See Me Answer 8 Random Questions Picked By You

Today’s video is a fun one…

We put a message out on Facebook to see what weird and wonderful questions you would like to see me answer.

See me get through 8 quick-fire questions in under 4 minutes!

Question Of The Day:

Who’s one person YOU really admire right now? Let me know in the comments below!

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68 Replies to “See Me Answer 8 Random Questions Picked By You”

  • You are good…..really good. I so enjoy watching all your videos. Your sense of humor makes dating and life much more fun!

  • Still there at the end of this (and every other) video… my random question is: can a woman watch you speak and NOT fall in love with you?

    Thank you for all that you do for women, for your authenticity and your fabulous sense of humor!! <3

  • Hey! Liked your short video, my question to you is, how does one continue to spark that desire in their relationship and, 2.) can you do a whole video on body langauge,in order to attract a partner. thank you… btw you look like a bollywood actor … have yo looked into acting :)

  • I have a question. Sometimes I go to bars and men usually offer to buy me drinks. Sometimes that night, I don’t feel like drinking or I almost always feel accepting drinks from a guy I am indebted to him. I find when I turn down there drink offer they immediately assume I am not interested in them and they walk away. This is not always the case. How can I avoid men just walking away- because they assume I am not interested?

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