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I know that many of you watching this video right now will have lost hope. Hope that your love life is going to turn out the way you want. Maybe even hope that your life is going to turn out the way you want.

This video that I’m about to show you is about hope. It is taken from my Live Retreat, and it is not my story. It is the story of someone so beautiful, so resilient, so inspiring. And I want you to watch it all the way through because I challenge you by the end of this video not to have a renewed sense of hope about what’s possible in your life.


Matthew: “There was this one person on this program that called me up a couple of months back because she had had some things happen in her life since that program. When she made that call, I heard it, and I went, ‘You’ve got to come back. You’ve got to come back, and I need you to tell other people what you’ve done because, wow.’ And so she came back this time, and I’m going to bring her up here. We’re just going to spend five minutes just talking about what she has done since, because her story is a very, very interesting one and so relevant to all of us. Angie, where are you? There she is, okay. Give it up for Angela, everybody.

“How are you doing? All right. Come join us over here. What year did you come to the Retreat? Do you remember? Was it 2011? ’12?”

Angela: “2008.”

Matthew: “What?”

Angela: “Yeah. Obviously, you’ve got your books on your lap. When we went to the Retreat in Florida, Matthew gave us a black leather binder book. I see he has a black leather book on your desk.”

Matthew: “Yeah.”

Angela: “I still have the same one. I still have the map. I still have everything. I brought it with me today, but left it with my mom. She’s somewhere in the crowd. When I see the lady sitting with her book there… like, I’ve still got the flight stamp.”

Matthew: “Wow.”

Angela: “I’ve still got the entries that we kept from the elephant herd. And it’s now… That’s 10 years, or eight years now?”

Matthew: “Wow. Was it that long ago?”

Angela: “Yeah. And I haven’t aged a bit.”

[Audience clapping and cheering.]

Matthew: “You haven’t. You haven’t. So, you came on that program, and I remember…. Maybe a good place to start is, I know there was a big event in your life.”

Angela: “Yeah.”

Matthew: “Let’s fill people in on that, because I feel like that gives us context for everything that we’ll say after that.”

Angela: “So, as you can see, I… or you may not be able to see… I wear a prosthetic. My story is, quickly, that I was 23, and I was making my way home from work, and life was great. I was with friends, I had a job I loved, and in a moment everything changed. I sadly was hit by a drunk driver, and when he hit me in a van at 70 miles per hour, I was injured for life.

“The injuries I have now happened at that moment. The hardest thing was when my leg was taken from the impact of the vehicle, the driver stood over me, and he walked away. This is what led me to Matthew. Because being in a hospital and getting told, ‘You’re injured, you’re not going to walk again, you’re not going to live independently again. We don’t know if you’re going to be able to eat by yourself, or dress yourself.’ I defied that. I made sure when I left the hospital that I would walk again. I walked on crutches, but that was good enough. But my self worth was on the ground, and there was nothing around me, and there was nothing there that showed me how to put that together. So I went onto YouTube, and it was one of Matthew’s earlier videos… I mean that in a nice way, of course. He was in a park, what park was it in London?”

Matthew: “It was in Berkeley Square.”

Angela: “Yeah. And–”

Matthew: “I remember the video. I was sat on a–nowadays, we have Jameson, and everything–I was sat on a bench just filming myself. And I do this. It wasn’t on an iPhone, it was on an old Sony cam. Yeah.”

Angela: “And it was about core confidence. I knew what… I read what confidence was. You know, you read it in magazines, or your friends tell you, ‘Be more confident.’ But I knew my confidence was on the ground more than most, because the thought that was left with me was, ‘How am I worthy if somebody could walk away and leave me?’

So, I clicked on the video. I watched it. I wrote every word down. What confidence is. What the levels are… like, I’ve done the same as you guys, and still do the same thing. I watched the videos. I learned everything from it, and one of the biggest things that ladies have taught me is that we share the same thing. We just get it what you’re saying, you know?

“So, when I went on his website, and you were doing an event in London–and it was about confidence, wasn’t it? And then I went to speak to Matthew, and again he was bouncing from one side to the other. And I was like, ‘This is amazing.’ And the ladies who I met there are the ladies who went to the Retreat in Florida, and we’re still friends to this day. We’re not friends because of what Matthew’s connected us to, but because of the journey that we’ve experienced, and we’re still experiencing, and I’m still tapping into Matthew’s work today, because I still want to go to that next level, and that next level.”

Matthew: “So then when you… That kind of brings us to the Retreat, because I remember a very specific moment on the Retreat that you reminded me of. This home in Florida, there was a mini kind of movie room, and Angela pulled me to one side and said, ‘Hey, let’s have a chat.’ We went into the movie room, we sat down, one-on-one, and she, and you can tell me if I’m paraphrasing correctly–

Angela: “Mm-hmm.”

Matthew: “… But you had mentioned to me that when you were on a date, the monologue that was constantly going through your mind is, ‘He’s not going to want me, because I’m missing a limb.’”

Angela: “Yeah. Pretty much, yeah.”

Matthew: “What happened next?”

Angela: “Before he got to that point, we sat in silence, and he said, ‘I’m going to sit here until you tell me what it is.’ And I sat there–

Matthew: “Oh that’s right. That’s right.”

Angela: “And then I crossed my arms in defiance. I was like, ‘I’m not saying.’ And I couldn’t say, because I felt so sad about that. I couldn’t say because it’s a guy sitting in front of me like… I couldn’t say this, the one thing that’s on my mind. And he just sat defiantly, and he was, ‘I’m going to sit here all day.’ I was like, ‘That pain.’ Scottish stubbornness was coming out quite badly. And in my head I was thinking, ‘He has to see other ladies, so the more you sit there, you’re stopping him going to talk to the other ladies, and allow them to have their moment, and to talk about things.’ But I just sat. I just couldn’t say it. And then he said, ‘There’s nothing I haven’t heard before.’ Just as you’ve said this week.

“And I said it. I think I blurted it out. And he just said, ‘And what?’ Just those simple words like, ‘And what?’ And all of the things that I’d been carrying with myself, it was like, ‘You’ve been carrying this? You built up to this big picture.’ And it was like–”

Matthew: “I remember that.”

Angela: “And it was like, ‘And what?’”

Matthew: “I remember saying to you… I remember looking at you and saying, ‘How arrogant are you?’ Do you remember that?”

Angela: “Yeah. I burst out laughing, like, ‘Yeah. I never thought about it that way.’”

Matthew: “I said, ‘How arrogant are you?’ And she went like this [tilts head]. And then after like 30 seconds, just died laughing. Do you remember? Like, just in fits of laughter.”

Angela: “Yeah. Yeah.”

Matthew: “And then I remember specifically Angela saying… She started laughing, and laughing, and laughing, and, as she was laughing, I said, ‘What, you need everyone to want you? Like everyone you got on a date with has to fall in love with you, and choose you? No one can reject you? Who are you? No one’s allowed to say, “I don’t want you”? How arrogant is that?’ And she started… laughing, and laughing, and laughing. And she says, ‘I know, that is arrogant.’ And she started like… And it was this moment that… I remembered that moment, because of the phone call that you gave me. Because you then called me, this was–what, you said 10 years ago, something like that?”

Angela: “Yeah.”

Matthew: “You called me a few months ago.”

Angela: “Mm-hmm.”

Matthew: “And tell everyone what you told me. By the way, I also remember a moment where Angela was… We were in the kitchen, you remember? And you fell over in the kitchen? And I was… go ahead…”

Angela: “Just to give you a heads up here, and with all you guys, this is pretty much the first time that I’m wearing a skirt with my legs out. Thank you.”

Matthew: “Wow.”

[Audience clapping and cheering.]

Angela: “Thanks guys. Please. The Scottishness, no. But it was my mum at the back, and some of you may know my special story with my mom. She always gave me the confidence to get out there and share it, and here I am. So I’m digressing.

“When I went to Florida, it was all about long dresses, something cardigan to hide my arm. And I thought it was like a fashion statement I was going with. But looking back, I was actually covering up. Covering the insecurities. Covering everything I could possibly do. And that morning, we were down to kitchen, and I’m trying to catch up with everybody else. And I remember Steve’s in the kitchen, and I remember mum’s in the corner at the top of the table, making sure that everybody’s okay. And Matthew had come down, and I went down. I fell, and my skirt went up. And I was like, ‘Oh no, hopefully my pants don’t show.’ But I was more bothered about my legs showing. I was more bothered about that insecurity. That thing, that thing, like… In class… You were were talking about this week, ‘See that thing that’s holding you back? That thing that you don’t want to talk about? That thing that’s there? Like, see, since you started talking about it, oh my God. Your life will go like this.’

“It took me… Come on, since the Retreat, 10 years. I took on this stuff. Then I came and debated about, ‘I’ll take this little bit, but maybe not that little bit. And I’ll take this little bit, and maybe not that little bit.’ Some of it worked, some of it didn’t, and as time was going on, I was like, ‘Yeah, this is taking a bit longer than everybody else.’ And then I thought, ‘Let’s just do all of it.’ And all of it, again, my life opened up. The story was the phone call that I shared with you.”

Matthew: “Tell everyone what you told me, because this was one of the greatest phone calls I’ve had in these last two years.”

Angela: “Can I just share something about your mum before I go on?”

Matthew: “Yeah.”

Angela: “When I fell, I did make kind of a scene. And the one person that came over to me was his mum. And she picked me up, and she could see that I spilled something on my dress… And–I can’t do an accent–and she said, ‘You go upstairs, get dressed, come back down, and I’ll wash your dress.’ She washed my dress by hand, and she hung it up. And just by doing that little thing… feeling embarrassed, and feeling so awkward. Just by that beautiful action that she’d done… And it’s not a big deal… It touched me, and it’s still touched me to this day. And as Matthew says, that’s who his mum is. The next day I wore the dress again, because of his mum. So thank you.

“I’m digressing, sorry. I think I take after you. The thing was, leading up to this information I was going to share with Matthew, was, ‘How do I get the guy who goes all around the world? How do you reach out to the guy who is everywhere?’ So I thought, ‘I’ll send this email, but I don’t know if he’ll get it, I don’t know if it will even reach him.’ You know? And, Get the Guy techniques, the techniques that he shares with you today… Now if this is me, if that was there 10 years ago, and this is here, now, your life is going to be even more better than mine.

“I met a guy, and the second date… The first date was good. We met for a couple hours, caught up. And the second date–as Matthew said, ‘Just put it on the able, just tell him what it is. Get it over and done with.’ And I did. I was so worried when I was going to tell this guy what my accident was, and what scars I’ve got, and what I wear. That he turned around and he said the same thing as Matthew, ‘And what?’

“And I knew then that this is the man for me. Within… Yeah, just… Was it because of what Matthew said that this man had said this? Probably. But also what Matthew had taught me about myself. When I was sharing this with him… I remember before meeting up with him [thinking], ‘If he doesn’t like me for who I am, then stuff it. I’ll just keep going. I’ll keep going. My worth doesn’t depend what his is.’ So the Get the Guy stuff, that works.

“If I’m standing here, and you can see what I wear, my scars, any insecurities that you’ve had, I’ve had it. Seen it, done it. Got the picture? If I can get that, you can certainly get that.

“And then a few months later, we went to St. Andrews, which is a beautiful place in Scotland. We went on holiday, and he booked the honeymoon suite, and I was like, ‘Wow.’ No one’s ever done that for me. I was like, ‘This is amazing,’ and he said, ‘Oh, it just so happened the hotel, that was the only room they had.’ I was like, ‘Wow, amazing.’ My mum knows.

“And then we go out for something to eat, and then he’s really nervous. At one point, he was shaking. And at one point he actually said, ‘Do you want to try this?’ And when he said to try the food, it went and hit someone. It was that bad, and I was thinking, ‘I’ve still got it.’ And then, he’s like that… On his seat in St. Andrews. It’s a beautiful place out there, beautiful scenery. I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do that under the stars. Beautiful.’

“And then, he’s like, ‘Close your eyes. I’ve got a surprise for you.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.’ And then, I’m closing my eyes. And this is five minutes later, and I’m thinking, ‘I’m gonna get murdered. I’m going to get murdered.’ I’m thinking the worst. And then he was like, ‘Close your eyes,’ and I was like, ‘Okay.’ And then walking with heels on sand, with a prosthetic leg is really difficult. So I’m going down to the sand, and I’m trying to walk sexy, but slipping. But he thought it was cute. It wasn’t really. And then, I just was like, ‘Wow, this is so beautiful. Look at everything you can see.’ And then, ‘What are you doing down there?’ And he proposed, and six months later, we were married.

“Because of you. I’ve got two more things to share. Just, I don’t want to take your time up.”

Matthew: “Oh, tell… Take my time up. You can run the day today.”

Angela: “I think my nerves are kind of disappearing now, because I’m super excited that I’m sharing this with you girls. Because, you see, all week I’ve wanted to tell you things. I’ve wanted to come and sit with you, but I’ve had to kind of stay a wee bit… Uh, what’s the word? Closed. You know, in case I slipped up, and I shared this, you know? Because I’m a bit of a gab.

“Another thing that I shared with Matthew was my story. The thing that I couldn’t speak about. The thing that caused me the most torment. The most… thing that I was scared about. Again, this thing about the thing that’s holding you back… Is now for me, now that I’ve spoke about it.  Matthew got it out of me. I’ve now started my own charity, and I now help families and children who’ve been hurt by drunk and drunk drivers.

“But I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I hadn’t experienced the Retreat. I wouldn’t have experienced that if I hadn’t had the beautiful elephant herd presentation. I wouldn’t have had been able to do that if his mum’s love and affection… The way that she is with people. I am like that now, when I go visit families. Just with a touch, or… I’m not washing clothes, but… And my beautiful mum in the corner, as well, like her kindness, and compassion, and beauty, and always being there for me, you know? I feel very lucky. But it took all this time to get here. So I need to give this to you, because I need to show you something. One of the saddest things–”

Matthew: “Here, I’ll hold it for you.”

Angela: “Thank you. One of the saddest things about being in the accident, and why I share this for you guys, is getting told, ‘This is not going to happen for you. You’re not going to have your life. You’re not going to…’ like what Matthew was talking about, the moment when you look back at your life and you don’t have the people around you or you don’t have the things that you want. When I was told, because the severity of my injuries, that I’m never going to have a child… Imagine that. You’ve always wanted to have a family, and have a child, and to have that taken away from you, and to think, ‘How do you console yourself with that?’ I don’t think I could. And lucky I’ve got the love of my lovely husband now and things like that. But Matthew wanted me to come out and talk–when was it, Christmas time? And sadly, I had to go back into hospital for another operation. And my operation… It wasn’t good ladies. It was really hard, in fact. It was life changing.

“Mummy, can you come and see this, Pauline? Pauline and Stephen, can you come and see this? I’m going to show you guys just in a minute. But I just want you to see this reaction, because their love and care for the Retreat has brought… I’ll let you share that with mum and dad.”

Pauline: “Oh my God.”

Angela: “I know.”

Pauline: “So lovely.”

Angela: “I know. I know. So, the… Yeah. We got a wee baby girl now.”

Pauline: “I’m so pleased for you.”

Angela: “Thank you. I love you.”

Matthew: “What?”

Angela: “I really hope nobody told you and spoiled the surprise.”

Matthew: “How did you not tell me that on the phone?”

Angela: “It was really hard. It was really hard. I did have work–I did say to him, ‘I have work on…’ And I did have work. But it was still that we… Would it be safe to travel and things like that. But most importantly–”

Matthew: “What’s her name?”

Angela: “Hannah.”

Matthew: “Hannah.”

Angela: “And she’s so cute. It’s like, sometimes I look at her, and I just think, ‘Wow. I carried you? Amazing.’ I think what I want to share with you, and I hope you can all hear this, if you think coming to the Retreat, or Get the Guy thing, and you think, ‘No. It’s not nothing. No getting it. I don’t have my goals. I don’t have this.’ Or, you may be thinking, ‘Oh, this is what I want to do.’ It’s funny how things just change. But they’ve changed because you’ve had this experience, and I’m not any different from you. My scars are different. My life experiences are a bit different, but I’m just like you. I’m just like one of the girls. But I know–and I’ve came from Scotland, two flights away. I dragged my mum here. She’s now burnt. Sorry, sorry, sorry. It’s a lovely suntan. I’ve came this week because I want to tell you that this works. I was trying to think of a beautiful quote or something like that, but that’s what I said to you on the phone. ‘This works.’

“There’s no sugar coating it. There’s no putting on a pretty bow, or… If this is what want, your life to be better… And sometimes, I started out thinking I wanted to go in this direction, and this took me to this direction. But I have fulfillment in my life, in all areas. But I know that I’m going to have dips, and I’ve got tools now as well. I feel boosted, and I’ve got even more tools for my self esteem, and my confidence. I know what I’ve learned from you, I’m going to teach Hannah. And what an amazing little girl she’s going to turn into. You know what I mean? I want to say, thank you for listening. Thank you Pauline. Mummy Pauline. Thank you Steve for your amazing elephant. Wherever he is, there he is, and with mum there. And of course, my mum, I love you.

“But the trailblazer, Matthew. Thank you. Love you darling.”

Matthew: “Ladies, please can we… Because Angela did not need to come here this week, and she has for us. Can we give her a huge round of applause?”

[Audience cheering and clapping.]

Matthew: “Give it up for Angela, everybody.”


What Angela proved to me and that entire room is that you can have the most tremendous limitations in life, you can go through the most tremendous suffering, but when you decide to let go of that story, and you start actually opening the door to what’s possible… Forget what’s not possible. Forget the limitations. Everyone’s got limitations. But I was told once, ‘There is too much in life you can do to worry about what you can’t do.’ What we can do is endless.

So, instead of looking backwards, instead of looking at what we’ve done already, what mistakes we’ve made, what regrets we have, what limitations we have, ways we don’t match up, ways we’re not good enough, let’s start thinking about what we can do. About what this enormous, huge, infinite possibility-filled future has in store for us, that we get to now go an experience. Because the possibilities are utterly endless about where we can go from here. I don’t care who you are.

Now, if you want to explore those with me, if you want to do what Angie did, and join us on an extensive, immersive, life-altering program, I would love for you to apply to join my Retreat. The Retreat for so many people is a turning point in their life. It is a moment that takes everything they’ve been through, everything that has led them up until that point in their lives, and turns it into an endless world of possibility going forward. That’s what Angie experienced. That’s what people experience when they come to the Retreat. That’s what you can experience when you come and join us too. So, I hope you’ll apply. I appreciate you watching this video. And no matter what, I hope that simply watching this has given you a renewed sense of hope about what is possible in your life.

Apply for the Retreat by clicking here, and I will see you, as always, in next week’s video.

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27 Replies to “Lost Hope? The Message You NEED Right Now”

  • Crying right now, so beautiful. Seeing Angela up there, I know I’m not alone in going though things. Our circumstances maybe different, but I have wondered those same thoughts she did. I can’t wait for the October Retreat.

  • I needed to hear this today. I am 67 years old, attractive, love life and have a lot to offer. What is the but? The “but” is I am deaf, since birth. I have some hearing, I read lips very well and my friends forget I am deaf. I love going to concerts, wineries, going out, traveling – have a great circle of friends. Whenever I go on a date (I tried the online dating), there is an issue with the deafness. One guy told me “I’ve always wanted to F… a deaf girl”. One guy told me that I was so “brave” to coming out to meet him because of my deafness, do you have any girlfriends you can fix me up with? I have guys literally back away and start talking to me like I am an idiot and making signs and pointing. Crazy…:) I have “given up” looking but this video has inspired me to keep trying. Thank you Matthew!

  • Am confused right now , I have a guy I love so much , though I knew him through his cousin sister , she told me about him and sent my pictures to him he said he likes me , His sister said he wants a lady he will settle down with , I met him last two weeks at his sister’s we didn’t spend much time to talk , he traveled back to his base which is very far from where am staying , But he have called only twice since he traveled back , He chatted me up on WhatsApp two days ago asking me this questions “Can I trust ” I said yes , he asked again “can I love you ” I replied him “follow your heart” since then he haven’t call or chat me up again and I haven’t call or chat as well , but I have loved him . What will I do , can he love me … Can it work between both of us … I really want him

  • I ‘hope’ you can meet up for a cup of coffee, if not now, anytime! Otherwise, I hope you are well, really strong and well.

  • What a touching, beautiful story!! Thanks so much Angela for telling it & Matthew for sharing. I did the online version of the retreat earlier this year. These personal testimonies must be super powerful live, but they’re also very precious in the distance version for feeling the energy of the community. Thank you & big hugs, Agnes xx

  • Love & happy tears!! I want to be that kind of moving forward positive girl every second every Best day Everlike Angela-!! I actually was surprised for my first date too! And confident to be playful-How authentic & real a guy is-full of wisdom, I feel overwhelmed by a beautiful, humbling & lovely new Gratefulness for everything in life, always good=attraction/same energy he/we happen to share.

  • Hi Matthew my story is similar to Angela but not the same . I have been previously married with an abuser and my scars are deep and more emotional. My confidence has been knocked down a few times by previous relationships and I struggle to keep a relationship. Because of this now my work is affected. I’m actually seeking help and hopefully a solution to the problem. When is a date for you’re retreat?

    1. Hi, Andreea! Sara here with Team Matthew Hussey – thanks for reaching out regarding Matt’s Retreat! Matt’s next live Retreat will be happening from October 6th-12th, 2019 and we’re also starting to book live Retreats in 2020. If you want more information on any of the Retreats or have any questions, please contact our support team at support@howtogettheguy.com so we can share more details with you! :)

  • That was so very inspiring. What stood out to me the most was the kindness in people, in your mum, you, and the man she met, the video made me cry. That’s really what life should be about. My dating experiences have been absolutely terrible, men judge so much on looks these days & some of the things that have been said to me & my friends have just been so superficial & horrible, that’s it made me not even want to date anymore, I’ve never felt so judged & disrespected as a human being in whole life & honestly it’s made me often question what society has become. I know I’m a kind person with a good heart & yet these men I’ve met, seem to want to break me & take that away from me, but I will never let them. My resilience & having confidence in the person I know I am has been the only thing that has kept me going. I will still be kind & try only to see the good in people. But I must say it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done & im sure the mothers of these guys would be mortified of their behaviour. I’m certainly raising my son to be a good person & would never allow him to judge people on looks alone, it’s who the person is that really matters. And the proudest moment of my life was when I saw my little guy being so kind to a Down syndrome child. He didn’t even know I was there watching but in that moment, my heart melted, and I knew I was raising a good boy, who will one day be a good man. He’s only 10 years old, but I’m so proud of him. Thank you for the work you do Matthew, if only there were more kind people in this world, it would be a much better place. Keep spreading the message. Honestly thank you, you remind me there are still good people out there!

  • OMG! I don’t usually respond to these things, but what a beautiful story! I couldn’t help myself. What an inspiration & what a beautiful person Angela is. Makes you put life in perspective. I was moved to tears at her fortitude and resilliance. What a role model for us all.

  • i have been just crying all the video through..Its so powerful message! Thank you for sharing this!!

  • Forgive this lengthy response. May I start with this womens story is my husbands story. He lost his leg before we met and the second after. I dropped my life and helped him recover as I had the summer after the second amputation off. We had the privilege of seeing every side of each other that only married couples can see. I have truly met my soul mate. He is everything God prepared me for and then some. It is not easy but we are growing stronger every day. We just celebrated our first anniversary. GOD using you your advice and your book helped me to become who the women I needed to be for my husband and God was preparing him for me but I would have lost out if God had not used you to reach me. A million thanks and praise God

  • Thank you sooo much for this lovely, encouraging, and healing video Matt! I was crying all the time but in a good way, I mean it was releasing. :) I have no words actually, I’m so amazed by your gentle care for the ladies and how people’s life can change. I have a serious illness but now I feel like maybe it’s not such a big deal as I thought. I think you’re right; there are a few things that I can’t do – like I don’t have money for your retreat -, but there are still many things that I can; I can raise my game for example, and start to believe in finding love…

  • Hello Mathey, I’m Evelin and I’m written from Buenos Aires, I was watching yours videos, since 4 or 5 month ago, first thank you I was practice my english, I didn’t go to a great school, I studdied a little when I was young, but I’s so important listen to you, watch your video, understand what you say… so thanks for that…. first.
    My heart is broked in so many pieces, that It’s really hard to think that I can get all the pieces together again. I used to getting up, continue with the life, try to smile, so many times, and I always get it, but not with all of pieces of my heart… I had a reaaly hard life, but I just finished to hear Angela’s video and… So what? that question it’s so great to getting up, my heart was broken again recently, and I have two kids so I always try to continue with the life, be a happy person, and teach them that the life, sometimes, is hard, but you have to find the confidence, the courage to deal with the problems… and I know, I feel it, I’m not alone, I have so many frinds and family, but you are here with me, accompanying me, guiding me, I’s really nice receive your video on Instagram and read what you have to say me, to say everyone I know, so thank you, I don’t feel right now that I will be in love again and share my life with someone who really wants me, I don’t FEEL it, but I KNOW it, because you say that, and I try, really try to have hopes,
    So I’m strong person, I konw that, but I want to be a person who has a guy that just want to be with me, so first I will love me more and care about me and what I want to do, just healing my scars.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I will never can go to your retreat program, but I will be watching yours videos…. thank you for share it with us. I hope my you can understand my english! :)

  • Thanks a lot for this video, it really touched me! I’m 47 years old, I’m single and I’ve never had a boyfriend at all. It’s been a really hard “trip” with my actual psychologist to review my life, which has been marked by more than 20 surgeries of my hips, legs, and spine. I know I’ve been so privileged, I have lots of friends and a caring family, but I’ve always felt that nobody will ever like me like a woman, and I’m just starting –this year– to feel different about it. So thanks a lot! I see all your videos and try to take all your advice. I don’t have money for your retreat or paid programs, but at least I’m sure to be doing –maybe longer and slower– but the right walk with my therapist now. I hope that one day I’ll be able to say, just like Angela, “It works!” and to find someone to love and with whom to build a deep nurturing relationship.

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