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The Number One Most Attractive Trait – Do You Have IT?

There is ONE trait that makes any person magnetically attractive…

Whether straight or gay; female or male; regardless of age, ethnicity or culture…

If you possess this one thing, you are guaranteed to get the respect, admiration and love you deserve.

Can you guess what it is?

I reveal it in this week’s video blog…

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58 Replies to “The Number One Most Attractive Trait – Do You Have IT?”

  • Brilliant Matthew!..

    I just had this conversation with a friend and you just affirmed what I was saying is true.

    Yesterday I also posted on Facebook this…

    “I gal can get 10 compliments in a day from the opposite sex but if it doesn’t come from a high value man, she isn’t flattered.”

    Thanks for the video. Watched it twice already.

    1. When you said “Chameleonize ourselves” reminds me of the movie “RUNAWAY BRIDE” where Juila Roberts does this with her grooms. She likes what the men she dates likes right down to how her eggs are cooked.

      My sister did that with every guy she dated and always ended up alone and completely lost her identity.

  • What do you think of New Zealand men Matthew?.. They are like Brits a bit aren’t they?… I get the feeling they are a bit reserved and overly polite. Any advice for NewZealand men for me?… How are men in their culture with women?… Are they more feminized or less assertive… I like someone from there. Thanks.

    Big hug ((xx ))

  • I’ve always been this way. The few times I loosened the standards for mistakenly believing we mutually held to the values, I always got hurt. The minute I re-established my values, not easy, truth was present. Oftentimes the offender pee se’ would not want the standArds ‘back up’ and would choose the easy way OUT.
    Important lesson and sonething to know it takes a Great great courage to be a person of standards. Ie you will be the minority. Which in theong turn is better. For you are left in a smaller pool of great quality people to be surrounded by and choose The One Love from. XO

  • I’ve always been this way. The few times I loosened the standards for mistakenly believing we mutually held to the same values, I got hurt. The minute I re-established my values, not easy, truth was present. And it was ultimatum time. What gave?
    Oftentimes the offender per se’ would not want the standards ‘back up’ and would choose the easy way OUT.
    Important lesson, and something to keep in mind is that, it takes great great courage to be a person of standards. Ie you will be the minority. Which in the long run, IS better. For, you are left in a smaller pool of great quality people to be surrounded by, and choose The One Love from. XO

  • Beautiful story! Beautiful advice! You’ve definitely helped me to truly love and appreciate myself more and helped me to stand strong in my standards. Whenever I feel myself diverting from my standards I usually will remember something you said and it keeps me on course! I’m not perfect but I’m so much better at upholding my standards than I used to be. I love the work that you do, the way that you do it and the positive effect it has on so many people’s lives! :)

  • That was so sweet! And true! I am learning to educate people on my standards and it is working quite well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Steve and your entire team for the investment you make in my life without knowing it. Means a lot.

  • Couldn’t agree more Matt. Just love how genuine you are for us all to learn together. Respect, absolutely. Absolutely. I also believe, whatever persuasion or relationships we are in, you are never too old or jaded or mistake ridden to learn and move forward. It is never too late to have the realisations. In the past,sometimes, I have thought your advice is maybe mainly suited to young, single, straight people with all their lives ahead of them. This is not so.
    The kindness and thoughtfulness of your gift there Matt goes over and above the norm. You go over and above what you could be and we thank you for being that way. You inspire us to be this way and we love having the debate with you. How adorable you are.
    Happy Easter to you and lots of love.

  • I always feel the fact that someone thought of you enough to get you a gift means so much. I will always as a ‘thank you’ or if someone is going through a bad time give a ‘thinking of you’ gift. They are by no means big expensive things, sometimes they are just flowers I have picked from my garden and bunched together. The fact that l had thought of someone to do that means enough to them and they are always so grateful. Unfortunately not enough do it and it is a shame as it’s a great feeling to know someone did that especially for you.

    This video also came at a perfect time. In my work I am struggling at the moment to deal with one of my clients. She has the opinion that she is the only one I should deal with and if priority isn’t given to her, her attitude is horrendous and everything then becomes my fault. Looking forward to future videos where you go through how to keep standards high. Thank you :-)

  • Hey Matt,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am also a gay woman and I religiously follow your videos! Your advice has not just been of great value in my relationships but also within many aspects of my life – and for that I am extremely grateful. Naturally, it would be amazing if you were to make a few videos that occasionally catered more towards the LGBT community, but this is by no means a necessity for me to appreciate your work. I love all of your videos and your logical approach to life :)

  • Whoever gave you that basket is a genius! I’m kind of sad I didn’t think of it. Secondly, you’re right keeping your standards is something I need to work on especially around guys that I like. Last but certainly not least I don’t think I’ve told how wonderful you are;)

  • Hi Matt

    Thanking you for this amazing video. I needed to hear that today – it just came in the right moment. I value your work enormously. Thanks to you I have had so many aha moments in my life which added value to my every day interactions. Happy Easter! :)

  • Matt, you are simply incredible and it is amazing that each time I am insecure about something, you come up with the exact video that I need.
    Thank you!

  • Matt,

    Thank you for being you. :-). Funny I would wake up to this video. I have recently voiced my standards to a man that I love. I felt that I had chameleonized myself and had become so done I didn’t like or know just to get him to want me. I lowered my standards in hopes that he would ” choose” me. Needless to say, since my discussion, I have not heard from him. It has been nearly three weeks and I am very upset. I miss his voice…I miss him terribly. I feel used and like he is nit at all who I thought he was. Yet, I want him back. :-(. I know you are right in that I should have maintained my standards from the start. Is it still too late to turn this around. I have not tried to contact him since. I figured he didn’t like that I am no longer willing to function at and accept the lower standards.

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Hope you don’t mind that I reached out. Your post really hit home for me. I was where you are now a year ago. Please know it takes the heart a little longer to accept what your head knows is the right thing to do. It was rough for awhile. Your friends will get you through it. Do not contact him because he will think you were not serious and are willing to lower your standards again for him. A year later I can say it took some soul searching but that I know my worth now and it shows in all the choices of good men who are trying to date me now! Stay strong!

  • The best thing about your advice is just how applicable it is to ALL areas of life, not just love life. Thank you!

  • This is the best advice, and an amplification of something you discussed on the Florida retreat I spent with you. My problem was with relationships other than romantic and this has helped me so much. Thanks, and a Happy Easter to you and your wonderful family and team.

  • “educating them with your standards” sounds really sexy and very manly…i thought i would hear something like “you need to change something or submit. Speak his language or appreciate it, you just don’t notice it,you missed it…blah blahs and blah blah blahs” telling us we need to do more and i was surprised this was more like a “comforting back-hugs, a tap on the shoulders-on women who do everything to keep the relationship work ( or just how women perceives it.lol) while still keeping our identity.
    This blog makes me feel good to being me and i noticed men too really find ways to express themselves and be understood;) you just voice it out :)
    this is really something…i find balance and unity in everything you said. i would not be surprised anymore if your language becomes universal. loool people will be talking more about you…

    seriously, i am very impressed ;)

  • What a wonderful basket! and Glad to see that u r looking well and recovered from your cold ~~~ I followed you because u were such an encouraging presence and even though I don’t think I am going to find THE one immediately, I realise that I did definitely learn to have standards from your video blogs~~~

  • I definitely learn my lesson by having standard its very important in me now.i have watch your video I realize that Aaha… momen for me Thank you so much Matt this video woke me up Thanks again.

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