A Touch Of Holiday Magic At The Matthew Hussey Retreat! [Live Clip]

Well, this was a crazy and unexpected Christmas delight! LOL

I can honestly say in all my years of coaching and hosting retreats I’ve never had 120 women all singing me a Christmas song with my name in it!

Yet that’s exactly what happened when I got in from lunch on Day 4 of my retreat.

You’ve got to see this…I dare the next set of retreat women to top this one!

Happy Holidays wherever you are :-)

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5 Replies to “A Touch Of Holiday Magic At The Matthew Hussey Retreat! [Live Clip]”

  • What a room full of thoughtful creators! This was so incredibly sweet! Cheered me up and brightened my day! I can’t imagine how this must have made you feel. Very touching.

  • That was the cutest thing ever What a lovely bunch of retreat women ❤️❤️. So much love and energy in that room so beautiful. Matthews face tho . Expect the unexpected Matthew ;)

  • Wow that is a very creative song for Christmas…Those wonderful and sweets people really said it well about what you had and have done to thousand or millions of ladies in this globe..There is magic in Christmas time…Happy holidays everyone and Merry Christmas..

  • Those Hi-Value Women are fricken’ awesome! What a sweet thing they did for Matthew….Love that! & he deserves it…I can’t tell you how much he has already helped me…by reading his book…reading Steven’s Blogs….& the reminders of what to expect & do…in the crazy world of dating….I’ve been out of the dating scene for 29 years….Divorced for 7…and single & ready to mingle…But, it has changed sooo much…especially with social media now…It’s all brand new…but, getting help with Matthew…Step by Step…Thank you Matthew…I want to kiss that guy at midnight…With your help…;) <3

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