The Sexual Act So Powerful You Won’t Even Need To Touch Him…

Well, I’ll start by saying you may never have seen me quite like I am in this video.

But these are desperate times, and I have something I wanted to introduce you to.

The ultimate sexual act.

So exciting, so sexy, so tantalising that we’ve given it it’s own new name.

And the name we’ve given it just might be the best word ever to be created.


It’s the new dirty word for smart people.

If you’re someone who finds great conversation sexy…

If you’re someone who finds intelligence to be a huge turn on…

If you go weak at the knees for someone who can actually stimulate your mind and create a real connection…

Then this is going to be YOUR new favourite word too.

I’m on a mission right now to extinguish boring small-talk, men who think the best way to talk to you is to be sarcastic or crass, and people who are too busy talking about themselves to really create a deeper connection with you.

My aim is create an army of eloquent, intelligent people who know how to create genuine connections.

And this new sexual act is the beginning.

Watch my official public service announcement and decide if you want to try this new dirty phenomenon.

Enjoy, and try not to get too turned on.

Matthew x


Directed, Photographed, and Edited by JAMESON JORDAN

MATTHEW HUSSEY as Bestselling Author. Bestselling.
DAVID ABED as Charlie

Assistant Director       RYAN TURNER
Assistant Camera      AUSTIN ENGLISH
Grip and Lighting       CHRIS FITZGERALD
Sound Mixer              IAN KRAGEN
Sound Editor              ANTHONY KOZLOWSKI
Color Correction        ROBERT CROSBY —
BTS Videographer     LORENZO SANCHEZ

“Tears of Joy” performed by ADI GOLDSTEIN

Produced by 


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45 Replies to “The Sexual Act So Powerful You Won’t Even Need To Touch Him…”

  • Good Morning Matthew!!

    Just watched this on FB and had to comment! So awesome; I just loved the humor. And it’s so true–connecting on a deeper level. Been doing that a lot since reading your book. Definitely practising Brainal on everyone especially that super guy I met (thanks to you). He’s a keeper because most of our conversations involve brainal. Very satisfying! ;)
    Thanks for the fantastic start to my morning!
    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
    Love Ya!
    ~Alena xo

  • Heehee! That was great! I had brainal this week and it was indeed attractive. ;-) Thanks for the reminder about it going both ways!


  • Another brilliant stuff from Matthew Hussey ! You give us so much knowledge, wisdom….and love! I want to give you this love back! You are genius, thank you for having you , I love you very much and I wish you all the best in your career and life! Keep inspiring us! xoxoxo

  • OMG! OMG! OMG! (sigh) THAT was amazing! lol.
    ……On a serious note……. That was BY FAR the funniest, most entertaining and yet still informative video you’ve come up with yet. WELL DONE!
    (I saw someone asking for the bloopers on that one and I must agree, that would probably even top this in the LOL to LMAO factor).
    You’ve just made my Thanksgiving (well thus far, turkey/familygathering still to come) ;-)
    So, thank you,

  • I love this video so much Matt! I used to think that people were attracted to just my physical appearance, and every time I felt insecure about myself or the way I looked I blamed it on the fact that men weren’t just into my specific body type (or whatever excuse I used at the moment to not give someone a chance to get to know me on a much deeper level). My body had nothing to do with my inability to derive confidence from other than my appearance. I don’t know the root of this belief but I know it’ doesn’t fit my life anymore. This video has given me an extra motivation to be more outspoken and ask the questions people don’t dare to ask. It’s such a turn on to have great, stimulating conversations with someone and I know, for sure, I have all the power in me to create these kinds of sexy “brainal” moments.

    Thank you for the new perspective. Now I see my own confidence in a completely different more empowering way :)

    Besos sexy thing,


  • i loooooove brainal….its better than sex…. i had amazing brainal with a bunch of my classmates at school…talk about mind blowing

  • So, I had a really hard time taking this serious BUT I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be goofy :) I have to say, working in a salon that caters to men I actually get this quite often and it’s AWESOME. Now if I can just find one who lives in the area and isn’t married I will be set.

  • After my last comment I noticed you said, “men who think the best way to talk to you is to be sarcastic or crass” and it reminded me of a girl I used to live with. Earlier this year I was at a dinner party and she showed up with her boyfriend and he made some sarcastic remark, forgive me I don’t remember what it was BUT I remember thinking “Are you going to let him say that about you? Point being is it baffles me that women let men talk down to them even if he is just trying to be funny it’s no excuse. Just to clarify, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be playful with each other but there’s definitely a line and everyone needs to learn it.
    I have a feeling there was not BRAINAL action that night :(

  • I did not read Matthew’s sexiness article. But I would like to request an AUTOGRAPHED copy for book Get the Guy Keep the Guy, etc.

    If you don’t ,

    I will spam ALL OVER your blog!


  • This video has made my day! Not only was I on the floor in stitches but I also thought about the way I talk to guys. Thank you!

  • Why didn’t you attach the music track, you moron ?

    I’m havng a VERY BAD DAY. And I don’t want to tye this $hit into YOU TUBE>

  • Awesome! Cracking up laughing! And u right, I do not appreciate sarcasm, can be so mean…and I must admit I quite often just don’t get it! Thumbs up to brainal, yay!!!

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