Warning: This Toxic Guy Will Waste Your Life

It really hurts me to say this, because I know that there are so many wonderful men in the world. But there’s one type of guy that is so common – so toxic and frustrating – that just about every woman has had to deal with at least once in her life: the “MPI” Guy.

There’s about a 99% chance you already know an “MPI” Guy.

See if you recognize him in this video…

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113 Replies to “Warning: This Toxic Guy Will Waste Your Life”

  • This is so sadly true. I was married to my MPI for over 30 years. Of course it didn’t start out like that but after not treating me with respect for years and me not standing up for myself he left me and I’ve gotten the once a week MPI contact now for 7 months. My life is in shatters, I can barely function and I only wish I had seen these videos 20 years ago. Now I’m alone and recently disabled so I can’t work. Listen to what this young man says, it will save you a lifetime of heartache

    1. Oh no! Your story reminds me of my parents. Do you really need the ‘once a week’ MPI treatment? Is he actually worth it? I assume he doesn’t have a door key anymore? If he does, take it back from him, and here’s another thing when he comes over – don’t answer the door. When he calls/ texts – ignore.
      Yes he’s wasted 30 years of your life, but your life isn’t over yet, start rebuilding your life, watch youtube videos on confidence and self esteem.

  • Matt,
    Love it! I’m liking this funnier side. Also, well done on the American accent! thanks for the laugh. I needed that.

  • LOL I just done with the MPI one, he is really a sucker I’ve ever met. And You are really a genius for love, Matt. I love you words, single one. Everything you say is right!!!!

  • Yes it iiis… I “had” a man like this… That used to “poke” me once in a while…
    The “well, duh…” and the “Can we talk in a decent time?” WORK on these bugs…

  • That’s absolutely true!!! they even can say ” I love you” and then don’t show off for weeks !!!
    But why do they have this behaviour?????

    1. Sadly, look to the mother, and you’ll find the answer. I am a mum (so not dissing mums lol) but there is a type that ALWAYS excuses her son’s behaviour, and he grows up with a sense of entitlement, and no respect for women, because he has no respect for his mum.

  • “I want to show you something …” Noooooo! Lmao this was funny, with the bland accent and emoticon, really nailed it lol ew how appropriate. Inappropriate? Well done.

  • So funny! I love these videos! LOL! Keep them coming! Hugs! You Rock Matthew! Even in no pants! LMAO! ;)

  • Matthew :) I want to apologize if by chance I sounded high and mighty. A no it all. You see I feel things about people and I just have to tell them. I am in no way a specialist/councilor. I am sure there are many things you could teach me in your field that I don’t know.I don’t
    Claim to know everything. Please accept my humble offering. I see you as a very sincere compassionate person. I was struck by how well you could change your voice and immediately saw actor/ Hollywood :) I would just hope you would not be swayed or blinded by the lights and bank account. Maybe I’m just too goody a two shoes and like the helpful compassionate Matt. You will do what is best in your eyes. I am glad you have a moderator to weed me out:) Many happy returns Matthew…I do wish you the best :)

  • I didn’t really like the video. It trivalises this type of guy. Some of them aren’t as obnoxious as the guy in the movie but are dangerously seductive. What I am glad about is that you took the time to address this reoccurring issue. As always your thoughts are appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  • Hilarious skit, and oh-so-true!! Why do some of us allow ourselves to get sucked into this cycle?? I swear MPI’s have a knack for keeping themselves relevant in our lives right before we’re about to say “I’ve had enough”. smh

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