What A Difference A Year Makes

It’s been an amazing year for my team and I. With this video I want to stop by to say hello, to say thank you for making happen all that you have, and to reflect on the year and tell you some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

Leave a comment below and tell me one thing you’ve done this year that you appreciate, as well as one thing you’ve learned.

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294 Replies to “What A Difference A Year Makes”

  • I am going through a very painful break up and what you are doing really motivates me not to shut down. All the best luck to you and the whole “get the guy ” team. New year will bring something good with it.

  • Thanks for continuously giving us updates wish you would come to Australia to present a seminar we have a lot of presenters from a lot of overseas people that come here.

  • Hi Matthew, have been following you for a while now. I will be 50 next year – haven’t dated for 5 years following a very abusive marriage. Have had lots of counselling, mindfulness etc. and now feel ready to start again – but where do I start, where do I meet anyone. I still have fairly young children, my youngest is 10 so cannot visit museums, art gallerys easily as have to watch the clock as it were! It’s scary stuff but I feel I have a lot to offer, I have no bitterness or anger left just loads of love to give – help – where do I begin this exciting journey!

    Merry Christmas to you and may your journey into 2013 be great and everything and more!

    1. Start by reading the blogs. There’s lots on here that can help you. And if you feel inclined, the best place to actually get a roadmap is http://www.themanmyth.com/products/ There I have an entire programme that is perfect for anyone looking to start making massive leaps in their love life.

      Thanks Tracey for being brave enough to ask WHAT you can do. Proud of you x

  • I want to write so much more but I immediately wanted to reinforce your comments about making time for the relationships in your life. I ran my own business for 6/7 years and I absolutely LOVED what I did. I loved it so much I worked ALOT of hours. I enjoyed it so much but I was guilty of putting work before my partner. I lost my relationship because I thought the world would fall apart if I didn’t put in the hours and give my job my all. I couldn’t see it until it was too late, until I had lost everything. PLEASE everyone, make time for the important relationships in your life. x

  • I’ve learned that co-dependency is bad for me and I appreciate all people around me who are helping me to get out of troubles I put myself into because of it.. And I am grateful for all the tips I am receiving from your videos too!! :)

  • Hi!

    How are you doing?

    I decided to move back home from Australia this April,( sounds crazy, but I love England!) I’m 33 and I had to start again as all of my friends have moved on.

    It’s been really hard starting again ESP during the GFC, I came across your YouTube videos a few months ago and I noted down all your advice on my iPhone and joined a social gym were lots of guys go.
    I have been having more dates and fun than I had in my 20’s thanks to your advice – I still make mistakes now & then from old bad habits and its a shame I’ve learnt so late on about guys – its a good job I found you online otherwise I would of carried on going down the wrong road. You give great direct advice that’s simple and to the point. I tried other sites and many dating books that contradicted themselves and made me more confused, but your way of explaining things just made everything click for me.

    I have always been a physically fit and attractive woman, but in my 20s guys just used to stare at me and I didn’t understand why and how to break down that barrier, I’m now giving advice to my 20 something year old girlfriends who I can see are having the same problems I had.

    I hope I can get to watch your new show I’m the U.K, I’m really looking forward to watching your methods in practice.

    Hope you have a great Xmas!

    Love Claire

    1. Hey Claire!

      This message made my day. So lovely.

      I’m so glad to see you’ve been getting a lot from the trainings. I’ve put a lot into them so it makes me really happy to see people benefit.

      In January I have something brand new on the way that you can watch, and it won’t matter that you are in the UK! Speak soon x

  • Hi
    I wanted to say a big thank you for your help, this year i have made a decision which was break away from my dead marriage and is now on the beginning stages with a new completely different guy. I have found myself once again.
    Thank you again and hope you have a wonderful Christmas. x

  • I’ve learnt about how to communicate better. I’m sad about maybe messing things with a guy i liked and i can so relate to anyone out there who feels that way, but i’ve learnt how to get past that and not focus too much on that and create make the things that I can do better than what I would have done in the past.

    1. Hey Ann!

      It’s always good to look forward not backwards. Continuing to learn better communication is absolutely key. And once you feel more equipped there, it’s amazing what you can turn around from your past. More on this to come. Stay tuned : )

      Thanks for commenting x

  • My New Year’s Resolution this last year has been to make memories. I think it will be one I renew this coming year. It meant I made time for my friends and family as you said, because I wanted to have people to share those memories with. One of my memories is actually visiting your team in London with my Mum for an event. My one regret of the year? That unfortunately you Matthew were in America so we weren’t able to meet your charismatic good self in person! However hopefully we will see you at an event next year. Here’s to a fantastic 2013!

  • Hey Matthew! So great to hear about your achievements this year. You seem so genuine and relational and offer great nuggets of wisdom!
    What have I learned this year – that being single and divorced has freed my spirit and soul:) God provided me with a great job, most importantly favor and friendships in the new work enviroment. I started compteing in fitness shows, and was placed 5th and 2nd in both shows I competed in. I have a whole new set of fitness competitor friends whose energy and zest for life matches my own.
    Started doing some fitness modeling, all the things I couldn’t do being married:)
    What I need to improve on – being vulneralble and open to love in all its power. Focus on getting my book out to publishers (rewrite 2 chapters by year end, to pitch)
    Improve staying connected to my family that live overseas.
    I wrote this as much for me as for your site.
    You keep doing the great job you’re doing – and we will continue to learn and grow!

  • Hey Matthew :)

    Thanks for this video. I’m happy to see you’re having so much success. :) That’s great. I live in France and the idea of being guided in one’s love life is not really well received but I truly believe that, if I want something, there has to be solution to get it. So thank you for the advice and for spreading this idea that you can actually learn how to seduce which is totally true. (reminds me of own personal high school experiments ^^)

    So…this year…I guess I’ve learned to maintain balance in my life between my studies, my friends and what I really like to do. I had lost so much confident in a thing I wasn’t good at but that I truly wanted to do! So this summer, I decided to take a break and to go back to the roots. I took an art course and I became the best student of the class because I’m quite good at drawing and because I really love that. And the best is that this confidence I have found again actually help me to succeed now where I used to fail!

    Here, that was what I learned. Thanks again for yours videos. It’s funny because it makes me laugh each time I receive the newsletter. So thanks^^ Have nice winter

  • I signed up to get your emails/videos last year. For many years I didnt think I could overcome a break up and I couldnt fall in love blah bla blah but after a year of listening to what you’ve said I’ve turned my whole situation around. The problem is now I dont have time for a relationship cuz I’m so busy. I have many guys who are interested but I dont have the time to have a serious relationship. I am a music major and I teach music, compose, I have 6 classes, I practice 3 hours everyday, and work for 20 hours a week. I am successful but I would enjoy a relationshiop too. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Emily!! That’s AMAZING. Thanks for letting me know how it has affected you.

      Between now and January I’m going to be talking a lot about commitment and relationships. You need to listen because it will help you decide what you really want and what you want to prioritise in your life.

      Speak soon x

  • thanks for this nice videO :D
    this year I start writing my book ,though i wrote ony half of it lol (Guilty you or your child ), for me it was a year with so many ups and down ,yet it was a gr8 year
    and learned how love can destroy some1 ,saw friends getting depressed ,its horrible

    1. Love can be really hard. But that’s why we have a place like this to come together and be positive in overcoming it!

      Now write the other half of your book! x

  • I could nt watch the video cos of ma fone type, buh hv learnd a lot 4rm u. Jes met a guy thru ur techniques nd hv bin using ur proceedures nd all. Tnx hussey. Hv a nice xmas nd new year, luv ya

  • Matthew, I LOVE your videos!! I’m in US and would LOVE to get that DVD of yours, but I looked at the price convertion and shipping from UK and it gets rather much….
    Is any way you make it available for us in USA?
    That’d be soooo awesome!!

    1. Hey!

      I have a complete online programme which involves ZERO shipping, you just access the videos from your computer. You can access the videos here: http://www.themanmyth.com/products/. It’s only $29.95 to get started and includes a free trial to my 6 part immersion programme. Give it a go and let me know what you think, I’m very proud of it!

      Enjoy x

  • Hi Matt,
    just wanted to say thank you for all of your great advice in the last few months!
    you’ve taught me alot and even though I’m still quite young I’m glad that I am learning these things now rather than later.

    Thank you for everything you’ve taught me, from what not to do on a date to how to get a guy at work without looking stupid (which I have been able to accomplish!).

    I hope you have a great Christmas and new years and I cannot wait to see what happens next year.

    thanks again


    1. Thanks Crystal. It’s going to be a mad time for sure, but you’re going to see crazy things happen here with us, and you’re going to be part of it! x

  • I think I’ve had a pretty amazing year. I decided to pursue my passions, and in doing so, I left a 9-5 job to go completely freelance and do things that I’ve always wanted to do but was too afraid to do so. Sure, money may be a bit hard to come by, but I’m really doing stuff that means a lot to me, and it’s a great feeling! Something that cannot be measured in dollars and cents.
    What have I learnt? the first step to getting what you want is the hardest, you’ve got to be brave enough to try. But once you’ve overcome that, the possibilities are endless.
    Oh, and I still haven’t found my happy-ever-after, but that seems to matter less when you’re happy with yourself and your life.

    1. “I still haven’t found my happy-ever-after, but that seems to matter less when you’re happy with yourself and your life.” More than that, this is exactly the time when crazy things happen in your love life. Happiness attracts happiness. Stay happy and proactive (in your love life too) and he’ll come.


  • I have gained so much more confidence in myself. I tend to be a bit shy, especially around people I do not know. I think that was always my excuse to say well I’m old school and want the guy to ask me. This year I walked up to a guy and asked him to dance with me. He said yes and even texted me that night. I know this does not sound like much, but it was a huge boost in my confidence. I did not feel any chemistry between us, but it was more about the experience. Now if only I could find and talk to guys at places other than bars and clubs. That is going to be my goal for this coming up year. Any good suggestions of where to start?

    1. Everywhere else! Talk to three guys today in places you wouldn’t normally strike up a conversation and see what happens. Thanks for commenting Katie! x

  • Hi Matthew,

    I am a divorcee and what I achieved this year is that I have met many different men and have had multiple second/third dates etc. Thanks to you videos I now understand men’s body language better and also how to be attractive to guys. I have finally met someone I quite like and he’s a Londoner and younger. He speaks with a charming London accent like you.

    I have only ever dated American guys before so I’d like to ask you, do English guys assume we are exclusive right away? Or is it more like US dating where it’s not assumed until a proper conversation. Also, I’d like to know about how to deepen our relationship from dating to more serious.


    1. Hey Greatgal,

      It really depends on the guy. People like to talk about the American ‘dating culture’, which we don’t have in the UK in quite the same way, although increasingly Brits (esp. in cities) are treating dating in the same way as in America. My rule is to always assume the conversation will be necessary on some level, or at least that you find a way to communicate that the two of you are exclusive.

      I’m going to bring you something in the new year which goes DEEP into this subject in a way I’ve never done before. Can’t wait for you to see it x

  • A new might be better. even though I am still new to this uplifting advice. Thanks to you tube, I still wonder though. Ill keep watching these advise clips to help me along, I hope it helps me. I’m glad you found success, even though I don’t know you but heard some of your stuff, I would like to say thank you for being one person in the wonder that cares. It’s like when humanity ever sees any light from the sunshine that brings joy or happiness because of others pure intention, It destroys it. I hope your work carries on and happy new year. Thank you for bring some people out of the darkness and into the light.

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