The Number One Most Attractive Trait – Do You Have IT?

There is ONE trait that makes any person magnetically attractive…

Whether straight or gay; female or male; regardless of age, ethnicity or culture…

If you possess this one thing, you are guaranteed to get the respect, admiration and love you deserve.

Can you guess what it is?

I reveal it in this week’s video blog…

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58 Replies to “The Number One Most Attractive Trait – Do You Have IT?”

  • Matthew,

    I really agree with you on this one. Having standards and being a challenge is magnetically attractive to me. Excellent post about perceived values and yes. shout out the LGBT communities.


  • Thank you for this Matt. I sometimes debate myself of a past relationship with someone I thought was the one. We actually broke up because he wasn’t rising up to my standards & one of the last things he actually said to me was “I can’t be the person you want me to be.” He was right, no matter how much I longed & loved for him to not say that he was right that he couldn’t meet my standards & respect & love me for having them. In hindsight my gut was right. Thank you for validating this.

  • Matt,
    I must say I love your advice and your enthusiasm for this topic. I believe we need to have standards not only in romantic relationships but also in friendships. I have just started to watch your videos and I have a question. What should I do of I like a guy but hand No idea if Hey likes me back??? I have been rejecTed before and I don’t like the feeling what can o do to male it hurt slot less? Thank you for your help and your bids!!!

  • Coming from a 62 year old… I MUST comment… You are so right Matthew about RESPECT… A woman knows, if they are honest with themselves, whether respect is present. It goes both ways… No game playing. With eyes wide open. It’s there or it isn’t. Please Ladies… Dont lose it. Behave as if it is ( because it should always be there) at all times and offer it in return. If he /she is not treating you with Respect, LOSE him/her quick. It will not get any better. The person has his/her own problems to work out and nothing you do will change that. But by staying in can certainly change you. DON’T DO IT !!!

  • Standards yes obviously… When those standards are set out men run. Ok you might state ” maybe I sounded too demanding” or “don’t scare the guy” or even ” he’s not the right guy for me.” I come from a good family with values moral. My whole life I have been taught to have standards self respect and everything. However, every time the “standards topic” pops up because these guys Wang to text 2-3 weeks later to hang out I always tell them I’m busy we should plan ahead if he wants to hang out. I’ve about had it. I’ve dated a guy and gave him 4 years of my life. The day of his birthday I made some arrangements (it was a surprise) he blew me off. I then made plans to go out with my cousins, later he texted he wanted to go out. I told him i had made plans because he made it clear to me he didn’t want to hamg out. He gave me the biggest F bomb to me. I didn’t say anything I just hung up. Also almost all the guys I meet just want to have casual sex/dating. That’s way out of my comfort zone and will never EVER consider doing.

  • Thank you Matthew for all you do.
    I’ve learned so much from you…
    I hope to get to go to your Retreat in December this year:)

    You’re simply amazing and a good soul.


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