Important message to all of the intimidating ‘b*tches’ out there…

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166 Replies to “Important message to all of the intimidating ‘b*tches’ out there…”

  • Hi Matt,

    Great video! I am trying to be confident and approachable for the good and nice guys. But most of the time I am insecure (hard on myself) and busy (always in a hurry). Maybe that’s what is holding me back all the time. I am very curious what you have for us on the 7th of June!
    Love your mails/blogs.

    A x

  • Hi Matt,

    Very good post! I really enjoyed it :-)
    I’m usually open and friendly and talk to most people in the workplace easily. But it took time to grow in confidence over the years….
    Funny thing is sometimes I’m just making small-talk with some guys at work, just try to be friendly and they always say ‘ I have a girlfriend’ when they answer my question!! So funny, because I don’t even fancy them!! Just try to be polite to people at work….

    It’s harder when it’s outside of work to talk with a guy you like that you see on the street.I think the difficult thing being in England is that we’re not usually talking to strangers, unless we’re had a few drinks! So that’s why people socialise at the pub! But it would be good to find out some good tips to help chatting to guys in the street, on the tube, bus stop etc…

    Any tips Matt- please help :-) Or anyone else who’s reading the blog…have you tried to talk to a guy on the street that you liked??

  • Hey Matt,

    Do you know why boys get meaner from elementary school through high school. Like, the boys from younger ages were nice and helpful they didnt say derogitory names like cunt, or hoe. More boys dont care that they hurt your feelings or make you mad. What makes them do this?

  • Matthew, I’m sorry I have to agree that the title of the video does come off a little offensive, but hey I don’t care because yes women can be B** and guys can be a**. I do agree with that one women though that we put up that hard exterior because we’re tired of the wrong guy approching us. Maybe you can use that for a blog video. Lovely London view!

  • Hahaha! That was an awesome video. Well what you “ranted” in the video is very accurate. I also must dissagree with some of the women here that commented on you using the word “b*tches*. It’s just a word afterall. I do admit, at times when walking down the street thinking about my plans for the day and all the responsibilities I have to do mentally, I think I would have looked a little “bitchy” (though honestly I’m not) cause’ my face muscles, apparently at the time, are too tired to lift a smile. Lol. There was this one time though when this guy came up to me and said “hi” despite that face of mine. I lighted up saying “hello” with a huge grin and with big curious eyes, I observed that his face went completely from cautious, to suprised, to relieved and he gave a huge beautiful smile in return. Lol. I still find that very amusing to think. :P It also made me realise that I actually had on a facial expression that was not so approachable at first, though I didn’t mean it to be. Love your video, I’m glad for the message and looking forward to your next one. Have an awesome day! :D

  • Matthew, what if the man i like broke my trust, numerous times? He wanted to be on friendly terms to ‘get-to know eachother first’ before rushing eachother into something committed, but I had to break it off with him becuase he’s hurt me in every chance I’ve given him, and i feel as though I’m comprimising my integrity, while he does nothing to compromise for me. Now he’s still trying to grab my attention, and the problem is, ‘bitch” is the only language that brings him back down to earth and makes him realize the mistakes he’s been making. I’m starting to think, nice simply doesn’t cut it with certain men and i’ve encountered this so MANY times. I certainly don’t like treating him the way i do, it pains me (like ignoring him or shutting the window on him).

    But what must a girl do if the guy is serious about you only when you give him the cold shoulder, must I continue to be “the bitch” to keep his attention? it’s messed up, because I still have affection for him and i know he does for me…

    And getting over him while we still like eachother is the hardest thing to do.
    Please help!

  • Hi beautiful people!
    First of all, let me thank you for the new updates. You really give me a lot to think about!

    The message of this video was quite clear, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on a different matter – ladies that are too approachable (not in a bad sense, of course… I don’t have in mind low-down behavior). What i mean by “too approachable” is that there are ladies who are charming, clever, have a great sense of humor and usually get a lot of attention, but they never make it through a friendship zone.

    From my personal experience I have never complained about the lack of attention. On contrary, I usually end up being on the spotlight unintentionally. Guys approach me easily, but it never leads to a serious relationship.

    Once I talked to a fellow of mine and I asked him what the problem could be in this case. He replied that I seem too approachable (?) and guys don’t really like women that. Then i started to dig deeper … So guys are afraid of a sociable lady?
    I have a belief that a lady next to a man is a reflection of himself so I’ve never really bothered myself with not being able to find my second half. But now I seriously start to think that being uptight and very reserved is the answer. After all, there have always been myths how lady is supposed to be: mysterious, reserved and distant.

    I hope you’ll get to this point some time in your further videos. To all the ladies out there that maybe experience the same thing – please share your thoughts.

    Greetings from Denmark,

  • Hey Matt,
    Thanks so much for your advice. i listen to all your videos and you have great, relevant advice. I live all the way in Africa and i must say it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the advice is spot on and it actually does work. Thanks again…looking forward to getting more stuff from u soon.

  • Thanks, Matt. I agree completely and I am not offended by your “bitch” label at all. I know I can look like one at times. It’s genetic…dark features, intense look. The funny thing is that I am a very happy person but if I happen to be deep in thought and do not have a smile on my face, I look like I am pissed at the world. So yes, I am very aware of how others may see me so I make a conscious effort daily to smile – even if it does not help me to meet the love of my life, it makes me feel good :)

  • Hello Matthew you are so right about walking around with angry faces. I do it to ward off the unwanted, but when I see a guy I’m attracted to, I smile and put on my happy face,guys are hmmmmmmmm..not sure what to even say, scared of rejection I guess but guess what so are women. I find that I have to do all the work when it comes to approaching guys and it’s really tiring and I don’t quite understand why guys SEEM to be afraid to approach me. they smile, they say hello, they stare but will not ask me out, I ALWAYS have to make the first move, what is up with that???????????

  • So I just now saw this video, and it got me wondering how I look to other people. I just now asked my friends on Facebook, “Do I seem approachable, or even friendly? Or do I just seem like a bitch?” The responses are probably entirely sugar coated, but the people I don’t talk to often are the ones that responded with such positive replies! I feel so much better about myself now. (:

  • Great advice! It is really important to become approachable.
    I know because I noticed I have this look somethimes for completely no reason! And it acts like a wall to pepople who want to talk to you.
    I think one of the best advices is to smile as often as you can! :)

  • Wow. You seemed really nice, approachable and genuinely like you want to help women. Until this video and your comment answers that don’t really take the comments too seriously. Since bitch is just a word, I can call you an idiot, right?

  • When I originally commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify
    me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added I
    get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there a means you are able to remove me
    from that service? Thanks!

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