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Warning: This Toxic Guy Will Waste Your Life

It really hurts me to say this, because I know that there are so many wonderful men in the world. But there’s one type of guy that is so common – so toxic and frustrating – that just about every woman has had to deal with at least once in her life: the “MPI” Guy.

There’s about a 99% chance you already know an “MPI” Guy.

See if you recognize him in this video…

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113 Replies to “Warning: This Toxic Guy Will Waste Your Life”

  • Ha! Who hasn’t had an MPI!? This was great Matt. It was a funny and playful take on something that happens all too often.

  • Absolutely hilarious, I’ve known a few of these guys in the past,definitely learnt my lesson by now !Or would like to think I have ?still quite a few of these guys around though, so beware girls. Brilliantly put across though Mathew, real belly laugh thanks for making my day x

  • You are a total crack up!!! Matt you are so incredibly talented and I really am thankful for all the information you put together for us gals! -Cody

    1. OMG–it’s totally the PNW!!! I never had this issue when I lived in the east coast. And neither did ALL of my friends.

  • So many guys in my life like this! Romantic interests AND friends. I am too nice and don’t know how to get rid of them.

    1. I think you know, you already said that. There’s no need to be too nice with them, just be nicier to yourself! ;)

  • I met a similar guy who was really interested. We were on the phone early on. It was right after the Brussels subway bombing near my old neighborhood there. 9/11 stuff started kicking in on top of that (I was in Manhattan for two weeks sleeping on the office floor doing Staging for 18-wheelers coming in from out of state with ground zero supplies). He rushed right over from his job and I said I just wanted to go to the park to chat. He wouldn’t leave and insisted on sex. Ultimately all he wanted was hook ups. So when he wanted to stop by before he went out of town, I took your sage advice, asserted my position and my value, and insisted we not go in my apartment but that we chat in his vehicle. I told him I don’t do hook-ups and I want to do things such as going to the zoo or a museum or a walk in the park. He didn’t really respond to that. Instead he asked me for something of mine to keep with him while he was apart from me. I hoped for the best and didn’t really have anything with me except a silver pinkie ring. He asked me to put it on him, but of course my size 4 didn’t fit, so he put it in his pocket with a big smile. He said he would be back from his trip the following Thursday and would stop by on the way back from the airport. That never happened. Not even a call or text. So after a day or so I texted him saying I wanted something of his to keep with me when HE isn’t around. He refused saying that I wanted a (perish the thought) relationship. I reminded him I do not do hook-ups. He wanted to bargain. For hook-ups. I said “You’re not listening.” He said “I’ll have to give your ring back.” We were back and forth a bit more while he continued to bargain. I stood my ground. We haven’t spoken since. That was several months ago. He still has not returned my ring. What is the most effective thing (aside from the obvious “I want you to return my ring NOW”) that I can communicate to him to get my ring back and break this connection once and for all? Thanks, CC

  • This. Is. Fucking, brilliant! And funny. A very productive and entertaining way to help women understand this type of character.

  • It was great Mat! It was just on time! Your video made me even more convinced that I should get rid of my MPI and I did it today! :) Thanks a lot Mat!

  • How ironic Matt, I’m dealing with an MPI right now, first time for me. It’s been a struggle and I thought I was on the right path. Blocked all communication with him. Decided recently after 2 months to unblocked his number (I don’t know why) and he texts “how are you doing? Is it really a good idea to not talk to me?” What kind of question is that? He’s the one said he didn’t have enough commitment, but couldnt do the breaking up. Convinced me he had so much potential…exactly what you said Matt.

  • Haha, superb! This is so spot on man, and the emoji is the killer! That was the last thing my mpi sent me,I’m cracking up laughing!

  • Simply brilliant

    love love love the acting, the lines, the script, the direction, the special effects and the costume at the end


  • Thanks:)
    Definitely reminded me of a guy. Thanks for reminding our time and attention has a big value an theres no need to waste it. If good things arent happeninga , they wount appear from out of a blue.
    My mpi would say plenty exuces blaming everything else for dissapearing. Or get almost angry making sure how much he cares. And than dissapears again. Putting all efforts to make me feel special by nice words and make me feel amazing. But no real efforst. Than expect me to do the rest so it would work.

  • Matt’s ‘Halloween Special’ Toxic Guy Wastes Your Life clip is his very best work-!!! Congratulations to all who collaborated. Absolutely magnificent.

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