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My Brother is Spilling All My Secrets

I can’t believe my brother did this…

While it’s a bit embarrassing for me to reveal so much about my behind-the-scenes work, I’m genuinely happy that Stephen pushed me to give this to you because I know it will make a huge impact on your life.

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220 Replies to “My Brother is Spilling All My Secrets”

  • Very wise brother you have! Thanks so much for sharing your secrets :) You are super naturally talented, but it’s good to know that even you have to do some prep. Thanks for making the rest of us feel human!

    1. I have to do A LOT of prep. But now it’s time to show other people how to do the same so they can do it too. It’s not just about preparation, it’s about doing the right preparation. I’m excited my brother finally turned me onto this subject.

      Thanks for being here Alissa!

      Matthew x

      1. Hi, i’m a student from Italy and a big follower of yours and Stephen.
        It’s only a couple of months that i bumped at one of your videos Matthew but i think i’ve seen like every single video online going back till 2009, each day i’ve digged more on your blog… To the point my roommate thaught i was ”too desperate to get the guy” or ”obsessed over a blog celebrity” ( yeah that’s what she called you XD ).
        So, to make long story short, the reason why i was so interested on your work wasn’t only the relationship advice but it was somewhat my curiosity to understand, look closer and get to dissect what makes you so charismatic.. It’s something i’ve dove all my life observe, analyze, and isolate the patterns in human interaction dynamics… So somewhat i sensed there was a bit of a prep, and wanted to know more cause i’m interested in making my life better overall and having success with my carreer later on.. the way you are so successfull and positive, but balanced and adding value every single time!
        As a conclusion, i think Stephen was very wise and you did well to accept his challenge. I must add that revealing the fact that you’ve put much work and preparation to master this charisma should make your followers admire you even more both as a coach and as an example of determination and willpower. I doubt the existence of ”natural charisma” when it comes to success, but even if it does exist at some levell i still think that hard work, open mind, costant checking on feedbacks, being a realist overall and a hint of obsessing over our passions trumps natural charisma…
        Matthew Hussey i’m a big big fan, i keep spreading the word at my friends, pity most of them dont know english well.. Keep up with the good work, i wish i get to come to one of your seminars soon..
        kisses, ana from Bologna, Italy

  • Hi Stephen & Matt! Love this and last weeks video. Really enjoying Stephens articles as well, love his erudite approach.

  • Had a quick flick through the PDF, can’t wait to go back and read it later- I LOVE these kinds of tips, I certainly hope there’s more where that came from!!

    A huge fan,

    1. Hey Sarah,

      Well given the comments that I’m seeing in response to this already today my brain is already alive ideas for more content I want to bring to you guys.

      Matthew x

  • I agree with your brother, this is priceless! Thank you for unleashing your evil genius secrets with us ;)

    I solemnly swear to put them only to good use.

  • I already write down the stuff I’m going to say to my best friend.
    Maybe I should use the methods I use with my best friend with more persons than just him :)

    1. It’s always useful to have in mind things you want to say, especially for important conversations. That’s why often people feel they are better when they send someone an email, because they get to prepare their thoughts; but we can do this in face to face interactions too!

      Matthew x

  • This is the most excellent content I’ve received from you yet! Many thanks to your brother who is a great writer and just did us a huge service. He writes so succinctly and reveals the secrets in a way that is easy to understand and put into action! Thanks so much guys!!

  • So I have to share what happened this weekend. I was with a girlfriend when randomly we ran into one of her other friends and of course we all start talking and they were talking about the stresses they are going through and do you know what she said, “Have you heard of a guy named Matthew Hussey?” I said Um…yep only been trying to get him to mentor me for 2 years now. I also told her I stood up in front of 300 people and made a royal fool out of myself thinking he might think I’m somewhat serious doing something that bold but maybe not he hasn’t really said much. I even sent him so silly music video asking him not to forget my number. Not quite sure what else to do.

    1. Hey Jill!

      I appreciate you always commenting and how you’ve gone to great lengths to become more involved. When the time is right, who knows. Until then, remember that there are always many ways to be proactive, and many mentors. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see many more opportunities than you even realise.

      Matthew x

  • I love you and your brother, Matthew. Sadly, things are not good in my family, and its kind of nice to see siblings so close even as adults.

  • Thank you both Matt and Stephen-that was quite interesting. I am left wondering to what extent this was orchestrated as the younger brother “spilling the secrets” of the Big Bro, while indirectly praising him and his growth from a shy boy to a charismatic Guru;-)
    Not that it matters, really, I am glad to be able to get some insight into Matt’s secret of success. I wasn’t too surprised to read the content per se because we see politicians, actors-basically any socially successful person uses these techniques either naturally or deliberately. But it was certainly helpful to have it all in 6 concise points!
    Thanks guys!

    1. I could tell you it wasn’t, but as you rightly say it wouldn’t matter anyway. If you are entertained, and you got value out of it, then Steve has done his job.

      Thanks for commenting Kish.

      Matthew x

      1. Matthew

        I must appreciate you for 2 things

        1) that you (and Stephen) are taking the time to reply to every post here. Evidently, you’re taking our feedback very seriously. That’s great.

        2) that you are being real about your success. Too many times I have heard successful people say things like “I got lucky” or I was “discovered” because of their supposedly indisputable talent, smarts, looks etc. and that everything just “fell into their lap”. That’s BS. Sure, people DO get lucky and many times are promoted because of their innate talent but that is only part of the story. What I appreciate most in people is their struggle, determination and investment in themselves to improve. By doing this, you have shown that you are real, honest and accessible and not some high and mighty person who just charmed his way through life. This shows your humility and you willingness to share your secrets is very generous. Many people have a problem with doing that, in case they get trumped…or for whatever other insecurity they have.
        So thank you Matt and Stephen, again.

        1. Thank you kish – I’m really glad to hear that so many people, like me, appreciate the work it takes on yourself to be able to achieve things in life. Like you say, determination and investment.

          Steve x

  • It almost feels like the Matt Hussey biopic that will one day come out (because you know there will be one), narrated by Stephen. I truly truly appreciate this.

  • Exposing a vulnerability, or past vulnerability, and a behind the scenes “secret” or so incredibly endearing. I’ve noticed a guy I like does this and it works so well on me 
    The part about being shy and working through it really hit home with me. I’ve dealt with it and now my son is working through it.

    1. Vulnerability when delivered from a place of strength can be incredibly endearing, so can having excellent powers of observation, which you clearly have : ).

      Thanks Maya.

      Matthew x

  • OK, that 5 minute audio clip got me laughing out loud after midnight when I was feeling a little low. And Stephen’s article…well, let me just say he sounds like the brother who ate Lucky Charm cereal after all the Lucky Charms were stripped out. Oh, sibling rivalry. Love you guys!

  • LOVE the content of this latest email/video/blog! – HOWEVER, I see how the 2 of you used these techniques to deliver this message to us!

    Sorry, but someone had to say it, Matt (and Steve)!

    Love ya anyway, and thanks for the truly WONDERFUL inside tips – I’ll be using them as soon as I can get them honed. ;-)

    Keep those videos coming – I love watching them all and listening to everything you have to say!

    1. Hey Linda,

      No.1 rule, always be entertaining. If you’re boring, it doesn’t matter what you teach, no one is listening.

      Keep watching, it’s only going to get better.


  • I love you no matter what Matt. But you are more sexy when you are vulnerable and uncomfortable. It’s deliciously cute. Bless your brother’s heart for writing such a wonderful, exposing article. I will say I think you are cuter than him.

  • I want to thank you ( and your brother) for putting out this content. I love that it shows the time and energy needed to be “effortlessly” charismatic. :)
    Plan to use these tips and techniques in future interactions. Can’t wait to see the results! ;)
    Thanks guys and kindest regards!
    Shev x

    1. Thanks Shev!

      There is no such thing as “effortless”. Even these days when I come up with a great answer to something on the spot, it is spoken on the back of all of the techniques I’ve learned over the years. It’s the practice that allows me to be spontaneous and look effortless.

      Matthew x

  • Hi Matthew,

    I have always loved all your videos and followed you for that reason. Your fascination for people psychology always inspired me on a bigger scale than just how to get a guy. But I truly think an Impact video course from you on all these techniques would help so much. I’m naturally shy and I’m creating a great career and life for me and as I am making progress I need to know how to create impact. Knowing this will contribute to other areas of life. Impact for me is about how to take what’s inside and amplify it to the world with the aim to share and grow. If there is one person I/we can learn on this it’s you Matthew. Thanks

    1. Wow, this line: “Impact for me is about how to take what’s inside and amplify it to the world with the aim to share and grow”

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Matthew x

  • Stephen was actually right… this stuff is hot material :D
    Thank you both for sharing such an inspiring insight, I do believe that this is one of your best web content so far.
    I’ve actually found out that I was applying some of your techniques without even knowing it …. Having all “the rules” laid out in plain sight is pretty revealing!
    Thanks again guys :)

    Camilla x

  • Am really eager to get what you were talking about.. but there is some problem for downloading from Rus.. Could u please give a different link for that?

  • How did you start learning about people? Did you start reading or did you start by putting yourself out there and become and observant?

    1. Thousands of hours of practice. I spent a huge amount of time breaking down people who I thought had tremendous impact and charisma and figuring out what they did differently to everyone else. Then I put all of my research in one place and studied it like crazy.

      Thanks for commenting Fadzillah!

      Matthew x

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