Everything You Know About Attraction is Wrong

Maybe it’s happened to you before: you knew you kind of liked a guy, but then he did one special move that made your heart do a triple back flip – now you are crazy about him.

How does this happen??

It’s not about fancy tricks, it’s about understanding this secret of deep, lasting attraction…

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549 Replies to “Everything You Know About Attraction is Wrong”

  • It was the way he spoke about his 5 year old Daughter and the amount that he loves her made me instantly attracted to this guy.

  • I met my late husband through peronals in the newspaper (pre-online dating days, lol).
    The first date we had was “meh” and I just knew he wouldn’t call again. I also thought he was so good looking that he couldn’t be interested in me anyway.
    Two days later he did call, asked me out and we were together from then on, and eventually got married. Somewhere along the way I asked him what made him want to call me for a second date. He said it was the way I hugged him goodbye on the first date. He said he felt something he couldn’t explain, but he wanted to feel it again.
    In addition to that, several years after we had been married he confessed that on that first date he really didn’t find me very attractive and actually didn’t plan to call me again. I teasingly asked him if he had changed his mind and his reply was, “Oh God yes! Nobody could take your place because your beautiful from the inside out!”

  • The micromoment that made me fall in love with my (now) ex-husband was at his sister’s wedding. He made sure I was okay and then he danced with each of his five sisters. That told me everything I needed to know about his character.

  • My moment was when I was on my first date with my late husband. He remembered that was very cautious about him. So he set up a double date with us and his brother. What stood out most that night…..when he asked if he could kiss me. That was 20 yrs ago and it still blows my mind

  • When I was unwell and a man I hardly knew offered to deliver a grocery shop. I realised I had been investing time in the wrong people. He still does this. Buys me my favourite washing booster pellets when he knows I’m running out. Reads my mind and give me what I need. He jumped up the queue to no 1 and he had previously said he was below my league. So not true. He makes me happy.

  • I was in a relationship with a guy and it was winter. I have always had bad circulation and my hands and feet especially get cold. In fact he is the opposite and always too hot, so it became an on-going joke but a good excuse for us to hold hands so that I could keep warm! : )
    However he noticed that I was still getting cold fingers so he bought me a pair of handmade gloves back from a work trip that he had been on in Europe. It was such a lovely gesture and one I will never forget.

  • I mentioned a mold he has and he was happy I said that because it reminded him of his favorite book”Bible”

  • I called this guy friend (that I’ve been irrationally crushing on) just to say hi aND chat with while I was driving on a Friday night. He didn’t pick up, but then 10 minutes later he called be back. He was out at a dinner thing (busy), but he called me back to see why I called. He told me he was busy, but really appreciated my call and that if he had noticed his phone ringing he would have picked up right away. Of course he had to go back to dinner, but he was really sweet about it and showed me how much he cared about me as a person by saying that he’ll always pick up a phone call from me as soon as he notices it. He wouldn’t stop apologizing for not picking up right away.

  • So the guy I’m seeing currently is a pianist, don’t worry it’s key to the story. He is not only a pianist but he’s a drummer, piano teacher, and composer of his own music and has played at Carnegie Hall! (Again important). So we go out to listen to some Jazz music at the Fat Cat here in NYC. As we wait for our pool table there is a piano playing the first set of the night. The place is packed enough and people are roudy and noisy drinking playing shuffle board, laughing, playing pingpong and pool behind us. The pianist is on his third set and it dawns on us me and, let’s call him Steve, that we can’t hear him. Now what he did next made me so attracted to him. He turns to me and asked “do you think he knows that the sound isn’t loud enough?” And I turned and told him no and pointed out the sound guy, who was kind of just chilling out not paying any attention to the guy playing. I was about to get up my self and tell the sound guy that we couldn’t hear the pianist, when the song ends Steve rushes up to the pianist as fast as he can be for another set begins and tells him that the sound isn’t reaching us. We were so close too like the second row. The pianist points to the sound guy and it gets all sorted out. He comes back and sits next to me and I tell him how nice that was of him. He just says “I’ve been there before and I would have done it sooner but you don’t interrupt a set.” I felt so attracted to him to his respect for that pianist who probably wasn’t on the same level as him never played at Carnegie Hall, for those who don’t know only the best of the best can perform there, and most people wouldn’t have the courage to fix a wrong like that. :) well I’m happy to say that we are still spending time together and I hope to see more lovely little moments with him. Thanks for reading.

  • When we went to the museum and he took time to explain to me what the meaning of each painting is. that made me fall for him even more

  • I was once walking hand in hand with a guy through a big parking lot after a concert at night. We came upon two guys who were arguing & without saying a word he switched the hands we were holding, placing himself in between me & the arguing guys, I assumed just in case that argument got physical. I was so touched!

  • When he came over and i said i was having a stressful day so he sat next to me on the bed and asked me what was stressing me out, and after sharing one thing, he asked “what else?”, and then when i shared everything he listened and then he just gave me the best hug. He made me feel so strong and loved after being so stressed out for a few days

  • I where in a date and we say goodbye. we was oready in each other’s cars he stop his car and run back to my car to kiss me. That was so romantic.

  • Howdy Matthew. Well I was married for23 years now divorced. I fell in love with my husband twice. The first time when we were dating he took me for a ride in his truck and didn’t make a move on me. See I actually had to watch out for roaming hands alot. He actually made me feel safe with him. And then when our daughter was born. I was so worried he couldn’t hold her right. I’d never seen him hold a baby not his thing. But when he held her in his arms for the very first time I fell again. It was the confidence that was in him all along. Donna

  • I told a guy I was seeing I couldn’t come over one evening. I wanted to do some yard work. I had a yard full of leaves. He showed up and helped rake and gather 38 bags full of them! As we sat there looking at the bags, sweaty and exhausted, I told him it was the most romantic thing I’d experienced in a long time!

  • Hey..great video! I’m getting to know this guy i met on the internet..as i left a toxic relationship with a guy who was emotionaly unavavailable, it’s been difficult for me to accept love..but daily he’s been proven to be a guy with standardts..he does what he says, he really cares about me like asking me if my day was ok or if i got better from my flu..things like that.
    He also send me cute msg around the day and express his feelings openly..
    I’m not in love yet..but i am getting used to be treated right..and that a huge deal! .

  • Wow, so true. I recently went on a first date & found myself being more drawn to him when he stood up everytime I entered the room and helping me into my coat at the end of the date. It’s still early days, but because of those little things, I want to see where this goes.

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