Under the radar touch-technique to build a connection with any guy

Have you ever been in a situation with a guy where you wanted to build a connection, but you were around other people?

If you missed this clip from Ready For Love, it’s been getting more attention than almost any other scene so far. Check it out…

–I was around friends and so I couldn’t talk with him…

–I was with work colleagues and there was NO WAY I wanted to be seen flirting…

–He was in a group, and I didn’t want to face that kind of pressure…

You can have your excuses, or you can have the guy, but you can’t have both.

In the video I walk through a simple yet effective way to build a connection with a guy that flies under the radar of anyone around you.

It’s something we call ‘misdirection’ and it involves directing your energy and attention to one person, while building up a physical connection with someone else in the group with a light touch.

Everyone around you will assume you’re just talking with the person you’re facing, and so this technique should help you overcome excuses that may otherwise be holding you back.

Misdirection and non-verbal communication are topics I really explore in detail in my online home-study course The Man Myth. To get more ideas for how to do this, and how to eliminate the excuses that are holding you back, check out the programme today for just $29.95.


To catch up on all of the latest episodes of Ready For Love, head over to NBC.com

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