See Me Answer 8 Random Questions Picked By You

Today’s video is a fun one…

We put a message out on Facebook to see what weird and wonderful questions you would like to see me answer.

See me get through 8 quick-fire questions in under 4 minutes!

Question Of The Day:

Who’s one person YOU really admire right now? Let me know in the comments below!

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68 Replies to “See Me Answer 8 Random Questions Picked By You”

  • I always watch to the end! True love right here.
    If I did 10 shots with anyone things would get pretty ugly! I a guy still wanted to be friends with me after that, we would be friends for life!

  • I watch till the end every time… well…sometimes while playing Quiz Up…but I can do two things at the same time, really!

    I always picture you and Jameson living together, like you’re in an episode of entourage…yup can’t help it :D

    I enjoy my little quality time with you… yes I do! :)


  • Matt — remember McConaughey started out with some drama too! (A Time to Kill) But I’m with you, I’m glad he came back to dramatic acting. He’s very intense. See the Paper Boy also. (stayed to the end. we’re in this relationship together. See you in Montreal!) :-)

  • I admire right now the Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegi. He is a man that have good values, hardworking, successful, goal oriented and more things. He is the voice of the character Jesus in the Son of God Movie. Great role model.

  • I have been in a fantastic relationship now for 5 months with an incredible man. I still watch the videos you put out in order to get the occasional “tune-up” and sometimes just simply because I like you and enjoy listening to you so much.
    Thank you,

  • Hey Matt
    I really need ur help how shall I start talking to my crush I mean I try to talk to him but our conversation is always so short I try to make it longer but it doesn’t work :(

  • I watched to the end because of the combination of that shirt and your eyes had me glued to the screen. I think 40% of what you said just flew past me :-)
    Here’s something you might talk about: I’m in contact with this guy at work I really like whose looks throw me off balance. I’m great at emails but when I’m face to face with him half of my brain turns off. How do I handle that?

  • The King of re-branding has to be the likes of Scwarzenegger or Downey Jr. Talk about complete something out of nothing or should have faded out completely. I find it very strange that Schwarzenegger inspires me…but he does, and that works for me so I ain’t gonna question it.
    It’s love for sure Treacle, when you mentioned no shower I just smiled and listened to what you’ve got for us, and leaving us hanging while you go fetch your book.
    I’ve nearly finished So Good They Can’t Ignore You, on account of your recommendation- has revolutionised how I approach work, goals and people.
    I’ll always be there at the end for you cos you were there for me when I thought I had nothing!! Not moving!! Also, I get disappointed if you don’t do outtakes!

  • *:)♥:)* Peace *:)♥:)*

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this video :)
    ♥&♥ Yes, I watched till the end :)

    May I say:
    If your video was endless I’d watch it too ♥&♥
    I’d enjoy it very much :)
    Your videos are truly amazing :)

    If you talk about true LOVE ♥&♥ LIFE I can listen ♥&♥
    listen ♥&♥ listen with all my heart :)
    In fact, I never get tired of listening to everything wonderful about true LOVE ♥&♥ LIFE :)

    The most beautiful THANK YOU to Matthew Hussey for looooooooooooooooooooooooving all the ladies here ♥ ♥ ♥ :)

    Please say hello to the cute cute cute oh cute dog and the beautiful plants from me :)



  • ahahahaha…So funny…and yes…i watch until the end…i was hoping something funny with the dog….I should have asked the name of the dog!!! no sunday is a nice sunday without your videos…without jameson..and now i think the dog too!!! kiss********

  • Derek Hough… I admire how he lives his life. Always trying new things with new people. Always smiling. He seems like the kind of person who could have fun anywhere. Most importantly, I like seeing how he treats other people. Very affectionate and kind.

  • Danggg I missed the opportunity to ask my question! Oh well u can answer me here or in ur next video… How old r u Matthew?? And if u’ve already given that info… Oops

    1. I’m a bad fan…even though for my defense I watched the video till the very end, till the screen was just black

  • So we’re in love then since I watched right to the end! ;-)
    Do you want to watch Mud with me then? It’s good!!

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