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Where To Meet The Best Men – The Results!

Pretty varied locations right? You can meet a guy anywhere.

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Question of the day : )

What is the the best line a guy has ever said to you?

Can’t wait to read your answers in the comments. The best will be read out in next weeks video.


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185 Replies to “Where To Meet The Best Men – The Results!”

  • He said “I love it when you allow me to see your true self. It’s rather intoxicating”.
    I’ve always had a hard time relaxing around men and my involvement with this guy really helped me see myself in a different way.

  • Well, it’s not exactly a pick-up line because he didn’t initiate a conversation afterwards. A guy just walked to me in a club, said to my ear “You’re really beautiful” and walked away. I didn’t even have the chance to see his face.
    Not a pick-up line but something lovely: “I really like your smile. Your eyes close. It’s sweet.”
    Definitely better than some others elaborate smile-related comments, they usually don’t sound spontaneous.

  • This is an excellent revelation. It really is a “free yourself, think outside the box” way of thinking that has long been discouraged in women for VERY long time. Your nice accent also makes it easier to digest this information! ;-)

  • I hate when guys give me lines because it feels so fake but sometimes it feels so genuine.

    I love your laugh… If I could listen to that for the rest of my life I’d die a happy man.

    You’re eyes are so beautiful… I’d love to wake up each morning and see those eyes staring back at me. I’d know I’ll be in heaven.

  • It was something I won’t forget… Ever, He told me to the ear : Maybe you don’t want to be my girlfriend now, but I just want you to know, that you are what I was looking for , you are such as my resuscitator breath and then he just kissed me…

  • I got a few that I don’t remember but one I do was after my dance class, a guy I met on the street told me: If I’d have money, I’d marry you.

    I was spechless at first, but then laughed and it made my day.

  • just a very cute “tom and jerry” character sigh of regret that we failed to say anything to each other and probably won’t have another chance to do so..

  • I am bored to be told “beautiful” “cute” “gorgeous” and cannot trust these words either. but , when I was told ” You are strong and talented” it made me feel good. Problem is guys telling me this doesn’t often mean he wants to be my boyfriend. Yes, I am still single.

  • Hi Matthew,
    I haven` t met any interesting men yet but thanks to you, everything has changed. I was really shy and insecure, now I can talk to anyone at a party, in the lift, everywhere. I`m actually the one making the first move. Thanks for that, you are a great guy!

  • Have you written your letter to Santa Claus, only I did, and I asked for you!

    This one went a bit wrong “quand je bois plus, tu deviens plus jolie!” Roughly translated, “as I drink more, you become more beautiful!” I’ll forgive you for laughing, I did, what else could I do?!

  • Hey y’all !
    i missed the shareyourrejectionstory part and i just remember one, so here it is.
    I met this guy just walking on street going back home from a club with a friend at about 5 am. he was with his friends walking too, we just STARED until we couldn’t see each other anymore, he came back and we talked for a couple of minutes, gave him my number, and left. we texted, chatted on fb, almost everyday, met a couple of times. and he told me that i was FUNNY, INTELLIGENT, PRETTY, SOMEONE HE COULD HAVE A LAUGH WITH, BLAH BLAH BLAH i was perfect. and i know i scared him by saying this, but when the situation got a little sexual, i stopped him, and the next day i told him that it was because i really liked him and didnt want it to be just a fling. we texted for a couple weeks more, and eventually we lost contact. I scared him away, he didn’t want a serious relationship, i can tell that. i was just mad cause he had no need to tell me that i was perfect and that we really got along when he was pretending to have a fling.
    And that’s my story :)

    1. Yea, what’s up with the “you’re perfect for 2 months, let’s have sex, and if nothing happens there we’ll just let this thing go on for a few weeks and then let it fade”? I men, why not be honest about it from the start? Like, if a guy only wants sex he could tell and the woman could say yes or no, and if he wants a relationship he should just bring up the patience to let her say no once before it happens. Right? I don’t get why men are such cowards that they can’t say what they want!

      1. yeah, in my head it’s not so hard ! they just should go straight to the point and don’t loose their time or ours.

        1. Hi Matthew right now i’m sitting in a diffucult situation.
          My internship Goes good but i’m tired of the childish boys Who are there -___-
          They not even think with there brains but only with there underside.
          My parents are right now in relationtherapy and my father acting like he dont know anything. I’m angst Scared what’s gonna happen.
          My Mother was Crying what my father did all i can say he just sit on websites “The not normal websites” you know what i mean.
          My question is can i talk to anybody About it on my internship??
          Or must i solve my problem on my own and talk About it with nobody. Execept my family sister and Mother and grandma??
          I have nobody to talk with execept you Matthew i reall Would like to have you as my friend in Reality ;)

          Please response otherwise everything runns out off control not to push you or something but really.

          Thanks Greetz Thirza ;)

  • Sorry Matthew your comment on its ok for the woman to make a move on a guy I disagree with…. No guy wants to be chased and if he is, he will run away or end up using you because you have made yourself so convenient to him to do so by your advances towards him….

    The question is how many of these women who act like men and ask the guy out, chase or make the first move, actually marry the guy?… That is ultimate goal of most women isn’t it?….Any women can ask a few guys out and date them but it usually doesn’t end in marriage! The guy will go along with her pursuit until he gets laid but usually never marries her.

    A woman will never know how much a guy likes her unless she lets him chase her! Men fall in love during the chase! In the begining is what sets the tone of the relationship. I don’t know of any woman that would want to pursue over being pursued when asked, ” would you prefer for him to ask you out and pursue you or would you rather pursue him?” most women ask guys out because of impatience. They can’t wait for him to do it in his own time & in his own way and thats if he even wants to ask them out at all…

    A woman can never know how much a man wants her if she does the chasing. If a guy doesn’t chase you then as they say ” He’s Just Not That Into You!” Do you really want to date someone that didn’t have enough interest or attraction to you to want to walk over, meet you, talk and ask you out?!!!.. Do you want to have to convince someone you are a great catch or do you want the guy to just see and appreciate who you are on his own?….. Do you want to start a relationship with such low expectation, interest and attraction or do you want so much fireworks, lightning bolts and his passion for you that he will make a fool of himself or risk rejection in order to meet the woman that makes his heart jump!

    So I say ladies be ladies and attract and draw men in with your flirting eyes, friendly smile, open body language and you can even position yourself physically in a room or place to make it easier for him to come meet you and even if he is shy he will make a move. If not then he is not the one. NEXT! Remember whoever talks first in the first meeting is the man!…

    1. Sorry to say but I think that this is a comment fed by movies like “he’s just not that into you”. It’s not a black and whit world, and certainly not a fifty shades of grey world we’re living in.

      I would think a guy that liked the fact that I was the first one to make a move is a guy for me because he isn’t jaded about the fact he should be the first one to make a move. Who knows what he’s thinking? You can’t know untill you try. It’s just as much fun when it’s the other way around but it’s not a given that you can’t make the first move.

      And apart from that, making eye contact ís a first move, in my opionion :) The situations Matthew’s describing are not your typical café or bar but in various situations women take an initiative. Because they are not thát aware of the fact that there might be something going on it is easier to communicate. When you meet people, and especially when you meet men, not to date them but first to get to know them things will move more gradually.

      So then when you think back upon the first time you meet him and it’s : wow..did I really say that? Did I really start that conversation? Yes you did, because you weren’t busy hooking someone in but just having fun in life and that’s when someone sees the true you. Just my two cents ;)

      1. Eva you have every right to think this way but it sounds like you are very young or inexperience with dating… One day you will completely get what I am saying here. Dating should be taken back to the basic law of nature which is “The Sperm Chases the Egg”.

        Good luck with your pursuit of men!

        1. My mother was the one to make a move to date my Dad, and I know heaps of people whose parents say the same :) but I don’t like to be the one to start a date, I flirt though!!

    2. I would have to disagree about always letting the guy be the aggressor. I met my husband by letting his co worker know that I was interested. I was with him for 25 years of which I was married for 21 years. Sadly we are no longer together, but we got together back in the days where it was just not proper for women to take the initiative.

      1. Sandra, you did not make the first move. You let someone know you were interested in being pursued but from what you wrote you did not ask him out. There is nothing masculine about telling a third party you are interested in a mutual friend. If your husband made the first move to date you then you were being chased.

        I have never called a guy, offered a number until asked, spoken first to a guy I was interested in and I have been able to date every guy including high profile A list actors that caught my eye and they all pursued me from beginning to end. I am attractive but not a super model. I have had 6 proposals but only accepted 1 until I was ready to settle down. I like being a feminine energy woman and I do not like pursuing men at all. Even when I am steady dating a guy I never call or text him first. I will text back and usually I don’t call back in time before they call me again. I put myself first and men seem to love that. Men like a woman that is in high demand and if you give him your number without him asking or if you ask him out, it tells him you are not in high demand and you devalue yourself. A woman has all the power and control when she allows a man to pursue her. It is the woman who then gets to say YES or NO not him….
        Trust me gals its always best for you to be cherished and pursued by the guy instead of doing the chasing yourself..

  • Hey Matt,
    I think, mine would be the one I got earlier today at the gym :)
    He : “Easy little tiger. smile* Let us both catch our breath, …”
    Me : “Sure! But didn’t you just arrive…? big smile*”
    he : laughs* :)(I can’t really remember the rest of it)
    I, for my part, enjoy pick up lines the most when they are related to a context, makes it so much more personal.

    1. Hupla! It sounds horrible like this. I forgot to clarify that “Let us both catch our breaths” meant in that particular situation another way of saying “you took my breath away – while you are out of breath because you’ve been exercising” and my message was a ” yes I am interested in talking to you, as I’ve noticed you even before you came to talk to me”. Sorry if this isn’t sounding very romantic to you, but I love it, merely because it’s simple, within context (great for both to start a conversation), ‘not in your face’ and a hint of romanticism with twist of modernism.

      Of course, it makes me smile, whenever a man says things like (the one which has been mostly sited on here, so it seems) “you are beautiful”, this said, coming from a stranger compared to a man you know and most importantly knows you, there is sometimes a thought crossing the back of my head sarcastically saying ” Define “beautiful”… ” That mostly happens when a stranger says it with intentions, whereas, coming from one that just wants to let you know what he feels or sees when looking at you, that’s cute :)

  • ok, the hole ladies bathroom story:
    I made my mind up to date a english guy with a cute aczent like you Matthew and I thought a treeclimber would be nice, too. So I figured out that there will be the european treeclimbing championship close to my city soon and there I went. During daytime I was cruising around and chatting up random guys let me explain the rules and so on. At night there was the party going on and as I was meeting a lot of guys, all of them were German and no single English.
    Then I went to the ladies bathroom and this guy was standing in there as I entered. I yelled at him to go to the mens bathroom in German and he turned around and replied in English. Very cute he was and I kept talking to him, asking him where hes from etc. I said, that he should really keep on talking to me, because he has this lovely accent. what he did. So we chattet along, even outside the bathroom. well, later on I just droped the line out of the blue, that my lips are very sweet…and he took that as an offer….*smile*
    We dated for a while and now we are still friends.

  • “She’s prettier but you’ve got a lovely/better personality”. I can’t tell if this is the best line a guy has ever said to me or the worse one. I mean, I love when someone, especially a guy, appreciates me but in that case he was kind of rude. A woman loves to hear “You are beautiful”, it never gets old (unless repeated every single day!).
    Thank you Matthew for your advices! It’s such a pleasure to listen to you.

  • A guy I was dancing salsa with told me I danced ‘like a goddess’….in Spanish……’bailas como una diossa’. He wasn’t at all my type but I thought it was a lovely compliment.
    The last guy I went out with complimented me with all the usual compliments, but the most significant thing he said to me, on text, before we went on our first date was that when he first saw me he knew I was special before we spoke, that there was something familiar and comforting about me and he had to speak to me no matter what. I thought that was really something.

  • A friend and I where at a gig.
    She saw this cute young man.
    As we move closer to him……
    She said with a beautiful smile.
    ” Hi !!! could you please make me a cougar ? ”
    we laugh, he introduced himself his friend came over and the four of as had a wonderful time talking. Nothing more eventuated. Point is, we are in our late forties and still can meet new people and have fun. Age; is a number…and for the records, we are not cougars.

  • First off, I need to tell you I love your website and videos. You’re like a young dreamy Hugh Grant! God bless you and I wish you continued success!

    What’s remarkable is that the nicest compliment I’ve received was actually written to me in a poem- from a girl! (And I’m straight, but none the less I was so flattered) Years ago, during my acting days, I was wondering the streets of NY, lost. I asked this girl for directions to a small theatre in the East Villiage. Later on that same girl showed up at the theatre and handed me the poem in a sealed envelope. I was a bit taken aback and asked, “what’s this?” “It’s for you, I just wanted you to have this.” I took the envelope and she rushed off before I could open it. Here’s part of what she wrote: “bright eyes with skin so fair, shoulders held high with brown sugar hair..”
    She simply signed it “Christina.” Talk about romantic. This sweet girl just wanted to pay me this compliment and wanted nothing in return. Had she left a number, I certainly would have called and thanked her.
    Anyway, sadly, I have yet to meet a straight man who is romantic at all! Perhaps this girl Christina just set the bar too high!

    Anyhooooo- that’s my best compliment to date!

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