See Me Answer 8 Random Questions Picked By You

Today’s video is a fun one…

We put a message out on Facebook to see what weird and wonderful questions you would like to see me answer.

See me get through 8 quick-fire questions in under 4 minutes!

Question Of The Day:

Who’s one person YOU really admire right now? Let me know in the comments below!

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68 Replies to “See Me Answer 8 Random Questions Picked By You”

  • Taylor Swift for being a perfect mixture of everything I aspire to be. But then again, that admiration has been ongoing for a few years haha.

    PS: Yes Matthew, we are indeed in love ;)

  • It feels so good to finally hear you articulate that we are indeed in love! I love you too Mr. Hussey :)

  • Walt Disney. Especially after seeing “Saving Mr. Banks.” What a cool guy. I enjoyed your video, despite it’s near pointlessness. Does that make me a “real fan?” I should say so. Thanks for sharing, you’re awesome.

  • I was explaining to my sis why I was laughing at the end of the video and she went, “Really? But I’ve never seen anything beyond the proper end of the video.” And I went, “Precisely the point!”

  • What to do? My bf is a cross dresser and always has some fantasies being a girl when he’s having fun on his own.

  • Yeh…your right…I watched all the way through. Im in love with the way you are sooo darn helpful and smaaaart!! !!! Damnit your good!!! :) Seriously.. thanks for all of your great advise!!

  • We’re in love Matthew and Jamerson!!! And yes!! You answered one of my questions at least Id like to think its my question new challenge for all my guy friends accepted JUST KIDDING Matt love you more


  • I think you are crazy….so what’s next Matth? Hahahahha
    please is there anything deeper that those Qs that you just picked?
    PS: I am confused now… Is Jameson is really a Jameson or he is Edward that had been renamed as Jameson because of well…mmm Hollywood? – Twilight influences would be too hot too handle…? ;)

  • This may be one of the my FAV videos from you haha

    I always watch til the end! You are so funny so I don’t want to miss anything you say. The advice is always FANTASTIC, and your charisma, and humor is always right on point :)

    so great!

    your true fan,

  • Great video, short, sweet & to the point. I have some answers for you too…

    I just got back from a long business trip to Chicago. Best unprocessed food at O’Hare is Frontera Grill by chef Rick Bayless. Best powerbar right now is the new Clif Mojo Bar – high protein & low glycemic load and tastes awesome.

    End of video put a big silly smile on my face.

  • Matthew, your fabulous sense of humor can’t help escaping and putting smiles on our faces. I loved this ‘casual’ video and I love your ‘serious subject’ videos. Of course I watched it to the end.

  • I’m pretty sure that.. BECAUSE of your comment near the end of the video; everbody watched the end of it xD. Well played, sir. Wel played.

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