This “Secret Sauce” Will Guarantee You Results in Life

I’m always being asked about the secrets I used to build my company Get The Guy into what it is today. People always say, “What’s your secret, Matt? Did you just get lucky?”

Well, yes, I have been lucky in my life.

But I also had a huge advantage that I’ve used repeatedly over the last 10 years to explode my success in ways that most other people don’t get to experience in a lifetime.

Once you learn how to use this “secret sauce” for yourself, you can get practically anything you want…

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21 Replies to “This “Secret Sauce” Will Guarantee You Results in Life”

  • Hello Matt!

    I really like this concept! I also believe that when you know how to create impact, people are more likely to listen to what you have to say. And you are living proof of it!
    Since I am a tall girl I’m always noticed, so I’m makjng effort in making good impressions. For some reason people come to me and introduce themselves to me out of the blue. Seems like I already have some impact, just not sure how I do it haha. I’m only 19 but still very interested in your Impact program, will there be spoken about creating impact on social media as well? I’m not really sure how to engage people on the social media yet, so I’d love to learn about it!

    It’s very cool that you care for yourself enough to make the best out of life. :D

    Kind regards from the Netherlands,


  • Dear Matt,
    I did ‘impact’ about 5 months ago. A lot of things have changed since then just using the baby steps in progress and working on the best version of me. I took a lot of notes from every modul, reading them from time to time or listening again to you if necessary. The secret sauce means creating a new menue every single day.
    Thank you for all the inspiration.
    XX Elke

  • Hi Matthew,

    I forgot to ask you:

    What was your biggest challenge when you were starting your business?

    How did you overcome it?

    Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently when you were first starting out?

    Thank you for all the information you share with us!! It helps us a lot!! :D

    PS: Come to the Stampede and see the Rodeo in Calgary!!


  • Hey Matthew!
    I wish I could get more confident! I’m an introvert.
    Most of the time, when I talk to my friends*, I regularly talk very quietly, because I don’t believe in myself!
    What would you recommend me to so?

  • Wow! A very strong message…Thanks Matthew…You are always encouraging…and these videos are always inspiring…Keep them coming! I look forward to a new one every Sunday…Hugs! Wishing your Dad …a wonderful Father’s Day! He’s the best! ;) <3

  • Matthew,
    I had a work conference last week. I had to leave in the middle of the day to go to an internal job interview. Right away when I walked into the conference a person said that I was radiating positive energy. I grabbed a seat and the president of the company sat next to me, addressed me by name and asked how I’m doing. I mentioned that I had an interview and he wished me luck.
    The reason I mention this is because I am influential in my company. I looked around the room and realized I have made an impact on my work in part because of what I learned in your program. Then at the job interview I knocked it out of the park. It ended with a request from the group to email them some information related to a goal I had set at your retreat.
    I have no idea if I will get that job but I know I added value to the lives of the people there. I had the secret sauce but you helped me master the recipe.
    Love, Jennifer

  • I am curious what the impact is about and if it is truly what I want to invest in. Is there more info on it? Such as how long it lasts, cost, what all it involves and teaches? I ask as I am on a VERY strict budget as a single mother and I need more info to make a decision about this program. I am highly motivated, high energy, IN Tune type person all I feel I am lacking is keeping my focus SOLID with excitement and firm belief as I think that is what keeps holding me back. When I focus on aomethi g I achieve and recieve it…but holding that focus has been a problem lately….will this program help or is it for something else?

  • Oh Matthew, I’m disappointed for the first time with your video. It was just a sales pitch. You have so much good to say and this was baad :(. I really am a fan of yours as well. I loved last week’s video :) x

  • Matthew,

    I have only watched your videos and read your book and it has changed my life. Your videos “tools” are fill-ups to keep moving forward with confidence in the practice of mastery of having the “Motts” or “awesome sauce” of love.

  • I love you Mathew and I’m vegan so I prefer your videos without meat analogies… I assume there might be many other loyal fans who are vegetarian or vegan who might be bummed to see this too.
    Other than this, I think you’re awesome.

  • I have a question. I am not able to tell the real from the fake on this impersonal web dating site. Men are gushing with praise I have a few hundred hits in the last 3 months. Many of them I have no interest in. The few I do like seem to disappear after a few conversations. I am ready to check into a nunnery. Help. Please!

    1. Hi, Eileen,
      Sorry for telling you but I also have had issues in those websites. I think (and at least in the free ones I had proof) that many engaged guys use those tools only for the fun of flerting. After a few texts they stop because they don´t want to cheat on their partners… they just want to have some fun talking.
      (I´ll may be wrong, ok… it is just a thought).

  • Hello Matthew!!

    I really think I m born in the wrong generation!! Every men I have met, are only Players or stay in long relationship with them but never commit ‍♀️ What should I do? What advice would you give me?
    PS: u are amazing & I love u to bits

  • Dearest Matthew,

    I came here today to beg for your help and I couldn`t think of any other light in mi life. And this video makes total sense for me. I habe been following you since beginning of 2012, before your book, before you moving to America! You have transformed my mind regarding dating, men and people in general. And I really need your help because, besides the whole dating issues I am also a person who strugle in social interaction for real – everything I know about it, I had to learn in a rational, almost scientific way. So, you have played a very big role in my life and I am thankful for that.

    Moving to my issue: I have boyfriend – it’s been two months only that we are together. And I sense like there is a male friend who may be a little bit jealous, probably because he is losing his “single buddy”. We are mature people, over 30 years old, so “single buddies” are kind of rare. I don’t know how to deal with that. The guy keeps scheduling things for them both to do, sometimes my boyfriend goes, sometimes he takes me with him but the guy kind of complains about it, telling in a friendly way “oh, you should have bring a girl…” and then he ends up leaving earlier, like my presence has ruined something. It may sounds silly, but it is annoying me and I don’t want to start a competition. And just want to be good with my very new boyfriend (he is the most gentle guy I have ever met, so I think he is worth the effort). Please, please, please, give any advice regarding dealing with male friends of our boyfriends.

    I love you, Matthew. And trust me, you have changed my life for the better.

  • Hi Matthew
    I have a question. I wanna know what it means when a man says his EX is his BEST FRIEND??? And she lives, with him as a roommate and he STILL does favors for her whenever she asks all while he was STILL being with ME.

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