my “style” suggests otherwise (style = mohawk) :P

    In Norway the weather is similar. It’s so hot! I love the winter cold, but this year it overstayed its welcome :P

    I loved the bloopers — high five to your team for putting them there ;)

  • A very important message, Matthew.. thanks for the reminder. I enjoy your upbeat attitude and even though I’m still kissing a lot of frogs, I am sure I’m getting closer to a meaningful relationship each day. Unfortunately a lot of guys I meet are only after one thing (and find me to be too innocent for them) but I’m getting better at filtering through these ‘physical relationship- only’ types. Too bad there seems to be more of these guys than the nice ones looking for a committed relationship. Anyhow, looking forward to your next blog :)

  • Hi, Matthew! Thanks for the advice. I think women put mean faces on is because they don’t wanna attract guys they don’t want. So how to separate your reaction to the guys you want and don’t want? But sometimes being nervous makes you react in that kind of way. It all comes down to how well you carry yourself, but isn’t men should also understand women in order to for them to find the right one too?

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to 7th June and already excited on what’s in
    Store for us women.

    More power to you and you’re team in sunny London!

    Just me,


  • Women! Give this man a break! He is trying to HELP, not HURT women. He is telling it like it is, and like it or not–this is the way men think when you walk about scowling!It is also the reason a lot of women miss out on not only meeting nice men, but nice people in general; when really they are probably nice people themselves!Thank you Matthew, I think we all need this reminder at times, and the advice is helpful.

  • London is taking a massive beating here! It’s not THAT bad guys! I moved to Australia from London three years ago and never want to leave – it has such character, great restaurants, great history and amazing opportunities… :)

    But back to why we are all here. I was not offended to hear you say bitches Matt, but I was surprised – you always seem so cool, calm and collected!

    I suspect heavily I might be one of these girls! I blame it on my relaxed face muscles ;) I’m sure I look like a right cow when I’m off to Sainsburys, but I also know that there are occasions I bring it, and occasions I don’t. For example, going to the shops I’m not actively looking to attract someone (especially if I’m buying something embarrassing… ‘why, yes, I AM buying £5 tummy tucking undies – you free on Friday?’) but when I’m out at a club or a barbeque or a party, I know that’s an occasion where I’m obviously already there to socialise and be friendly.

    I empathise with the girls who say it’s awful to have to rebuff guys left and right who are sleazy, but honestly, there’s a tiny part way way down that makes me feel flattered, and gives me the confidence to respectfully decline – I always, ALWAYS use the line I’m taken but thank you. And if there’s a problem further than that, that’s what my mates are for. Love you bitches! (There! There’s a time you CAN use bitch playfully!)

    I guess what I’m saying, VERY inarticulately, is thanks for the reminder Matt that it is our own attitude that gets us places. And yes, yes, you are a very attractive guy as everyone tells you *delivered with a roll of the eyes and a smile* ;)

    Bye all!

  • Hello, me again – sorry, that should have said moved to London from Australia. I cared so much about pointing that important fact out I commented again.

  • Hey Matthew,

    First of all I love all your videos and emails I get they are so wonderful and helpful!

    This one I didn’t find that helpful though, I always try to be very positive-minded and approachable when I walk around town, I think it is very important for us to be able to smile to each other, even though they are strangers. I’m glad that you are sending this message to all the woman who walk around looking like b*tches!

    I must admit though, sometime it can be quit satisfying to take your most diva sunglasses on, and walk around town like you own the world ;)

    With that said I just wanted to mention that I totally understand your excitement about the sunny weather, here in Copenhagen we are going crazy about it too!

    Much love


  • Given where I come from geographically on this planet and the fact that I was raised with eight(8)brothers and three male cousins (five who’s actively tell their foes they’d get me to beat them up – so much for brothers being protective, sometimes they were but other times – I certainly got my areobic excercise and weight lifting without weights as a child.) I’d say that Matthew’s statement is pretty accurate in terms of what guys look for in a permanent intimate relationship with ‘the one’ – mind you a good ‘b*TCH’, not a bad ‘b*tch’. Mind you hitting anything is and never has been any fun for me don’t even like tennis – will beat an egg-I got to eat. Male mindset is what it is. The sex drive is what is it for us too(probably even more since we’re the ones who tend to give birth) A good ‘b*tch’ is always a lady too and loyal, protective, backs you when things are bad (not necesarilly with money either), unconditional love, etc. Thank you again Matthew–you’re okay for a British/UK male. Working on the two referrals I hope to send you.

  • Hey Matthew, that was a great video, i always do my best to look approachable in public lol – i am very shy (which is usually my problem – i probably give off the vibe of being nervous haha – wish i could get over that! – super excited for whatever it is you have planned for June 7th!!! :D Thanks so much for thinking of all of us who are not in London (even though i would love to come there and visit some day) I look forward to every video :D God Bless!

  • p.s. i’d have to say i have seen women look like what you describe here – and its even a turn off to other girls, when i see this i think they are the B-word as well lol – if there are people with them at the time – makes me feel really bad for them :)

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