See Me Answer 8 Random Questions Picked By You

Today’s video is a fun one…

We put a message out on Facebook to see what weird and wonderful questions you would like to see me answer.

See me get through 8 quick-fire questions in under 4 minutes!

Question Of The Day:

Who’s one person YOU really admire right now? Let me know in the comments below!

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68 Replies to “See Me Answer 8 Random Questions Picked By You”

  • This was great humor. Was that really your dog? You must have a great dog nanny! You’re teaching me how to have fun, maybe in the most sustained way I’ve ever had. I got out and met guys at bars tonight! I never do that! And I have a little crush on you. But it would never work. ;)

  • Loved the video, really fun! Thanks Matthew, I chuckled :) And I agree… admiring Matthew McConaughey too at the moment, for his demonstration of rebirth into a new chapter and expression of his craft.

  • Can you tell us more about creating desire? That was a good point.
    Thank you so much for what you do for us Matt!
    I’ll see you in Los Angeles!
    Much love

  • LMAO. The sushi Instagram pics while traveling make so much more sense now! I trained myself to make Greek yogurt with peaches and almonds my go-to snack so I feel you on that struggle

    I currently admire Lupita Nyong’o. She’s eloquent, poised, super fashionable and got the honor of a shout out as Jared Leto’s future ex wife. Cultured, intelligent women inspire me. Kick ass in Montreal!

  • You crack me up!

    Who is one person I really admire right now? I do some music promotions for a friend (@lovinlyrics). She is tireless in her efforts to promote up and coming artists, those guys that may never get a shot at radio (although thanks to her some actually have!). She works a full time job but still finds the time, the passion, the heart, to unselfishly promote their music, never asking anything in return. We recently went to Nashville to celebrate her birthday and it was awesome to see those same artists give back to her, throw her a great party, collect donations as a thank you for all she does and for who she is. She does what she does for the pure love and passion of good music. I greatly admire that in her. I wish I could find something to stir such passion in me!

  • So happy my question was one that got addressed. Going to go take my ten shots and see if it’s true ;-)

  • Another great and cute video. I love that you encourage people to always try to learn new things. See you in Montreal, I’ll bring you a healthy snack:)

  • Haha OMGSH Matt!!! Finally another video with a funny ending lol . Every Sunday I look forward to you’re videos especially the endings. You haven’t had one of those lately but I’m really glad you made another funny one. I’m glad I found you as a coach. Really. N I really like you! Thank you for all that you’re doing for us. I really appreciate it! Really. Thank you! :)

  • Life can all too easily get too serious ….I keep coming back for your comedy outtakes and cheekiness – keeps it light ;-)

  • It sounds silly, but the person I really admire is my mother – flawed as she may be, she has an incredible amount of willpower, energy, and work force.
    She’s at bad health, endured an unhealthy relationship for a whole 10 years and despite that, despite debt, despite all the problems surrounding her (including raising all her children alone while paying off the house) she never gave up and kept on fighting. She’s still fighting every day and although that is still the case, she’s achieved many incredible things a normal person would never have dreamed of.

  • I have a big crush for Colin Firth, because he is a real gentleman, very intelligent, charming, fun, has a good sense of humour and is devoted to his beautiful wife. He’s a heartthrob but doesn’t see himself as one. I bet he’s a fantastic dad as well. This is his second marriage but he has a son from the 1st one, and I heard they’ve been seeing regularly. He also calls his former wife’s children his step-children. I really admire his ability to take some care of kids after a divorce. Men in my country usually do the opposite – they’re nowhere to be found. I wish there were more men like Colin in this world.

  • Right now I’m in complete admiration for a co worker. She just lost her husband in the last week due to cancer, it took him quickly and she is handing it with much grace and dignity.

  • Haha, funny ending :-D … First from all: Big bravo Matt for your effort to stop with the junk food! What about the vegetable-fruit organic juices (smoothies even better)to take with you? Or eating more nuts as a snack? (I dont like much nuts, but I force myself.. and mixing them with organic dry cranberries – you can cover up the taste!… and adding some not roasted, organic cacao beans? = super healthy mix!!..Or what about dry meat in package (jerky) – its very tasty. Eat with some package of quality olives. I think its really healthy. Dont forget you need to do maximum for staying handsome and healthy looking :-) As much as I love what you do and your charisma – it is also very important for your job to stay good-looking – I would say “shining” :-)…Me, when I eat healthy, I feel also that my brain works much better – that is aslo critical for your job… Anyway, who do I admire right now? – Paulo Coelho. Hey is it your dog in the video? Whats going on with him when you travel?

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