Important message to all of the intimidating ‘b*tches’ out there…

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166 Replies to “Important message to all of the intimidating ‘b*tches’ out there…”

  • I really love the advvices u give, I’m 17 years old and learned a bunch of stuff.I watched everything u put up on the internet. everything. =P Ur advices encourage me to become more confident and more open towards guys.
    thank u so much and keep up ur good work.
    sweet greetings from Austria <3

  • I totally agree with you and i have a confusion that i WAS one of those bit@#^s lol and now i havnt completely stopped being so but i at least know when to be a a bit$%^^ and when to be good :D thank you Matthew x

  • I love the background and your team did a real good job with the bloopers ;)
    I try to be open and look approachable and all that as much as possible, especially when I see a guy I might be interested in. But I ONLY get attention from the guys I don´t want attention from.. IF even that..
    I don´t mind not being the girl who is constantly pursued by guys, but nothing? I don´t think my attitude OR my face is bitchy at all… So, something is going wrong!

  • Great advice, Matt! I’ve discovered that a girl with a miserable looking face not only affects guy’s thoughts about that girl, but it also affects the thoughts of anyone who looks at that girl. One who looks miserable often will not only lose her chances of getting the right guy, but she will also lose her chances of making some really great friends. I know this from experience. I had trouble making friends during my first semester of college and wondered why, but I later realized that there were a few people (girls and guys) who would drop me hints like “You look sad.” “Are you okay”? I never really thought about until I figured out that my miserable look could be a reason I wasn’t getting any where in the social department at school. :( It’s just so hard to fix because I never can catch myself with a miserable look. I don’t realize I’m doing it until someone says something to me. Oh well…better luck next semester, I hope. lol! I’m trying to work on it.

  • Once I was walking down the street and I was late for my train so I was a little panicky then I heard a guy say she looks well upset and I thought to myself is that what people see when they look at me? Lol
    I need to smile more :) xx

  • Hi Matthew great video, at times I come off as unapproachable because I am a very shy person and it is hard for me to talk to someone new. What is your advice on how I can stop being unapproachable with my body language and on how I can open up and be more outgoing with people around me. Thank you for your time.

  • Thank you for the video, Matthew and thank you for responding to the comments!:)
    I always try my best not to look like a bitch, haha. I try to smile, I try to look like a nice girl (because I’m a nice girl:D) but I always avoid eye contact. When I talk to someone face to face, it’s not a problem. But when I see a handsome guy… I just can’t.:/ I know it’s because I’m afraid but I don’t want to be!
    (I’m sorry if my English is incorrect, it’s not my 1st language.)

  • …Well, I just want to know if that guy with the handlebar moustache is on the market! Hello London!

  • Uhhh, I can tell you,
    things got pretty bad since I learned from you. Too many guys interested now! Went to a party once just by myself and came home with 3 guys later to have party at my place….well, till the girl under my flat knocked on my door…hm, she didn´t want to be part of it….
    And still I miss sometimes opportunities.
    I started a new job and people there told me that I have to find my boyfriend there cause i won´t have any more time to meet other guys. I have plenty of opportunities, thanks you for reminding me to be chatty. Yes, I´m very much enjoying this.
    by the way, I wanna give some good advice for shy girls, who don´t have selfesteem: go to Indonesia! LOL, really. I was on my trip through Indonesia, Sumatra, came out of the airplane, sweaty, unfit bla bla. Guys, very handsome, young and with beautiful smiles came out of their shops and everywhere to say Hello to me, even falling on their knees. Yes, of course I know, what their intention was, but, who cares. I felt like a TopModel on the catwalk.

    ANyway, love your stuff, Matthew, keep going!!!!

    xxx Nadine

  • Hahaha true. When you smile a lot the muscles in your face tend to grow in that way. So you’ll look much happier when you get older. When you wear your bitch face you will die as a lonely old moody … no I’m kidding it’ll just look different. With the corners of your mouth dropped and your eyebrows low..the wrinkles of dislike carved deep in your cheeks. No wrinkle cream can compete with smiling. There’s been a research in witch two groups of people are watching a cartoon. One study group had to clench a knife between their teeth vertically, so they look sad or angry.. they didn’t enjoy the cartoon that much. The other group had to clench the knife between their teeth horizontally, so they look as if smiling.. they thought the cartoon was so funny ! ;)

  • Totally get your rant, Matthew, and can understand why it might be off-putting to guys when trying to approach girls. I’m really shy when it comes to talking to men, which I guess may come across as standoffish-ness so that’s what I’m trying to work on now!
    Though.. I work on a university campus and the hottest student around (seriously like a model) keeps staring at me, and smiling, and the other day we had a bit of a really intense eye contact moment going on.. Basically I wanted to jump on him there and then, ha ha! Awkward, though, cos I’m staff and he’s not so although we chat it’s difficult to take to the next level..but still, nice to have a flirt every now and again, doesn’t happen often enough because of said shyness!

  • Hey Matt loved the title lol

    I have to admit I am that girl. I always do that with guys, expecially in everyday situations like when I’m at the gym! I see many guys look at me, and I also see they wanna come and talk to me but they never never do that, and I’m pretty sure I do that “angry-face thing” without even realizing it. Or maybe I do realize I’m doing that? I don’t know, I guess it comes from insecurity and being shy, like you said, cos 99% of times, I’ll always think he is not looking cos he really think I’m cute, but for another reason.

    Buuuut… I am also pretty sure that’s my facial expression cos people always tell I look angry when in fact I’m not.. what should I do? Walk with a big smile on my face that tells “hey, I’m not actually angry! It’s just my face!”

    Btw, loved your video, loved London (I miss that city so much) and loved your advices, inspiring and illuminating as usual. Thanks ;)

  • Thanks for the reminder! I can look sad or angry when I am lost in my (sometimes even very happy) thoughts or just managing my own business. That’s not something I do on purpose, moreover the way my face apparently is most comfortable :p Whenever I am aware of doing it though, I try to reflect in my face a more happy version of how I might come across. Also, your post reminded me of an illustration I found a while ago, it’s perfectly related to your post, but holds the defensive position of the women saying they can’t help it, labeled as the condition ‘chronic bitch face’ haha:

  • It’s hard, but just smilling a little when you walk around makes you twice as approachable as without that smile. I got smiled back today by everybody- men, women, kids, dogs wagging their tails – but they don’t know I was laughing inside thinking of “The Penguins of Madagascar”!

    By the way, your muscles look great! You really have worked on thme these last 2 years. A bit of advice for the ladies: I started doing some weight training 9 months ago, and it kills the bitchiness, shapes you up, and you see guys a humans / normalpeople when they are struggling in the gym.

    Have a great olympian summer! :=)

  • Well i agree with you completely. And i think your really funny! :) But i know people who always have a smile on their face and still are never approached by guys. But we can all be grumpy at times… im not moody often but my guy tends to know about it when i am and he hasn.t left me yet!! Thanks for your advice its always very useful :) x

  • im from korea i love you matthew you are awesome! you gives me inspiration and motivation always thanks!!

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