Where To Meet The Best Men – The Results!

Pretty varied locations right? You can meet a guy anywhere.

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Question of the day : )

What is the the best line a guy has ever said to you?

Can’t wait to read your answers in the comments. The best will be read out in next weeks video.


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185 Replies to “Where To Meet The Best Men – The Results!”

  • “what would you do if the next time we meet I felt like kissing you?”
    From a text before a 2. date.
    Or ” your an intelligent lady I like it.”

  • Never really heard a good line myself. It seems this is geared toward younger women. After the end of a 20 year marriage, there doesn’t seem to be opportunities for me. I have tried initiating conversation but it never goes anywhere. I’m either un-date able or I always pick the wrong guy. I’m not trying for the pitiful award here. I just don’t see this working for me. Do older guys even use “lines”?

    1. Hi Julie

      I am in the same position as you Julie, you are not alone if it’s any consolation.

      Matthew – any pointers for “older women” out of long marriages/relationships with this theme?


      1. I am turning 50 in 2 months and I said in a saddish flirty way to a guy I just met “can you believe I am turing 50?” He of course did the sweet thing and said that I didn’t look a day over 30–he was being very sweet and I SHOWERED him with appreciation. He ended up talking to me, buying me drinks, and giving me his number. Oh, and he is 41. When Mathew tells you to be interesting, confident, and playful, he is 1005 correct. Attitude is everything and it knows no age limit. I am fairly average in looks and intellegence, but my mantra has been since my husband left after 16 years that I am out of prison and I am going to have fun–I make EVERYTHING fun. Even turning 50.lol

  • When I first started talking to my boyfriend ( he is my brother’s best friend) and I remember this incident vividly because it pretty much sealed the deal for me. Here’s the dialogue :
    Me: So, what are you thinking of? ( he was staring off into space)
    D: Nothing.
    Me You dont think much do you?
    He looks at me
    D; Why would I need to think if everything I think about is right in front of me?

    I was a goner after that. Thanks so much for your help Matthew!

  • So, this is not one of the best pick up lines, but it’s the one I get the most. I always get guys saying you look familiar, were do I know you from. Most of the time I do not think I have ever seen the guy before, so I never know what to say. Does anyone have any good lines I could say after I get asked this?

    1. Say to him: yes we met last week in (name some place everyone can go to .. like bus stop.. train..)and you asked me to meet you today, here at(look at the clock and say the time.. like 10h46mnt and 20second..)and smil :)..say it playfully..
      He knows that he never met you before and he knows that he never asked you to meet him, but it will give you a chance to have a communication with him and may be more.. :)

  • A cute guy came up to me at the pool one summer afternoon while I was with my girlfriends and said, “Excuse me, my buddies and I are having a disagreement about something & I’d like to know what you think… How much does a polar bear weigh?” My response, “Um, I’m not too sure.” He then says, “Enough to break the ice. Hi, I’m __________, can I call you sometime?” I then giggled with my girlfriends, and gave him my number. Although that line was super cheesy, I thought it showed his confidence to approach me in front of my friends, AND I hadn’t heard that before, so thought him creative. It never turned into anything, but we did go out a few times.

  • I don’t get approached too often but that one caught me completely off-guard. I was riding up the escalator and the guy was going the opposite way. I guess I just looked at him for a brief moment without thinking about it (he wasn’t my type of guy, very nerdy and all). The moment I got off the escalator someone brushed me on the back and there he was, stopping me. And he said something along the lines of ‘Your eyes are so beautiful I forgot where I was going when I saw them’. :) That was so sweet! I gave him my number but he never clled/texted anyway. Not that I wanted him to but this whole experience made my day :)

    Not really a pick-up line.. But more like a conversation starter. It avoided awkward moments and it made me feel like I really don’t have to put so much effort, I just have to have fun and be me.. Like he was. (It was actually really hot, it was 45 degrees celsius and we were in a bus where the air-conditioner wasn’t working. Everyone was absolutely drenched from sweat!)

  • I do really get much pick-up lines. It’s funny, most of the communication men seem to give is non-verbal. First it will start with stares, or searching for a response back – and if they’re feeling persistent then they try to set up situations where they’ll see me frequently, and try to get to know me that way- or try to find out more about me indirectly. I’m frustrated by this though because I’m a shy person toward the men I’m attracted to. I was told recently by a guy that I intimidate men because of my appearance. I guess after a long marriage & needing to get back out there – I’ll need a few lines myself!

  • “I’ve been through this whole exhibition and you’re definitely the highlight”. This was said to me whilst working at an art gallery.

  • I guess the line he texted me would be the one I liked the most: “I’m sorry, if I had known the dance lessons were till a quarter past four I would have stayed. :(” He left earlier from them and when he found out they were finished 15 minutes after he left for his bus he wrote this to me.
    Now, two months later he asked me if he could leave earlier, but in the end he didn’t do it, eventhough he then missed the bus. I was actually very happy, because he stayed with me till the end and seemed to enjoy it. He then had to wait an hour for the next bus!
    Guys at my age usually don’t really use lines, that’s why I just wrote the thing I liked him saying. He also said many other adorable things, but I guess this was the line that made me to start to fall in love with him and it was also the first thing he ever texted me. ;)

  • “You are a natural beauty” – with appreciative admiration from the two guys having a conversation about women…

    Made me feel good because I do get pressured sometimes to wear make-up more from fellow female friends. Most of the time, I wear just minimal and I am happy with it.

    Anyway, the comment made my day although my first thought that came to my mind was “ Do they really mean that?”

  • ‘Have I told you already how lovely you are? You are really lovely!’ – And yes he told me that before, but hearing it again was just incredibly sweet!

    Other lines I liked, but they were in a more funny context
    ‘why you’re telling me that? You know I’d have had ten kids with you!!’, this one just entering at the US border while the agent was checking my student VISA ‘nice lady, you won’t leave this country without an husband!’

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